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aug 20 2014

Save Money With 2-For-1 Broadway Tickets

The bright lights of Broadway
(Courtesy Susan/Flickr)

It's my favorite time of year: Broadway Week in New York City, where you can save big on buzz–worthy Broadway shows thanks to 2-For-1 ticket deals on select shows Sept. 1st–14th. There are 21 shows participating this year and tickets are on sale now through the website.

aug 19 2014

Off The Beaten Path Costa Rica: The Mysterious Ancient City Of Guayabo

Visiting the Mysterious Ancient City of Guayabo
(Courtesy Andrew Kolasinski)

The mist slowly dissolved and trees and vines became visible. Other shapes, not from nature, also materialized through the morning drizzle. It was my first glimpse of Guayabo, Costa Rica's ancient lost city. The patina of antiquity on these rock walls and roadways made them look like they have always been here in the highland jungle.

aug 15 2014

6 Needs of the Millennial Traveler

The way I traveled as an 18-year-old college student is not the same way I travel as a 27-year-old full-time writer. The one aspect my two selves have in common is that we are of the Millennial generation, categorized as people currently between the ages of 16 and 34, or anyone born after 1980.

aug 14 2014

4 Places You Shouldn't Miss In Myanmar

Temples of Bagan, Myanmar
(Courtesy cosianatour/myBudgetTravel)

Are you planning a trip to Myanmar? Here's how to see the most of this fascinating country if you've got a good sense of adventure and two weeks to go exploring.

Day 1-3: Yangon

Yangon is the gateway to magnificent Myanmar. The major hub for international and domestic flights alike, it is not a bad place to start. As soon as you step out of the airport it is readily apparent that being cut off from the globalized world has allowed Myanmar to retain its cultural authenticity. Men wear sarong skirts, women wear pasty white thanaka paint on their faces, and the city is abuzz with a one-of-a-kind energy. The main sites in the tropical city actually cover a fairly small area and are manageable on foot, although taxis and public transportation are available. In a few days, you can cover the main sites of interest in Yangon including Sule Pagoda, Inya Lake, Shwedagon Pagoda, Kandawgyi Lake, Chinatown, and Bogyoke Aung San Market.

Day 4-7: Bagan

aug 05 2014

Great Getaways: Puerto Rico

El Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pay a visit to El Morro in Old San Juan the next time you're in Puerto Rico.

(Courtesy sojourner73/myBudgetTravel)

If you're looking for a fun, affordable beach getaway, visit Puerto Rico, home to plenty of beaches and nightlife, and enough options to satisfy every foodie, nature lover, and history buff. And the best part? U.S. citizens can visit this island paradise without a passport. Please visit our Great Getaways: Puerto Rico Pinterest board for photos!

aug 02 2014

6 Places to See Endangered Species in Florida

Gatorland in Florida

Get up close and personal with Florida wildlife at Gatorland the next time you're visiting Orlando, Florida.

(Courtesy JoshHallett/Flickr)

With 663 miles of coast calling to beach lovers, theme parks in Orlando and surrounding areas for thrill seekers, and nightlife in Miami for people who like to party, there's plenty to do in The Sunshine State. But where do animal lovers go? Here are six places where you can spot endangered animals both in captivity and in nature. 

aug 01 2014

Have You Ever Faced Your Fears While Traveling?

Always do what you're afraid to do

For more great inspiring travel quotes you can share with your friends, visit our Quotes To Travel With board on Pinterest. This one was created by #JenFromMarketing.

(Courtesy Jennifer O'Brien)

I've done some pretty exciting things in my life, usually on vacation as a way of checking amazing things off my travel bucket list. I've zip-lined over alligators at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm & Zoological Park in St. Augustine, Florida. I was part of a "Splash and Dash" during a hot air balloon ride in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a stunt where the hot air balloon pilot drives the basket into the Rio Grande, skirts the surface of the water, and shoots back up to regular flight height. I've kayaked in almost complete darkness through mangrove tunnels at Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico to get a look at the famous plankton that light up underwater as your paddle passes by them. I guess you can say I've become kind of a travel adrenaline junkie, as long as it's within reason and I'll end up with a great travel story for when I get home. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll ever have the nerve to try something like bungee-jumping or jumping out of a plane (too many "what-if" scenarios to make me feel comfortable enough for something that extreme), but this time next week I am going to be facing one of my biggest fears: swimming with sharks in Cancun, Mexico.

jul 28 2014

6 Ways to Have More Fun on Trips With Your Kids

A scenic train ride can be just the kind of downtime your child will appreciate on vacation!

(Sarah Ricks)

Sarah Ricks is a travel junkie who writes in Philadelphia. More of her travel writing is at TravelingMom.com

Your kids can be your favorite traveling companions. Really. Even when one of your party needs a nap, won't eat the weird food, or won't visit museums, you can still travel smoothly. Here are six ways to make your next trip with kids more fun for everyone:

jul 28 2014

Great Getaways: New Bedford

The New Bedford Whaling Museum pays homage to this Massachusetts city's past, and also points the way to a vibrant future devoted to science, art, ecology, and history.

(Courtesy Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism)

After a few minutes in New Bedford, MA, a welcoming little city of about 95,000 people less than an hour's drive east of Providence and south of Cape Cod just off I-195, you'll notice that the residents love to talk about their town. A few more minutes and you'll totally understand why. Few places in New England pack as much history, food, and fun into a handful of cobblestoned blocks.

jul 26 2014

How To House-Sit Your Way Around The World

house sitting

Try house-sitting, a great way to see the world for less.

(Courtesy Bart Speelman/Flickr)

You’ve heard about pet–sitting, but what about house–sitting to save money while traveling? Dalene and Peter Heck are one Canadian couple who did just that: five years ago, they sold everything for the sake of travel, and started a website, Hecktic Travels, about how they saved over $30,000 in accommodations costs by house–sitting their way around the world.

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