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nov 22 2014

Don't Miss These Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Sales!

Copamarina Beach Resort in Puerto Rico

You can save 30 percent on a stay at the Copamarina Beach Resort in Puerto Rico thanks to their Cyber Monday travel deal.

(Courtesy Copamarina Beach Resort)

Check out these hotels, resorts, and travel packages that will be on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday—and one sale that takes place the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.


• You can save on stays at Omni Hotels & Resorts around the country, with rates starting at $89 a night, thanks to Omni's Seasons of Savings Package, valid on stays now thru Jan. 31, 2015 when you book by Dec. 1st.

nov 21 2014

Jet Lag: The Struggle Is Real

(Courtesy ajjordan2/myBudgetTravel)

Just so you know, I originally started writing this post at 3 a.m. Why? Because I'm wired. Curse you, jet lag!

First of all, I want to say thank you to all our readers who chimed in with advice for surviving long flights a few weeks ago when I was preparing to take the longest flight of my life. I'm happy to report that I had a wonderful time traveling around Vietnam with World Spree, meeting the lovely and warm-hearted Vietnamese people, learning about the country's vast history, getting a chance to explore Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay—and, my favorite part, sampling spring rolls and other amazing Vietnamese food along the way.

nov 19 2014

The "Starry Night" Bike Path Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen!

What's your favorite painting? Hold that image in your mind for a sec, then imagine the brushstrokes, shapes, and colors brought to life—so you could actually walk right in. Whoa. Right?

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has brought my favorite painting to life in a unique way that melds contemporary technology with a masterpiece of 19th-century art: Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night." The Starry Night Bike Path, a winding half-mile in the city of Eindhoven that is illuminated by thousands of LED lights and special paint, interprets the swirling shapes and colors of Van Gogh's painting. I don't know about you, but for me the work of Van Gogh is highly personal—as if the artist, with his dramatic strokes and thick layers of paint, is reaching out to me across the years, teaching me a new way to see and feel. I'm psyched that a contemporary artist is attempting to transport an audience in a similar way. Roosegaarde has spoken enthusiastically about how the path, which opened to the public on November 13, makes a statement about technology and cultural history—and is also a popular spot for first dates. What's not to love?

nov 17 2014

"Secret Menus" of America's Favorite Fast Food Joints!

(Karsten Behrens/Wikimedia Commons)

"Off the menu" has an elegant ring to it, no? We associate the phrase with high rollers and celebs who are certain the chef has something up his or her sleeve that they're not broadcasting to the world. Well, it turns out you don't have to be on the A-list to order off the menu—and you don't have to be dining at a white tablecloth joint to make special requests. Our friends at Foursquare have compiled tips left by their users—always a great resource for real-life feedback—about some of America's favorite off-the-menu orders from affordable, quality chain restaurants. From imaginative and messy riffs on burgers to unusual twists on pizza, sandwiches, and burritos, there's a little something here for everyone.

nov 14 2014

Visiting Chiang Mai’s Flower Festival

Chiang Mai Flower Festival
(Courtesy Andrew Kolasinski)

In the hills of northern Thailand, lush jungle, farms, and fruit trees rolled past the train window. As we neared Chiang Mai a fellow passenger cautioned me that the Flower Festival would fill every room in town. I hadn't made a reservation. It was a chore, but eventually I found a room. My hotel was pricey, but right on Kotchasarin Road, on the eastern side of the Moat Road that encloses the old city, a 700-year-old defensive rampart and canal built against the encroaching Burmese.

nov 13 2014

It's Island Time, and Fiji Is Calling Your Name!


What's on your mind? If you're like most Budget Travelers, as the temps go down your thoughts turn to… islands!

We recently named Fiji one of the 10 Most Romantic Islands in the World, and we're putting our money where our mouth is by making the South Pacific paradise even more affordable than ever: We're giving away a trip for two. The winner will receive a flight from Los Angeles to Fiji and five nights' accommodations, including breakfast, at Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa on Denarau Island (where you can indulge in spa treatments, water sports, or just relax on a private beach). ENTER HERE

nov 13 2014

Bring Home a Taste of the Islands—With the Original Piña Colada Recipe!

Say "piña colada." It rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn't it? And you might as well have said "party!" Did you know that the iconic tropical drink was originally created at Caribe Hilton, in Puerto Rico, in 1954 by bartender Ramón "Monchito" Marrero? The creative mixologist whipped up the classic and continued to serve up the tasty blend of rum, coconut, and pineapple until his retirement in 1989. The drink is now the official drink of Puerto Rico (which is one of our favorite affordable indulgences in the Caribbean).

nov 13 2014

Eat, Drink, and Laugh in L.A.! A Whole Week of Comedy Shows and Dinner Deals

Los Angeles

You can see a wide variety of L.A.'s comedy talent firsthand for 10 bucks and under.

(Steve Allen/Dreamstime.com)

No big Hollywood-star budgets and pricey nightclub bottle service here! Yes, you can experience the talent and cuisine the City of Angels offers (hello, Mexican food) for cheap. Follow the calendar below for seven days' worth of dining and live-comedy options in Los Angeles—all within walking distance of each other. Reserve your tickets ahead of time, and consider your funny bone tickled.


nov 12 2014

Sights And Sounds Of The Peruvian Amazon

Amazon River in Peru
(Courtesy Hannah Vickers)

Peru. To the north, miles of sandy beaches, incredible surfing, and remnants of ancient cultures blown raw by the harsh breath of the sandy coastal wind; to the south, the legacy of the powerful Inca in ruins so well preserved you could imagine long-gone people working in the distance; to the east, the unforgiving cold of the mountains and views that make your breath catch in your throat. And further to the east, just a little further, green, sultry, lush jungle, most of which is a no-man's land, as mysterious and inaccessible as the underwater city of Atlantis.

nov 10 2014

9 Best Places To Visit In Argentina

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Don't miss a visit to Iguazu Falls next time you are planning a trip to Argentina.

(Courtesy Say Hueque)

From the jungles and waterfalls of the tropical north to the glaciers and penguins of the arctic south, Argentina is a country like no other. As the eighth largest country in the world, Argentina stretches over a large portion of South America and because of this, contains numerous quality destinations to visit, depending on your interests. From the vineyards of Mendoza to the big city of Buenos Aires, here are 9 places you definitely don't want to miss when making a trip to Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

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