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jul 18 2015

WOW Air Offers $99 Flights to Paris & Amsterdam

Canals in Amsterdam

At press time, there were just a handful of $99 flights still available from Boston to Amsterdam in November and January.

(Courtesy kpm1031/myBudgetTravel)

Last week, WOW Air made big news when it released $99 fares from Boston and Washington D.C. to Paris and Amsterdam. If something like that doesn't kick your insatiable wanderlust into overdrive, I don't know what will.

feb 07 2014

Top 8 Places to See the Northern Lights

Northern Lights from Norway

The Northern Lights, as seen from Norway.

(Courtesy GuideGunnar - Arctic Norway/Flickr)

This article was written by Zoë Smith on behalf of Viator.com's Travel Blog.

One of the world’s most dazzling natural phenomenons, few vistas can top the Northern Lights, officially known as the Aurora Borealis (signifying the meeting of Aurora, Roman goddess of the dawn, and Borealis, the Greek North Wind). Created by solar winds interacting with charged particles in the earth’s magnetic field, the Lights appear as otherworldly streaks of green, red, yellow, and purple light dancing across the arctic skies. Visible throughout the so-called ‘Northern Lights Oval,' countries lying in the far-northern latitudes, optimally between 10 and 20 degrees from the magnetic North Pole, are most likely to catch a glimpse of the spectacle, which occurs predominantly between late-September and late-March, often close to midnight. While travelers flock to the world’s northernmost countries for a glimpse of the Northern Lights, seeing them is no exact science and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a good look. From the snow-enveloped wilderness of Siberia to the northernmost tip of Canada, here are some of the best places to see the Northern Lights. So wrap up warm, pick a crisp, clear night, and cross your fingers.

oct 17 2012

Five Museums You Won't Want to Miss

Fans of gelato will want to visit the new museum devoted to the sweet treat in Italy.

(Courtesy Nalawriting/flickr)

Museums aren't always just about the art. Case in point: the new museum that just opened in Italy devoted to all things gelato. We found five museums in the works around the world that hold artifacts from musical groups and historic battles. And ok, yes, there is one art museum in there as well.

may 27 2010

Denmark launches a social media site for travelers

Girls running through Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, Denmark (Courtesy curban/myBudgetTravel)

Starting this month, Americans of Danish descent have a new way to learn about their heritage and to enjoy walking tours in Denmark. A new site, 1000.stories.dk, publishes fun mini-histories of the country, written by a group of Danish scholars and journalists.

aug 24 2009

A neighborhood makeover in Denmark

(Map by Newhouse Design)

Hvide Kødby, Copenhagen

Part of the meatpacking district in the Vesterbro neighborhood has come alive with galleries, boutiques, and bars. Leading the way is Karriere, a weekends-only café/gallery masterminded by artist Jeppe Hein and his sister Lærke (karrierebar.com). Nearby, ArtRebels stocks indie music and clothes from Danish designers (artrebels.com). And at Kødbyens Fiskebar, sample the jellyfish salad in front of a five-foot-tall fish tank (fiskebaren.dk).

jun 01 2009

Worth reading: Denmark, the world's happiest country

Copenhagen, Denmark (Courtesy peterhume/myBudgetTravel)

For your Monday reading: interesting stories we spotted from around the blogosphere.

Six reasons to visit Denmark, the world's happiest country. [4 Hour Workweek]

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