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Ask Trip Coach: The Grand European Tour
There are more ways than ever to tour Europe. Unfortunately, the trip just might be more complicated and more expensive than ever too. In an upcoming issue of Budget Travel, Trip Coach aims to help readers plan the big European vacation in the most rewarding, least stressful ways possible. First, we need to hear from you. In the comments section below, please enter your most pressing concerns and questions, and we'll answer the best ones in the magazine.

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March 2011
Expert Advice for Safaris

Game drives and the Big Five—pulling off a classic African safari is easier (and cheaper) than you might think.

Top Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

Sometimes dogs and cats need a getaway, too. With the right planning, you can include every member of the family on your next vacation. Our Trip Coach shows you how.

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House Swapping

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River Cruises

If you love big-ship cruising but crave a more intimate experience, then the small boats plying the rivers of Europe—and beyond—are just the ticket.

Volunteer Vacations

Lying on a beach is nice and all, but sometimes, using your downtime to make a difference is just what the doctor ordered.

National Parks

Sure, you could show up at your nearest national park and wing it—with everyone else. But breaking out of the pack requires a little extra planning.

JUNE 2010
Cooking Schools

Boiling, baking, frying, and making that perfect French soufflé—it may sound like a lot of work. Actually, it's the perfect excuse for a vacation.

MAY 2010
Family Reunions

From choosing the ideal destination to deciding how to divvy up costs, consider this your go-to guide for planning a more-perfect reunion.

APRIL 2010
Vacation Rentals

From decoding rentalese to avoiding extra fees, our Trip Coach has all the keys to making your next stay a successful one.

MARCH 2010
Extra-Long Excursions

A week's vacation is all very well, but who doesn't dream of getting—and staying—away for a long stretch? Before you pack your bags, there are quite a few arrangements to make.

Ski Vacations

Mastering the moguls is the easy part. Figuring out where to go—and how to make it affordable—is another story. Our comprehensive guide helps you map out the perfect winter getaway so you can just focus on the slopes already.

All-inclusive Resorts

Pay one price and leave your wallet behind: It's an appealing concept. But how exactly does it work? And is it always worth it?

Holiday Travel

The airports are crowded, the weather is dodgy, and stress levels are high. Here's where to go and how to get there with your sanity intact.

Trips Gone Bad

Your flight got canceled… The airline lost your luggage… A pickpocket stole your passport. What to do when travel meets trouble.

Walt Disney World

Find out which tickets to buy, where to stay inside the park, whether the meal plans are worth it, and more.

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Solo Travel

The prospect of going it alone on your travels can be intimidating. But going solo offers a sense of freedom and accomplishment you'd never get hitting the road with a travel companion. In an upcoming Trip Coach column, we're going to offer tons of tips—and hopefully, assuage some fears—for all travelers intrigued with the idea of taking an adventure with me, myself, and I. But first, we want to hear from you. Tell us about your concerns big and small regarding solo travel.

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