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apr 14 2008

Inspiration: Science-themed travel

Science and exploration travel is often overlooked by the major magazines. Luckily, Discover magazine has published a roundup of nine science-themed hotels and restaurants.

Here are a couple of the spots that caught my eye:

Miracle of Science Bar & Grill

Boston, Massachusetts

It’s as if you’ve walked into a small chemistry lab: The bar and tables are topped with lab-style fireslate, and patrons sit on uncomfortable stools surrounded by old microscopes, scientific equipment, and pictures of Albert Einstein. The best chemistry is on the menu, though, written as a periodic table on a chalkboard: It’s Cb for cheeseburger and Vb for veggie burger, and the prices are written where the atomic weights should be....

Ein-Stein Café and Pub

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

There are two mottoes here: “Don’t drink and derive” and “Where great minds drink alike.” Just across from the University of Toronto, the Ein-Stein Café; is the best place to enjoy an Ein-Stein lager and pick up engineers. Sometimes when the patrons have had a little too much, they write equations on the walls. For the mathematically talented, there’s a chance to win a free platter of wings and beer—all you have to do is map out the equation of special relativity.


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