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sep 13 2012

21 New Airline Routes Launching Soon

Flying to the Bahamas will be easier with new routes launching this winter (Courtesy pugaangie16/myBudgetTravel)

Can't decide where to go for your next vacation? With lots of new routes launching, the decision might be easier than you thought. Here is a sampling of what's coming up.

Airline: Alaska Airlines

Destinations: Washington, D.C, San Antonio, Atlanta, Orlando

mar 05 2012

Most Popular Places for Tourism in 2011

The Mayan Ruins at Chichen-Itza (Courtesy coreybyrnes/myBudgetTravel)

The numbers are in, and it was a strong year for tourism.

Europe saw a 6% increase in visitors, while Paris and London retained their shared status as the world's most-visited cities. In the US, New York City had a record-breaking 50 million visitors last year, making it the leader nationwide.

sep 01 2011

Look to Bermuda for fall vacation savings

Bermuda's Horseshoe Bay (Courtesy of Bermuda Department of Tourism)

Bermuda is an oasis of pink sands and crystal clear turquoise seas with a reputation for being expensive. The reality is it doesn't have to be.

Air service from discount carriers—including JetBlue and AirTran—special island-wide promotions, an increasing number of guesthouses and bargain-priced cruises are bringing Britain's oldest colony within reach of many travelers, especially this fall.

apr 23 2010

Bermuda: My favorite weekend escape from New York

Sunset from the Newstead Belmont Hills (Courtesy Andrea Minarcek)

Last month, when my roommate suggested I join him on his work trip to Bermuda, I balked: There's no way, I thought, I can afford a last-minute trip to an island getaway.*

Plus, beach vacations generally aren't my bag. If I'm going to splurge on travel, I usually choose to do so by immersing myself into a cool culture—food, drink, art, etc.—not whiling away a whole weekend on the sand.

may 03 2007

Bermuda vacation rentals

I got a very nice letter in response to my story on Bermuda, and while that in itself might not merit an entry here, the writer mentions a resource that could be very useful for people interested in the island. The letter is from Jane Barcroft of Memphis, who loves Bermuda so much she has written (and gotten published) two books of her poetry about the island; they're called Pink Sand Poems and Bermuda on My Mind...

apr 13 2007

Gay travel: Bermuda opens up

I've written a story on Bermuda for BT's May issue, and much of it is about how Bermuda has loosened up in recent years. I'll never forget how, the first time I visited the island 10 or so years ago, I was reading a guidebook on the plane when I came across a bit how gay travelers weren't particularly welcome (I can't remember whether being gay was against the law at the time). So it was with great pleasure that I just saw in the news about how Bermuda's premier, Ewart Brown, took a stand against bigots on the island who thought that Rosie O'Donnell's R Family Vacations cruise ship should be turned away. He said, "If we discriminate against a cruise ship, then we would have to send a homosexual detection unit to the airport."

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