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oct 30 2014

7 Reasons To Visit Connecticut NOW

New Haven Connecticut in the fall

New Haven is a beautiful place to see the fall colors.

(Courtesy Market New Haven)

An easy day-trip or weekend getaway from most major cities of the northeast, Connecticut offers the perfect mix of New England charm and scenery, Ivy League college town flavor, and enough action to satisfy every food lover and history buff. Here's why New Haven, Mystic, and Essex need to be on your fall getaway bucket list.

See the fall colors

oct 29 2014

5 Ways to Save BIG on Holiday Travel!

(Courtesy larryjq/myBudgetTravel)

I have to admit holiday travel induces more flight-or-flight than warm-and-fuzzy for me. Hordes of harried travelers, oodles of moolah for plane tickets and hotels… it can be the most stressful time of the year. But some recent research from CheapAir, Kayak, and Budget Travel shed light on five surprising ways to find bargains—and maybe even a little elbow-room—on your holiday flights!

oct 22 2014

Tap and Go! How Busbud Plans to Change Bus Travel Forever

Whether you want to cruise through Europe or explore the California countryside, Busbud can help you do it on the cheap.

(Courtesy laratada/myBudgetTravel)

Busbud is a new online platform that calls itself "the Expedia/Kayak for booking international bus travel." Pop the site up on a laptop or mobile device, and Busbud does indeed look very much like Kayak, with lists of available routes and schedules—except instead of fare prices that are in the hundreds, you'll see you can go from Paris to Brussels for $20, or Los Angeles to San Francisco for $1. That certainly cracks the world wide open for a traveler who's watching her pennies.

oct 20 2014

7 Tested Tips for Visiting Rome

Roman Colosseum
(Courtesy Kaeli Conforti)

Even when on vacation, it’s hard for a travel editor to stop working. In May of 2012, my family embarked on an 11–day Italian adventure, including stops in Venice, Lake Como, the Cinque Terre area, Pisa, Florence, and finally, Rome. Needless to say, I kept jotting down notes and little tidbits of advice to bring home with me—and share with all of you. From free sites to deflecting insistent street salesmen, here are seven things to keep in mind when visiting Rome.

oct 17 2014

How to Find an Affordable African Safari

Safari in Zimbabwe

Take these four strategies into account as you search for a safari adventure to suit your budget.

(Melissa Scott, Natural Habitat Adventures)

This article was written by Wendy Worrall Redal on behalf of Natural Habitat Adventures.

To watch a herd of impala springing over the savannah with a cheetah in hot pursuit, or a big bull elephant sloshing in a water hole, or a graceful giraffe browsing in the acacia trees, is to know some of the earth's most primal and beautiful wildlife encounters. Then, to share adventure stories around a campfire beneath a sky strewn with stars before you drift off to sleep in earshot of a lion's distant roar... Well, it's no wonder an African safari is the ultimate grail for many nature travelers.

oct 15 2014

Do YOU Live in America's Coolest Small Town 2015?

How does a town get to be named Coolest by Budget Travel? Ask Berlin, Maryland, which topped our 2014 list. The folks in Berlin didn't fiddle around when it came to promoting their town's coolness on our nominations page, on social media—and they even wrote a song about their beautiful burgh!

(Courtesy Worcester County Tourism)

What does it feel like to live in America's Coolest Small Town? Ask the folks in Berlin, Maryland. In February, they topped our list, edging out Cazenovia, New York, and 13 other finalists to win the 2014 title. And they threw one heck of a victory party. (We know because we were there!)

oct 10 2014

Why Every Nature Lover Should Pay A Visit To Paracas, Peru

Paracas and the Ballestas Islands in Peru

Visit the Ballestas Islands the next time you're planning a trip to Peru.

(Courtesy Hannah Vickers)

Pelicans march solemnly up and down the beaches, always on the lookout for a dead fish abandoned by a passing fisherman, while seagulls wheel overhead. This small beach town is just a few hours south of Peru's capital city of Lima, but it seems worlds away from the busy, highly populated capital that seldom sleeps. Paracas is a popular destination for national and international tourists. It's the perfect weekend getaway from Lima, an ideal place to break up a long bus journey between Lima and popular southern destinations like Cusco, Arequipa, and Puno. Paracas, in the Province of Pasco, 260 km south of the capital, is easily accessible by long-distance bus or car.

Visit the 'Peruvian Galápagos'

oct 08 2014

5 Best Cheap Eats in Buenos Aires

Desnivel in Buenos Aires
(Courtesy Mike Gasparovic)

Argentines as a nation would appear to be prone to cultishness. From Eva Perón to soccer to psychoanalysis, their reverence towards their idols quickly takes on religious overtones, as evidenced by the "Gardel Lives" and "Maradona is God" inscriptions still visible on some walls in Buenos Aires.

oct 06 2014

How to Negotiate More Vacation Time (Plus the One Thing You Should NEVER Say!)

Whether you want a luxurious getaway to the South Pacific (like Tahiti, above), or just some time to kick back and get to know your hometown, there's a right—and a wrong—way to ask for more vacation time.

(Courtesy jonrawlinson/Flickr)

Did you hear the news that Virgin Group mogul Richard Branson gives his employees unlimited—yes, unlimited—vacation time? He was inspired by Netflix's vacation non-policy, which states "there is no policy or tracking." And then there's the story of San Francisco real estate search engine 42 Floors, which offers new employees a "pre-cation": two weeks of paid vacation before they even show up for their first day of work. We're jealous!

oct 06 2014

How to do Oslo on a Budget

Street Art in Norway
(Courtesy Katka Lapelosa)

"Oh, you're going to Oslo? You know it's expensive, right?"

I can't tell you how many people told me that on learning I'd booked a week-long trip to the capital of Norway. Didn't they realize I live in New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the world as it is? It got so annoying that I made it my mission to do Oslo as cheaply as possible.

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