A Perfect Day In… Eugene
Tell us where to eat, shop, play, and stay. From the break of dawn until you shut down the joint, how do you make every second count in Eugene, Ore.?
Eugene, Ore.
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Who Are You?
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Your Perfect Day
How do you start your day? We're looking for the best local breakfast, the gorgeous jogging trail, the first place you visit, the best cup of coffee…
What's the afternoon look like—attractions, museums? Outdoor fun? Shopping? Where's the best burger or sandwich joint?
How do you wrap it up? Do you go for a beer or head to a club? Is there a can't-miss show? Anything that you'd be a fool to skip?
We're looking for a place with personality that's still affordable.
A Little Help!
A quick best-of, to help us finish up:
The Best Local Shop:
A Must-see Attraction:
A Souvenir That Sums It Up:
The Best Outdoor Option:
Great, and Completely Free:
Rub Shoulders With Locals At:
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