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may 04 2015

Video! Watch SNL Skewer Airplane Tech with 'Bionic' Flight Attendants

SNL flight attendants

Robot flight attendants: They're more than meets the eye.


Replacing human flight attendants with a robot staff: What could possibly go wrong?

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live poked fun at travel technology — specifically ordering snacks and drinks via touchscreens and using automated voice menus — with a skit starring Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Bayer as Stepford wife–like "bionic" flight attendants on Virgin Atlantic.

may 04 2015

Show Us Your #BTHotelfie!

Budget Travel Senior Editor Jamie Beckman snaps a #hotelfie at the Raleigh in Miami.

(Jamie Beckman)

It's such a great idea, we can't believe it took this long: There's no quicker or easier way to say "Having a wonderful time, wish you were here" than snapping a "#hotelfie" and posting it on social media.

Yes, it's just what it sounds like: A selfie (possibly along with your Sig-Oth, family, pooch, BFFs, etc.) showing how much you're enjoying your hotel stay. It can be as simple as you standing by an oceanview window, lounging by the pool (like BT's Senior Editor Jamie Beckman in the #hotelfie above), or toasting the sunset on the terrace. The hashtag #hotelfie is sweeping through social media, fueled in part by hotels' realization that it is, of course, a free marketing bonanza.

may 02 2015

5 Easy Ways to Save on Food at Disney

Magic Kingdom Disney World

Magic Kingdom dining hint: Have breakfast instead of dinner at Winnie the Pooh and Friends at Crystal Palace and save 35 percent per person.


This article was written by Ashley Dickey on behalf of ReserveOrlando.com.

"Affordable" probably isn't the first word you'd use to describe dining at Disney World, but there are deals on dining to be had that don't fall into the "mega-splurge" category. Use our insider tips below for navigating the park's food scene without emptying your wallet, including how to choose the right restaurants, dine at the right times, and scoop up special offers that few park-goers know about.

Make Your Character Meal a Morning Experience

may 01 2015

You've Gotta See This Cool Hyperlapse Video of Ko Samet, Thailand

Fishing in Ko Samet

Fishing in Ko Samet, Thailand.

(Courtesy kboaz/myBudgetTravel)

Ride along with us on the back of a Thai taxi! Photographer Quint Smith shot the hyperlapse video below in Ko Samet at the tail end of his recent trip to Thailand.

Underneath the video, Smith details how he got the shot and what it's like to visit Ko Samet:

apr 30 2015

Going to the Derby? Here's How to Eat Like a Local in Louisville!

Sure, Louisville, Kentucky, is a horse-obsessed city. But it's also home to a vibrant food scene!

(Courtesy pma03/myBudgetTravel)

Laura Siciliano-Rosen and Scott B. Rosen are the editors of Eat Your World, a guide to regional food and drinks around the globe founded on the principle that what you eat depends on where you are.

It's that time of year again in Louisville—when the big hats and big bucks come out to play at Churchill Downs for the annual Kentucky Derby horse-racing event. There will be drama, there will be betting, and you can rest assured there will be bourbon, but whether you're there to witness the "most exciting two minutes in sports" or just to soak up the hoopla around the ongoing Derby Festival, there's one thing you don't have to gamble with: delicious local food. From the city's signature hot brown and a hip country-ham "bar" to Top Chef contestant Edward Lee's two excellent restaurants—not to mention the requisite drive out in the country to taste bourbon at its source—you'll certainly have more culinary options here than you'll have time. Here's what to eat and drink in Louisville now.

apr 30 2015

New Travel Trend: 'Local Destination' Weddings

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Dutch Country is hot right now for "local destination" weddings.

(Courtesy mmiwig/myBudgetTravel)

Eloping to Europe or a secluded island with your whole wedding posse is soooo 2014. A new report from Wedding Salon suggests that the definition of a "destination" wedding is broadening—and moving much closer to home, especially for couples who have long guest lists.

apr 29 2015

8 Things You Can Only Do in Edinburgh

This article was written by Zoe Smith on behalf of Viator.com.

Whether you’re exploring the sights along the famous Royal Mile or taking in the views from the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, you’ll never be short of things to see and do in Edinburgh. But like many of Europe’s great cities, there’s much more to the Scottish capital than most tourists get to discover, so once you’ve checked off the must-see attractions, spice up your itinerary by enjoying some of the things you can only do in Edinburgh.

1. Attend the world’s biggest arts festival

apr 28 2015

1,000 Bonus Miles for Doing WHAT?!

By tagging your own bags on eligible nonstop flights, you can earn serious mileage from Alaska Airlines.


Whoa. Alaska Airlines just made it super-easy to earn 1,000 Bonus Miles, just by saving yourself and the airline staff a little time.

If you are planning a nonstop flight from one of Alaska's eligible cities, you have the option of checking in online, printing your own bag tags, and tagging your own bag before you arrive at the airport. Then just drop it off with a customer service agent at a designated Self-Tag Express bag-drop location. Congrats. You just earned yourself a lot of miles and made your travel day a little easier.

apr 26 2015

Raise A Glass To Argentina's Wine Culture

wine country mendoza argentina
(Courtesy Say Hueque)

This article was written by Will Collier on behalf of Say Hueque, a company specializing in tours to Argentina and Chile.

Located in the Southern Cone of South America, Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world. Home to high mountains, immense plains, lush vegetation, and extreme deserts, Argentina is one of the world's biggest ecological reserves and has proven to be the perfect environment for wine making. Considering Argentina's history of Spanish, Italian, and French immigration, the country has a unique European heritage that has nurtured several generations of vine growers and winemakers.

apr 26 2015

Our Thoughts and Prayers Are With the People of Nepal

Nepal's mountains are prone to significant seismic activity such as the deadly April 25 earthquake. Budget Travel extends its sympathy to the people of the region and offers guidance on making donations to relief efforts.

(Lonely Planet)

Budget Travel extends its sympathies to the people of Nepal in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck the nation on Saturday April 25 near Kathmandu, killing thousands and injuring thousands more. News agencies are reporting that northern India, Tibet, and Bangladesh were also affected by the magnitude 7.8 quake. Google has set up a People Finder Tool to help in finding those missing in the disaster.

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