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apr 21 2016

Tap That App! Ask a Digital Jeeves for (Almost) Anything With HotelTonight's Cool New Feature

HotelTonight San Francisco

The last-minute hotel-booking app HotelTonight has been a longtime favorite of ours here at BT. The genius is in its simplicity: Wait until 12 p.m. for across-the-board price drops the day you want to book a hotel (or 6 p.m. for deeper discounts), then scoop up deals on properties ranging from "Solid" to "High Roller." (HotelTonight says its prices tend to be 18 percent less than Expedia's or Booking.com's.)

jan 31 2014

Super Bowl Mania Hits New York City

A typical day in Times Square, New York City

Whether you're in town for the big game or planning your next trip to the Big Apple, we've rounded up some fun attractions you won't want to miss!

(Courtesy hhendren/myBudgetTravel)

All eyes will be on the Tri-state area this weekend thanks to Super Bowl XLVIII, happening Sunday, Feb. 2nd, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Whether you're in town for the big game—The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks this year—or planning your next trip to the Big Apple, we've rounded up some fun attractions you won't want to miss!

apr 19 2013

Explore Brooklyn By Bike With 'Get Up And Ride'

The Group Shot from the Brooklyn Bike Tour

Our group stops for a photo-op with the New York City skyline at WNYC Transmitter Park in Greenpoint.

(Courtesy Felipe Lavalle)

I'm a Queens girl, originally from Floral Park and currently living in Bayside. For me, Brooklyn has always been this artsy far-away place that sounds great, but is practically a day-trip from where I am. Needless to say, I haven't been out there much, but have always wanted to see what everybody's been talking about. Then I stumbled upon Get Up And Ride, a leisurely bike tour through six different historic Brooklyn neighborhoods along the East River led by Felipe Lavalle, a friendly Brooklynite entrepreneur who started the company last June as a way to combine his passion for cycling with his love of the neighborhood.

dec 12 2012

4 Restaurants Alain Ducasse Loves in New York

Even Alain Ducasse, the renowned French chef who runs 23 gourmet restaurants around the workd, loves a great deal. When he's in New York City, here are a few of his favorite places to eat—not a $$$$ in sight!

Pommes Frites "This East Village hole-in-the-wall is my go-to whenever I crave something completely satisfying. The rustic Belgian-inspired operation has perfected the fried potato." 123 Second Ave., pommesfrites.ws, pommes frites from $4.50.

oct 30 2012

Stranded By Sandy: A Personal Account

Six days ago, my Facebook status update read something like this: "Going to California, first trip ever without my son! Whee!" A few days later, it looked like this: "Stuck in California without my son. Hating this!" Yes, I am one of the thousands of travel victims worldwide who has been stranded by Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, so is my husband, who also happened to be traveling for work at the same time I was. Which meant that yesterday, our two-year-old son was about to face the "Frankenstorm" disaster with just his aunt, who was babysitting him for the first time ever. (Can you imagine the depths of my despair yet?)

oct 12 2012

The Inspiration Behind Some of Our Favorite Reader Photos

University of Wisconsin's Lady Liberty prank

University of Wisconsin's Lady Liberty prank

(Courtesy CliffK/myBudgetTravel)
Girls in kimonos in Japan

Girls in kimonos in Japan

(Courtesy dni/myBudgetTravel)
Traffic in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Traffic in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

(Courtesy ateliercypher/myBudgetTravel)
Cuban woman in Havana

Cuban woman in Havana

(Courtesy tuckerg/myBudgetTravel)
Waves on Ehukai Beach in Hawaii

Waves on Ehukai Beach in Hawaii

(Courtesy Island Gal/myBudgetTravel)
View from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral

View from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral

(Courtesy sheila78/myBudgetTravel)
Dog hot air balloon in Boyce, Virginia

Dog hot air balloon in Boyce, Virginia

(Courtesy RickCollier/myBudgetTravel)
Base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

(Courtesy lavenderdays/myBudgetTravel)
Moai at Rapa Nui National Park, on Chile's Easter Island.

Moai at Rapa Nui National Park, on Chile's Easter Island.

(Courtesy awc007/myBudgetTravel)
Balinese women

Balinese women

(Courtesy jfenson/myBudgetTravel)
The Brooklyn Flyer in Coney Island, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Brooklyn Flyer in Coney Island, Brooklyn, N.Y.

(Courtesy jorgeq/myBudgetTravel)
Potala Palace, Tibet

Potala Palace, Tibet

(Courtesy jacksonn298/myBudgetTravel)
St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

(Courtesy marjen/myBudgetTravel)

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

(Martrese White)

Sintra, Portugal

(Miriam Cinquegrana)

Maui, Hawaii

(David Shrader)

Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris

(Jen McDonald)
Oia, Santorini Island, Greece

Oia, Santorini Island, Greece

(Courtesy laratada/myBudgetTravel)

Plaza de Armas, Cuzco, Peru

(Thomas Cox)

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

(Rebecca Wilks)

Piazza della Rotonda, Rome

(Timothy State)

In every issue of Budget Travel, we feature one of the best reader photos on our back page. Now, see the stories behind them.

Madison, Wisconsin
The University of Wisconsin students have a real sense of humor. Their Lady Liberty on the Lake prank is a classic image of Madison that has made it onto postcards all over the city. During the summer, I'm usually sailing on Lake Mendota, but when it's five below zero, you've got to take advantage of it, too. So one February, I decided to see it for myself. I took this shot from the Memorial Union Terrace, but I actually went out on the lake and took some close-ups as well. I know how deep the water is and it was completely disorienting to be walking on it. I've live here for 35 years, but sometimes you need to look at your own hometown through a tourist's eye.—Cliff Koehler, Madison, Wis.

oct 12 2012

The Great Pupkin: A Halloween Costume Contest for Man's Best Friend

Is there anything cuter than a bulldog dressed up as a bee?

(Courtesy Fort Greene PUPS)

Ok, imagine the most creative Halloween costume you've ever seen—now imagine that same costume on a dog. That's what the Great Pupkin is all about. (See costumes from previous years!)

jul 11 2012

5 Reasons Brooklyn is Hot Right Now

Kids enjoying one of the water parks in Brooklyn Bridge Park (Courtesy @mikepick/Flickr)

Brooklynites know what the rest of the world is just discovering—that Brooklyn is a great place to visit. According to NYC & Company, the official tourism bureau of New York City, 50.2 million people visited in New York City* in 2011 (and 10 million of them were international visitors). More and more of these folks are finding their way to Brooklyn, as evidenced by the outcropping of new hotels sprouting up in the area. What's drawing them to the borough—and why should you make time for a Brooklyn stop on your next New York vacation? Let me count the ways that this borough is cool:

may 16 2011

Finally! Affordable hotels in New York City have arrived

3B's main room in Downtown Brooklyn. (Courtesy 3B)

For all of the great attractions New York City has to offer tourists, a choice of appealing, reasonably priced accommodations has never really been one of them.

But that may be changing, thanks to a slate of new hotels opening up in Harlem and the outer boroughs—Brooklyn and Queens, in particular.

apr 28 2011

America's best new microdistilleries

(Levi Brown)

Upstart distillers are reviving the craft-spirits scene by combining old-world techniques with modern recipes. Even better, they give visitors a seat at the tasting-room bar.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

You might call Brad Estabrooke's cleverly named Breuckelen a micro microdistillery. After all, it produces only one type of gin and the full tour takes all of 20 paces. Fine by us. That leaves more time to sniff out the rosemary and ginger notes that set this year-old drink apart. brkgin.com, tours free, tastings $3.

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