It's Up to You to Create Our 10th Anniversary Issue!
Thanks to all the readers who submitted ideas for Budget Travel's 10th anniversary issue. The deadline has passed, but you can look for this great reader-driven issue when it hits newsstands in May 2008.
Budget Travel covers
Take Our Cover Photo
We're not kidding—the cover of our June issue will be a fantastic travel photograph shot by a reader like you. We'll consider any images taken since 1998 (by you, not of you).
Notepad and Pen
Want to Be a Travel Writer?
We'll be sending a handful of readers out to report a story. What do you think would make a good article in Budget Travel?
Rather Be a Photographer?
Bicycle by a river Has a Trip Changed Your Life?
Have you ever gone on a big soul-searching trip—the kind where you go into it hoping for a new way of looking at things? If you've had a truly eye-opening, life-changing travel experience, we want to hear about it. Explain where and when you went, and what about the trip made it stand out from any other. The more specific and vivid your description, the better.
Giant Malt, bottled in St. KittsStart Hunting for
Supermarket Souvenirs

Love foreign supermarkets as much as we do? Next time you're abroad, pick up something and mail it to us along with your full name, where you found it, and any other noteworthy details: Budget Travel, 530 Seventh Ave., 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10018. We might photograph the item and include it in our anniversary issue!
NapoleonPet Tips
Every pet owner has tricks for pet travel. What are yours? Come on, do it for Napoleon! Just look at those eyes. He needs your help so badly….
Tromsø, Norway—one of our 40 Best Deals from November 2007Been on a 40 Best Deals Vacation?
We'd love to hear about any 40 Best trips you've taken over the years.
© iStockphoto/Tomasz ZajaczkowskiAre You an Expert Collector?
Deep down, we're all collectors—a snow globe here, a floating pen there—but some of us have really become pros when it comes to buying a beloved object in a specific part of the world. Are you obsessed with amassing a certain souvenir when you travel? We want to hear about your tricks of the trade.
The Smart Traveler's PassportGreatest Travel Innovations of the Past 10 Years
Which innovation has made your travels more enjoyable? It could be a product, a customer-service touch, a website, or a service like electronic toll collection for highways. If your idea is picked, you'll receive a copy of The Smart Traveler's Passport. Remember, we're looking for innovations that have became widespread since 1998.
A burger at Loulou's Griddle in the Middle, in California's Monterey PeninsulaWhere Do You Eat, America?
If you could recommend one restaurant in your town, what would it be? We're looking for great, quirky details and, of course, why you love the food (what's that one dish you always order?).
House swappingHouse Swappers Wanted
Are you planning to swap houses on a trip in the next few months? If so, please let us know. We might print your story in our June 2008 anniversary issue.
$100 billSeriously, This $100 Bill
Could Be Yours

We're going to give a few readers $100 each to spend in fascinating locales—as long as they agree to show us the cool stuff they bought.
GuidebooksGuidebook Smackdown
Are you an expert on Chicago? We're looking for Chicago residents to judge three guidebooks on their city.
Travel websitesFavorite Travel Websites
Is there a travel-related website you love? Fill us in! We're looking for neat sites that many people won't have heard of—or interesting, new features added to well-known sites like Kayak or TripAdvisor. You could recommend a site that provides a handy trip-planning service, one that has insider tips on a destination, or any other that improves the travel experience.
I Love New York25 Reasons You Love
New York

Everyone who has ever visited New York City has a different opinion about what is essential about the place. So let's hear it! What do you think captures New York's character or appeal? The more specific, the better.
Lost travelerLessons Learned the
Hard Way

We all make mistakes—ever shown up at the wrong airport?—and learn from them. What travel insights have you picked up from hard-earned experience? We want to hear your advice—and all about the travel mishaps that you learned from.
Writer Melissa Marshall grew up on ArubaIs Your Hometown Special?
Prove it! We're looking for someone to write an essay on his or her hometown (and by hometown, we mean the place you grew up in). It'll really help if you have a strong point of view, if you can make a persuasive case for visiting the city/town, and if you can come up with vivid details that bring the place to life. Think your hometown is a winner?
The submission deadline—December 31, 2007—has passed, and we are no longer accepting submissions. We regret that we won't be able to include every submission we receive, and we reserve the right to edit for length and clarity. Once you send in your story or photograph, it becomes our property—intellectual and otherwise.
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