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oct 08 2009

Why do we "deplane"?

Where do flight attendants come up with these words? Take "deplane," for example.

Why do we "deplane"?

We don't "de-car."

I asked some frequent travelers.…

Alexander Basek responded: Cause we enplaned first?

Connie Heveron wondered: Is it a "Fantasy Island" thing?

Jon Sullivan said: de-bed, de-bike, de-run… I think you are onto new Americanisms!

Esther Schindler pointed out: We do debark. Why not deplane?

Dan Saltzstein noted: And we drive on a parkway, but park in a driveway.

Pardon me while I collect my "personal belongings"—are there any other kind of belongings?—and head for the plane's exit.

Heard any odd travel words lately?

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