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jun 14 2013

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

The Danube has overflowed its banks due to heavy spring rains, causing the cancellation of some cruises out of Budapest, Hungary.

(Courtesy cspaid/myBudgetTravel)

As heavy spring rains caused major European rivers like the Elbe and the Danube to overflow their banks, serious flooding has hit parts of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. With more than 20 deaths and extensive damage to structures, the floods also caused the cancellation of several river cruises, including cruises from Budapest, Hungary, and those that call on the popular German port Passau.

dec 14 2011

3 Affordable New Ways to See Europe's Quaintest Cities

Genevieve Shaw Brown (Courtesy Jakob Montrasio/Flickr)

Remember your brave, virgin trip to Europe? When you wore a backpack and lived on cheese, hot baguettes, and red wine? You were such a natural at loose-and-easy travel. You instinctively knew that the best budget travel tip of all is to take advantage of the Continent's affordable train and coach bus options, hopscotching around instead of staying put.

may 18 2010

Vienna exhibits its design smarts

Aromapots, with conical lids for easy stacking. Invert a lid to turn it into a serving dish. (Courtesy dottings, a Viennese firm)

A bookshelf made from hardcover books. A necklace partly strung with living flowers. A bracelet crafted from brown-mottled horn—and designed to double as a digital watch. These products combine practical purposes with fresh visual and tactile appeal, and they were all invented in Vienna.

feb 27 2009

A hotel without borders in Linz, Austria

The honor of European Capital of Culture 2009 goes to Linz, which has obliged with a slew of cultural projects, including the Pixelhotel, whose rooms are scattered in six locations. (Linz is Austria's third largest city, right on the Danube and not far from the Czech border.) These Pixels make use of unconventional spaces while still providing conventional amenities like a minibar, a TV, daily cleaning service, and Internet access.

apr 19 2007

Check your bags downtown before you fly

What do Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow , and Vienna have in common?

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