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aug 28 2009

8 travel tips we learned on Twitter this week

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• Dozens of people re-tweeted the news that The Travel Channel may be sold to a new company, causing changes in programming. Gadling wrote an open letter to the soon-to-be new owners. (Aug. 25)

@abbyannette posted a helpful cheatsheet of airlines and their Twitter feeds. @budtravel's picks for the airline Twitter feeds most worth following? @JetBlueCheeps and @SouthwestAir.

• 21 airports now offer Continental's Truly Paperless Boarding. Orlando and Raleigh/Durham were added this week. We explained the smartphone technology in a previous blog post (How do you use a cell phone boarding pass at the metal detector?). (16 hours ago)

• The Travel Twitter-er in Chief @Marilyn_Res re-tweeted a nifty D.C. travel tip from @TravelRama: Load up your iPod w/ free museum exhibit podcasts for the National Gallery and other popular spot from the Washington Post. (first posted Aug. 14)

• Wait! Is that the Loch Ness Monster on Google Earth? Or just a boat. Judge for yourself. (Aug. 27)

• If you use Firefox as your Web browser and Google's Gmail for Web e-mail, you can just type "g" into the browser search bar (where URL's usually go) to get directly sent to your gmail account. (via @budtravel)

• We expressed sadness that @airtran will soon hike its fee for overweight baggage to $49, though that will still be the industry's lowest. (Aug. 27)

• The popular Tourist Remover feature got enhanced in Photoshop CS4: Zap unwanted people from vacation photos with the software tool, which is kind of like "red-eye remover." Now if only someone would invent a Starbucks Remover From Background of Travel Photos tool. (first tweeted Aug. 17)

• Dozens of people re-tweeted the news from Mashable that Yelp, the user-generated travel review site for restaurant (and other) recommendations, "Is the iPhone's First Augmented Reality App", meaning that you can hold up your iPhone and look at the world through its live video camera and Yelp recommendations for restaurants that are in view of where you are will appear on the screen.

By the way, we are grateful for the shout-outs we got from our Twitter peeps. I'll give the latest example:

@Gadling tweeted: Como se dice: "awesome roundup"? RT @budtravel the top iPhone language translation apps.

Twitter Tip of the Week: Hit space bar to rapidly scan down your Twitter page list of tweets. (Aug. 18)


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