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oct 23 2013

Fall for Boston: 6 Great Activities

Boston's iconic Fenway Park plays host to the World Series this autumn, but the city's awesome fall activities go well beyond the beloved Red Sox.

(Sean Pavone / Dreamstime.com)

There's no place like Boston in autumn. Sure, the Red Sox are in the World Series (yay!), but even when they're not, this city and its neighboring communities play host to foliage, football, spooky Halloween traditions, and outdoor activities like no other.

jun 28 2013

Catch The Tail End of One Run For Boston

One Run For Boston
(Courtesy One Run For Boston)

It's not too late to get involved with One Run For Boston, an epic three-week long 3,300 mile run from L.A. to Boston through 14 U.S. states that started Friday, June 7th, and will come to an end this Sunday, June 30th. So far the group, which started as three enthusiastic runners from the U.K. and has since grown to more than 2,000 runners, has raised more than $71,000 for those who were impacted by the Boston bombings that took place on April 15th.

apr 16 2013

Boston Is Open in Wake of Marathon Explosions

Following the explosions near the Boston Marathon finish line yesterday, the city of Boston is open for business (including Amtrak train service and flights to Logan International Airport). However, those of you currently visiting Boston, or with imminent travel plans to visit, will, of course, be directly affected by the explosions, which killed three people and injured at least 140.

mar 24 2013

The Best Ballpark Food in America

Boston's Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, is not only an iconic stadium, but you can also get a dynamite bowl of chowder right at the park!

(Songquan Deng / Dreamstime.com)

When the 2013 Major League Baseball season opens this week, all eyes will be on the field. Well, for the first inning or so. At that point, the aroma of grilled hot dogs, barbecue sauce, garlic fries, crab cakes, and clam chowder will lure even the most diehard bleacher creatures to the food stands that line the corridors. While peanuts and Cracker Jacks remain ballgame staples, there's a world of serious eats at every ballpark in the U.S. Honestly, you can find a fantastic meal anywhere the national pastime is played. Here are our top picks for the discerning baseball gourmand.

sep 26 2012

Where Travelers Pay the Highest Taxes

Travelers to Chicago pay the highest amount of taxes per day (Courtesy jenmoretti/myBudgetTravel)

When you are setting your vacation budget, it's easy to overlook taxes as you calculate airfare and hotel rates and even reasonably priced restaurants. But a recent report may have you adding them to the budget.

The Global Business Travel Association published a report exposing the average amount of taxes travelers pay per day in 50 popular cities by factoring in local sales tax as well as taxes on car rentals, hotel stays, and meals. The most expensive cities for taxes are not a huge surprise—Chicago ($40.31 per day), New York ($37.98 per day), and Boston ($34.83 per day). Other cities in the top 10 include Minneapolis, Seattle, and Cleveland (not cities you would think of as pricy), where travelers also pay around $34 per day in taxes.

jun 29 2012

Where to See Movies for Free This Summer

Catch a free movie outdoors this summer (Courtesy kcolwell/Flickr)

Sick of paying $13 for a movie theater ticket? Grab a picnic blanket and head to one of these free outdoor movie nights in cities around the country.

New York City

The HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, in the heart of Midtown, offers a wide variety of films every Monday night at dusk thru Aug. 20th. Get there around 5 p.m. (some people say as early as 3 p.m.) to grab a good spot, and bring some food, non–alcoholic drinks, and friends to pass the time. Highlights include The Wizard of Oz on July 2nd, Rebel Without A Cause on July 20th, Errol Flynn's The Adventures of Robin Hood on Aug. 6th, and Raiders of the Lost Ark on Aug. 20th. Here's a list of other outdoor movie events happening around the city.

may 10 2012

New York City Bike-Sharing Program To Debut This Summer

Biking in New York City just got easier. (Courtesy Smart Destinations/Flickr)

As New Yorkers, we like to think we set the trends. Yet there was one thing this city didn't have that most other major cities already feature: bike–sharing. But pack your helmets—starting this summer, locals and travelers alike will easily be able to take a two–wheeler for a spin.

aug 09 2011

TSA tests passenger behavior at Boston airport

Airport security (Courtesy eyeliam/flickr)

feb 04 2011

Which movie best represents your hometown?

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Art of the Americas Wing) (Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Throughout the month of February, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston will play home to a film series called "Cinema and the City." The screenings will celebrate movies that are closely linked with the cities—all in the Americas—in which they are set: Vertigo in San Francisco, Do the Right Thing in New York, Chinatown in Los Angeles, City of God in Rio de Janeiro, Los Olvidados in Mexico City, All the President's Men in Washington, and The Friends of Eddie Coyle in Boston.

sep 13 2010

Cheap(er) eats on the go

(Courtesy bittermelon/Flickr)

It seems like every industry is getting its own flash-sale site—where deep discounts are offered on a limited basis online—and now restaurants, too, are getting a taste of the action.

Last week, I read about the burgeoning trend on the New York Times' "Bits" blog, highlighting a new entry, Village Vines, that includes discounts on your bill (after you pay $10 for a reservation):

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