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Don't Miss the New York Travel Festival

New York Travel Festival

The New York Travel Festival will take place on April 26th and 27th this year.

(Courtesy Michele Herrmann)

If you happen to be in the New York City area the weekend of April 26th and 27th, you won't want to miss the New York Travel Festival, now in its second year, and offering a wide variety of seminars and presentations by some of the biggest names in travel.

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5 Amazing Bali Hotels under $100

5 Amazing Bali Hotels under $100
(Courtesy Milda Ratkelyte)

This article was written by Milda Ratkelyte, the travel community manager at AsiaRooms.com. She is currently exploring Asia and capturing the best moments in stories, photos, and films.

Known as The Island of the Gods, Bali is Indonesia's most popular tourist destination. Once a secret of surfers, Bali has now become one of the world's biggest tourism hubs. From its wave-pounded coastline of dramatic cliffs and black sand beaches, on through the swaying green rice terraces of the lowlands and into lush, dense jungles of its interior, Bali truly has something for everyone. Bali is also home to some of the world's best hotels and resorts and the good news is that there are a bunch of amazing hotels available that will not empty your pockets. As a frequent traveler to Bali, here is my personally tried and tested list of five amazing hotel stays under $100 a night.

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12 Shameless Ways to Save for Travel in your Twenties

European City

Follow these 12 tips to help save money for your future travel adventures!

(Courtesy Stephanie Be)

This article was written by Stephanie Be, TravelBreak.net Blogger and Travel Journalist.

"I don't need an article telling me that I should travel, I need the funds to travel."

Listen darling, before you start complaining about not having the money to travel, but have a new car, flat screen, or are going on the same six weekenders you went to in college, re-evaluate your lifestyle. They say "travel is the only thing you buy that actually makes you richer," so here are some tips on how to re-direct your investment. After all, traveling is just that—an investment in bettering yourself.

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Paradise on a Budget: The Gili Islands

Meno Beach in the Gili Islands

Visit the remote and idyllic Gili Islands, a great getaway regardless of your budget.

(Courtesy yeowatzup/WikimediaCommons)

Imagine a remote tropical island paradise with warm turquoise waters, white sand beaches fringed by coconut palms, and coral reefs teeming with marine life. Three tiny islands off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia, are a veritable lotusland for backpackers, beach lovers, and serenity seekers alike. While not easy to get to (the only way is by boat), once you arrive at the Gili Islands, there's nothing to do but relax and enjoy the scenery.

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What's Your Dream Trip?

The Eiffel Tower in Paris in the spring

My dream has always been to visit Paris, and I finally did it last year. What is your dream trip?

(Courtesy travelmama/myBudgetTravel)

We've got dream trips on the brain—I realized my dream of visiting Paris last year when I went on Contiki's London & Paris Plus Paris Extension tour, and will finally realize my dream of seeing Machu Picchu when I go on the Machu Picchu Adventure tour with G Adventures in a few weeks. Dream trips were also the theme for our March/April digital issue of Budget Travel magazine (now available on BudgetTravel.com, in the Apple App Store, on Google Play, and for Nook and Kindle). To get into the spirit of things, we asked several of our staff members to share their dream trips—here's what they said:

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How to do Singapore on a Budget

Singapore lit up at night

Singapore lit up at night. To the left is the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel and to the right is the Singapore Flyer.

(Courtesy iStock/Asiarooms)

This article was written by Sia Ling Xin, who travels and writes about it for Asiarooms.com, a blog and online community focused on travelling in Asia. You can also find her on Twitter.

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Confessions of a Hotel Maid

Hotel Maid
(Courtesy Diego Cervo, Trivago)

The following article was originally written as a collaboration between trivago and News.com.au.

A hotel maid has decided to spill the dirtiest secrets behind housekeeping. This exclusive interview was shared with trivago.com by an employee of a five-star hotel in Orlando, Florida, who wishes to remain anonymous.

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An Affordable One-Day Tour of Honolulu

Waikiki, Hawaii
(Courtesy Kristian Nielsen)

This article was written by Kristian Nielsen, the owner of Honolulu HI 5, a Honolulu based real estate agency specializing in Oahu real estate. 

Traveling and sightseeing are wonderful ways to create memories, especially in a place like Hawaii. The problem is that it can be so expensive. With that in mind, we've created a full day for you that can be done on a very affordable budget. Best of all, you'll spend it immersed in the rich history and culture of Hawaii.

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Take a Maple Syrup Road Trip!

Beautiful, old-world Montreal is a great place to stay on a maple syrup sojourn this spring. In fact, Quebec province produces 80 percent of the world's maple syrup.

(Mario Beauregard/Dreamstime)

Ready for a unique April road trip? Explore the short—but sweet—maple sugar season in the great north!

Maple sugar season is short because there are just a few weeks each spring when sugar maple farmers—known as "sugarmakers"—get just the right weather (mid-20s at night, mid-to-high 40s and sunny during the day) for their maple trees to start producing the sweet sap that goes into maple syrup, maple sugar, and other products (even some adult beverages like Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky). This year, sugarmakers are about three weeks behind because of colder-than-usual temperatures.

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What Are Your Favorite Things To Do In Lima and Cusco?

Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru

I'll be visiting Machu Picchu next month and you can come, too! Follow along with my adventures as I post photos from the road to our Instagram page, @budgettravel.

(Agap13 / Dreamstime.com)

A few weeks from now, I'll be checking off the number one spot on my travel bucket list: Machu Picchu. I've pretty much been obsessed with this beautiful place ever since I was a kid and saw an episode of The Wild Thornberrys on Nickelodeon when the family visited Peru (and Tim Curry as Nigel Thornberry brilliantly taught his daughter how to breathe deeply while hiking the Inca Trail by singing "The Yellow Rose of Texas" as they hiked—a scene I may have to re-enact when I visit!). The good news is, you can come, too! Follow along with my adventures as I post photos from the road to our Instagram page, @budgettravel.

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