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aug 04 2015

What's A Road Trip Food You Can't Do Without?

Selection of Jacques Torres Chocolates, Brooklyn.

No road trip is complete without chocolates! What's your go-to road trip snack?

(Lonely Planet)

We've got road trips on the brain, thanks to the re-release of our Budget Travel Ultimate Road Trips App, available now in the App Store and on Google Play, and all the fun summer travel stories in our July/August digital edition of Budget Travel magazine (now available on BudgetTravel.com, in the Apple App Store, on Google Play, and for Nook and Kindle). To get into the spirit of things, we asked several of our staff members to share the road trip food they can't do without—here's what they said:

aug 03 2015

Delta Officially Bans Big-Game Hunting Trophies Worldwide

Male lion

A lion spotted on a safari in Victoria Falls, at the Zambia and Zimbabwe border.

(Courtesy morherz/myBudgetTravel)

In the wake of controversy over the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by an American dentist, Delta Air Lines announced today that it would immediately "ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo trophies worldwide as freight."

aug 03 2015

Expert Tips for Packing With Style

packing a suitcase

Follow these expert tips and pack just enough to look your best.

(Tiberiu Ana/Flickr)

Just bringing a carry-on is one way to avoid baggage fees, but that doesn't mean you can't still look fashionable on vacation. We turned to David Zyla, an Emmy Award-Winning Stylist and author of The Color of Style, to find out the most efficient way to fill your carry-on with great outfits you'll actually enjoy wearing.

jul 31 2015

Attention Millennials: Who Wants To Go To Australia?

Sunset from uluru

See the sunset at Uluru during your epic Australian adventure thanks to the Working Holiday Visa, available for Americans under age 30.

(Courtesy loua71/myBudgetTravel)

Great news for millennials who have always wanted to go to Australia: If you're under the age of 30 and have a few months free, we've got the inside scoop on how you can study, intern, volunteer, take a gap year, or work your way around Australia. The secret: Australia's Working Holiday Visa.

jul 30 2015

Stay At These 7 Luxury Inns Under $150

Inn on the creek in texas

Inn On The Creek in Fredericksburg, Texas, has six private suites with rates starting at $99 a night and is close to numerous wineries.

(Courtesy BedandBreakfast.com)

This article was written by Kristin Luna and originally appeared on BedandBreakfast.com.

Typically, B&Bs are a better luxury option than their chain-hotel counterparts. Posh perks like wine hours, homemade breakfasts featuring local ingredients, personalized service, and complimentary Wi-Fi mean guests get way more for their travel dollars. Here are seven of our favorite luxurious B&Bs with rates less than $150 per night.

Fort Conde Inn, Mobile, Alabama

jul 29 2015

12 Hawaiian Words Every Visitor Should Know

Beach in makena cove with palm tree and waves in south maui, hawaii

This article was written by Kyle Ellison on behalf of Viator.com.

There was once a time when it was heavily frowned upon to speak Hawaiian in public. Suppressed by missionaries and western businessmen who were working to supplant the culture, the Hawaiian language was only spoken in the privacy of family and friends. In fact, in the 1970s, it was estimated that fewer than 50 children could fluently speak Hawaiian.

jul 28 2015

5 Easy Ways To Save Money On Meals

Family Travel

Follow these tips and you'll have more money to spend on attractions during your next family vacation.

(Courtesy caitlinbwdn/myBudgetTravel)

Looking to save more money on your next family vacation? I recently chatted with Anne Taylor Hartzell, founder of the family travel website, HipTravelMama.com, to find out about the best ways families can get the biggest bang for their buck—especially when it comes to meals. Here are her five top tips for saving money on your next big trip.

jul 27 2015

7 Destination Pubs In South Wales

Raglan Castle in Wales

Visit Raglan Castle in Wales after a trip to the Raglan Arms pub.

(Courtesy Steve Slater/Flickr)

This article was written by Zeneba Bowers and Matt Walker and originally appeared on their blog, littleroadseurope.com.

If someone asked you to think about great cuisine and traditional culinary culture, which foods would you think of first? Italian, French, Vietnamese, Indian? Many come to mind. We're here to offer an unexpected alternative: Welsh. Specifically, South Wales. It is a magical country with sweeping farmlands, forested hills, and beautiful rocky coastlines. Everywhere the countryside is covered with crop fields, or dotted with flocks of sheep and dairy cows. With so many farms of all types of production, it is easy to eat fare that is fresh, local, organic and delicious. And in recent years there has been a surge in Welsh gastro-pub culture, as more and more diners crave a food experience that is seasonal, locally sourced, and memorable. Here's our list of seven fine pubs in south Wales, plus, we've paired each with a nearby site of scenic or historic interest.

The Plough and Harrow & Old Beaupre Castle

jul 24 2015

Get 'Em While They're Hot! Greyhound Is Offering $1 Tickets to Mexico

Mountains in Nueva Leon, Mexico

The open road in Nueva León, Mexico.

(© Jerl71 | Dreamstime.com)

Mexican vacation for a buck, anyone? Greyhound recently launched international bus service from Texas to Mexico, and for a limited time, you can hop aboard for $1 a ticket. (Or 25 pesos.) 

The new route connects Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo in Mexico to Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas in Texas, with 23-plus departures per day. The two private Mexican terminals are brand-new, and the accompanying new fleet of buses sounds pretty swank: free Wi-Fi, outlets, leather seats, extra legroom, onboard restrooms, and guaranteed seats.

jul 24 2015

We LOVE How Kenyans Reacted To CNN's "Hotbed of Terror" Report

sunrise in Kenya
(Courtesy themurfs/myBudgetTravel)

"President Barack Obama is not just heading to his father's homeland, but to a hotbed of terror."

This was the opening line of a CNN report published earlier this week, a story about how the president may be in danger if Al-Shabaab, the terrorist group behind recent attacks at Kenyan schools and shopping malls, happens to make a move while he's in town this week. After getting a lot of heat for that sentence and related headline, both were updated by CNN to stress that the threat of danger was a regional thing, not just in Kenya.

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