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Archive: July 2007
jul 31

Another source for last-minute deals

We're always on the lookout for tour operators whose packages meet our Real Deal standards, and Go Ahead Tours is one of the latest to show up on our radar.
jul 31

A reader's tips on Rome and Florence

Traveling to Italy soon? One intrepid reader has some great tips for you.
jul 30

It's like a walking tour, just faster...

Calling all avid runners; get rock-hard calves as you see the sights.
jul 30

Look before you line up

Editor Erik Torkells just called from the airport with a few choice words to share about his departure experience.
jul 30

Ultimate packing tips

Created 11 years ago, this site encourages people to travel with only one bag, as its name suggests.
jul 27

Travel-inspired artists take on the road

Road trip! A new show of artworks about life on the road opened last week at the in New York's Chelsea art district.
jul 26

My parents never booked an all-inclusive

Unlike today, for the family vacations of my childhood, my parents would spend months before each trip piecing together every last detail.
jul 25

Those free bikes in Paris? You can't use 'em.

How fantastic was it that Paris introduced 10,600 bikes at 750 stands around the city for everyone to use in free half-hour increments? Well...
jul 25

The cute story behind EuroCheapo

More on this helpful website, which was founded in a roundabout way.
jul 25

The best Disney World guidebook for you

According to our resident Disney expert (he's been 13 times.)
jul 25

Disney World update

Can the little mouse go green? That and more in this post on Disney.
jul 24

Today's travel intel

A Luxor face lift, a new cruise, and West Virginia's contest, all in today's edition.
jul 24

EuroCheapo adds hotel search

The success of Eurocheapo, a hotel review website, isn't exactly the world's greatest mystery.
jul 23

A half-baked innovation

Singapore Airlines perks don't always add up to a great flight.
jul 23

Europe's Smart cars are coming to the U.S.

The cute little guys will hopefully make their way stateside in 2008.
jul 22

Virgin America has sparked a price war

And JetBlue and Southwest are running scared. But you could benefit.
jul 20

Expedia, Travelocity, or Orbitz?

I was on CNBC last night, and we got to talking about third-party booking engines.
jul 20

Good news for smokers

The TSA says you can keep your lighters ... maybe.
jul 19

One for the road (or, Advice for solo travelers)

Traveling alone can be rewarding—and sometimes a little scary. Here's our advice on ways to get started.
jul 19

Virgin's new U.S. airline debuts

And they've got inexpensive flights and more service. We like them already.
jul 18

REI wants kids to get outdoors

As part of the Passport to Adventure program, kids aged five to 12 can pick up a passport-like journal at any store and use it to record their excursions.
jul 17

Know your euros

Where in the world can you use the euro? We've got answers.
jul 17

Tomorrow's Google today

In the late 1990s, the Korean government invested in a nationwide high-capacity broadband network. The result? They get an animated Google page.
jul 16

The 7 day flight delay

An airport is not a place where you can come away with much faith in human decency—and this set of passengers surely didn't.
jul 13

Get free driving directions by phone

The wonders of technology will get you wherever you need to go (even the closest Starbucks) via text message.
jul 13

Tell the Feds your views on the bumping game

Have you ever been involuntarily bumped when a flight was oversold? Well, it's time to speak up.
jul 12

Kayak.com gets a tune-up

The fare-searching site takes a little step into the "matrix."
jul 12

Today's travel intel

JetBlue and Virgin news, plus a new cruise website, all in today's edition.
jul 12

They didn't forget economy-class

India's Jet Airways will begin its first flights to American soil—with (drumroll, please) full 40-degree reclining seats in coach.
jul 11


Japanese-style toilets are the latest thing for a few airlines.
jul 11

More ways to save in Vegas

Summer brings scorching heat to Sin City—consider that the predicted high is 110 degrees this weekend—and a slowdown in business conferences, all of which is good news for bargain hunters.
jul 11

"Women experts in information technology"

Yep, Italy is definitely a foreign country.
jul 11

An endless banquet...of Montreal posts

Montreal foodies Anthony Kinik and Michelle Marek, our guest bloggers for a week, share all their tips on this amazing city.
jul 11

Traveler's tips for Montreal trips

As our travel bloggers from Montreal say goodbye, cash in on their last few tips for a great vacation in their hometown.
jul 11

Italy is very much a foreign country

The postcard Italy you love is beautiful—but is it realistic?
jul 10

Cheap European weekend trips are coming

Those darn Europeans with their vacations. But not to worry, we're next, as soon as we can get our hands on these discount airlines.
jul 10

Today's travel intel

The pros and cons of insurance and more very useful information in today's edition.
jul 09

Kudos to Continental

This pet-loving airline gets props for doing the right thing.
jul 09

Happy Birthday, Baby Panda!

Tai Shan of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., has just turned one, and we've got tons of cute clips to share in his honor.
jul 09

It's time for ice cream sandwiches!

A delicious recipe from travel bloggers A.J. Kinik and Michelle Marek, of Montreal fame.
jul 07

And the "Seven Wonders of the World"...

...were announced today in a global poll of about 100 million people.
jul 06

Moo prints photo cards, large and small

You can use those vacation photos for more than a dusty album—this website will show you how.
jul 06

Flight delays are worse than officials say

Yesterday, The New York Times had a great story titled "Ugly Airline Math."
jul 06

14 top questions about Italy, answered

Christopher Winner, editor of the Rome-based magazine The American, gets down to business on the best places to go.
jul 05

Today's travel intel

New flights, beach vehicles, and more in today's edition.
jul 05

Good news: The eagles are back

America's mascot has returned in full force.
jul 05

Avoid Heathrow!

If you can't avoid using this airport this summer, be sure to allow two hours if you have to change planes in its overcrowded terminals.
jul 05

America's favorite places to visit

Tripadvisor's list, including those in Europe—some may surprise you.
jul 05

Reader tips on handling flight delays

Flight delays have broken an already grim record this year.
jul 05

More Montreal goodness

Can't get enough of Canada? Neither can our guest bloggers, especially Canada Day.
jul 04

The Montreal you won't find in a guidebook

Our guest bloggers, Montreal experts, give you the insider's guide to their beloved city.
jul 03

Travel news roundup

Complain about a cruise, get inter-city bus travel tips, and more.
jul 02

Wanna buy Dracula's castle?

Wha-ha-ha! For the asking price of $80 million, who wouldn't want this piece of history?
jul 02

Strawberry Social

Check out our guest bloggers from the North as they talk about a Canadian tradition, which includes shortcake ... yum.
jul 02

Tell the Feds your views on passports

Their rules keep changing (and it's not like they were clear to begin with)—here's some context.
jul 02

Caught Mapping...in Montreal

We've got all the goods about this thoroughly modern city.
jul 02

Can you enjoy Morocco on a budget?

One blogger says $125 a day isn't budget travel, especially for a place that's not as expensive and popular as many Western European destinations.

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