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feb 16 2016

U.S. Will Resume Commercial Flights to Cuba

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For the first time in more than 50 years, U.S. commercial flights to Cuba will soon become a reality. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx signed an agreement in Havana on Tuesday setting the stage for U.S. carriers to submit applications to operate commercial flights, with new routes likely in a matter of months.

jan 08 2016

Have You Taken Our "Where Should You Go in 2016" Quiz?

We knew that our Where Should You Go in 2016 Quiz would be a hit with Budget Travel readers, but we were also psyched that the quiz (which determines your "travel personality" then matches you to one of our top 2016 destinations) is such a hit with our own staff: We’ve all been having a blast taking the quiz, comparing the revealing results (I was pleasantly surprised by my result!), and sharing with our friends and colleagues on social media. Here, a quick look at where our Where Should You Go in 2016 Quiz says we should be going in 2016. How about you?

jan 07 2016

Wanna Fly to Havana?

We're still pinching ourselves that travel to Cuba is getting easier and easier, and many of us have rewritten our bucket list with a dream trip to Havana, with its vibrant music scene, great cuisine, and iconic Spanish Colonial architecture and vintage cars, near the top. In fact, Cuba is no. 3 on Budget Travel’s Where to Go in 2016 list.

jul 09 2015

Carnival Cruise Lines Will Start Sailing To Cuba In 2016

boat shed and palm trees on the beach in cuba
(Courtesy Tuckerg/myBudgetTravel)

Well, it's official. As of May 2016, Carnival Corporation's new brand of ships, Fathom, will be sailing to Cuba as part of their move toward creating more meaningful cultural experiences between the American and Cuban people.

may 20 2015

Want to Visit Cuba NOW? Here's How...

Americans are returning to Havana, thanks to affordable people-to-people tours.

(Courtesy avam/myBudgetTravel)

Being the first of your friends to visit Cuba is like having the best lawn in the neighborhood: Bragging rights alone are a souvenir.

Going to Cuba isn't as simple as clicking "book" yet, but thanks to new regulations, U.S. travelers won't face as much red tape. Trips still need to fit into one of 12 acceptable categories, such as family visits, participation in religious or educational activities, performances, sporting events, or people-to-people tours, but you'll be spared the hassle of waiting for license approval on a case-by-case basis and allowed to bring home $100 worth of Cuban cigars in your $400 souvenir limit.

may 06 2015

Ready for a Ferry Ride to Cuba?

A street musician entertains passersby in Havana, which may soon be reachable by a four-hour ferry ride from Southern Florida.

(Courtesy Buckhead720/myBudgetTravel)

For those of you who've enjoyed ferry rides to prime destinations like Sausalito, Nantucket, and Mackinac Island, hold on to your hats: The U.S. just approved ferry service between Florida and Cuba.

Granting licenses to several cargo and passenger companies, the federal government opened up the possibility of ferry service in the Florida Straits for the first time in more than a half century. The Miami Herald reports that some ferry companies say they may offer service within weeks from ports like Key West, Miami, Port Everglades, and the Tampa area.

oct 12 2012

The Inspiration Behind Some of Our Favorite Reader Photos

University of Wisconsin's Lady Liberty prank

University of Wisconsin's Lady Liberty prank

(Courtesy CliffK/myBudgetTravel)
Girls in kimonos in Japan

Girls in kimonos in Japan

(Courtesy dni/myBudgetTravel)
Traffic in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Traffic in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

(Courtesy ateliercypher/myBudgetTravel)
Cuban woman in Havana

Cuban woman in Havana

(Courtesy tuckerg/myBudgetTravel)
Waves on Ehukai Beach in Hawaii

Waves on Ehukai Beach in Hawaii

(Courtesy Island Gal/myBudgetTravel)
View from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral

View from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral

(Courtesy sheila78/myBudgetTravel)
Dog hot air balloon in Boyce, Virginia

Dog hot air balloon in Boyce, Virginia

(Courtesy RickCollier/myBudgetTravel)
Base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

(Courtesy lavenderdays/myBudgetTravel)
Moai at Rapa Nui National Park, on Chile's Easter Island.

Moai at Rapa Nui National Park, on Chile's Easter Island.

(Courtesy awc007/myBudgetTravel)
Balinese women

Balinese women

(Courtesy jfenson/myBudgetTravel)
The Brooklyn Flyer in Coney Island, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Brooklyn Flyer in Coney Island, Brooklyn, N.Y.

(Courtesy jorgeq/myBudgetTravel)
Potala Palace, Tibet

Potala Palace, Tibet

(Courtesy jacksonn298/myBudgetTravel)
St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

(Courtesy marjen/myBudgetTravel)

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

(Martrese White)

Sintra, Portugal

(Miriam Cinquegrana)

Maui, Hawaii

(David Shrader)

Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris

(Jen McDonald)
Oia, Santorini Island, Greece

Oia, Santorini Island, Greece

(Courtesy laratada/myBudgetTravel)

Plaza de Armas, Cuzco, Peru

(Thomas Cox)

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

(Rebecca Wilks)

Piazza della Rotonda, Rome

(Timothy State)

In every issue of Budget Travel, we feature one of the best reader photos on our back page. Now, see the stories behind them.

Madison, Wisconsin
The University of Wisconsin students have a real sense of humor. Their Lady Liberty on the Lake prank is a classic image of Madison that has made it onto postcards all over the city. During the summer, I'm usually sailing on Lake Mendota, but when it's five below zero, you've got to take advantage of it, too. So one February, I decided to see it for myself. I took this shot from the Memorial Union Terrace, but I actually went out on the lake and took some close-ups as well. I know how deep the water is and it was completely disorienting to be walking on it. I've live here for 35 years, but sometimes you need to look at your own hometown through a tourist's eye.—Cliff Koehler, Madison, Wis.

oct 09 2012

Legal Visits to Cuba Back on Track

The colorful, musical streets of Havana, Cuba, are no longer closed to American visitors. But a trip to the communist island has to meet strict cultural exchange requirements set by the U.S. government.

(Courtesy kellysteveadventures/myBudgetTravel)

Ever been to Cuba? When I was a kid, that question would have been just about unthinkable. The only people I knew who'd been there were those who'd fled the Caribbean island in the wake of the communist revolution that put Fidel Castro in power at the height of the Cold War, raising the specter of a Soviet satellite nation just off American shores. 

nov 18 2011

Is Travel to Cuba Worth the Hassle?

Cuba has long been forbidden territory for Americans. Only the most intrepid travelers have made it to the country, mostly by going through Mexico or Canada.

aug 03 2011

U.S. Government says travel to Cuba is not "unrestricted"

Havana, Cuba (Courtesy Svenslens/Flickr)

The U.S. Department of Treasury issued a statement last week that it "is aware of misstatements in the media suggesting that U.S. foreign policy now allows for virtually unrestricted group travel to Cuba."

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