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Budget Travel's Coolest Small Towns None contest is looking for American towns with a population under 10,000 and a certain something that no place else has: great shops, food, a unique history, a breathtaking location, peerless music scene, art galleries, or maybe something cool we haven't even thought of yet!

How does Budget Travel pick a winner?

The editors of Budget Travel will now review all nominations to narrow the list to 15 finalists. We'll use your votes as a guide, but we will also look for diversity in geography, attractions, architecture, and more. In mid-January, we'll post the 15 finalists and ask our audience to cast their votes. In mid-February, we'll announce the 10 winners.

  • Abbeville, LA
    Why it's the coolest
    The southern hospitality can't be found anywhere else! You are in the "most Cajun place on Earth", full of history, seafood restaurants , and the most friendliest people you ever want to meet! Come to someplace special on the bayou, Abbeville , Louisiana. You may never want to leave!
    - Anne Guilbeaux
  • Aberdeen, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Close to golf. Still rural. Great Fire Department!
    - A. Styers
  • Abilene, KS
    Why it's the coolest
    Nestled in the heart of the Plains, Abilene is the coolest little town I know. Home of Dwight D Eisenhower and the Smokey Valley Railroad. The little town has a cool attitude and tons of young people have decided to call this place home. There are lots of fun and eclectic businesses like: ; ; ; ; ; ; and
    - Regan Schultz
  • Abingdon, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Barter Theatre, VA Creeper Trail, the Martha Washington Inn, great locally sourced foodie restaurants, and much more.
    - Lyle
  • Addison, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    It has very unique scenery n Places to go
    - Rachelee Seelye
  • Albemarle, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Everyone cares and helps each other. It is the great town to raise a family!
    - J Butler
  • Albert Lea, MN
    Why it's the coolest
    It is nestled in between 2 lakes and is just very inviting and beautiful! It is quaint and the people are friendly. We are easily accessible at the intersection of I-90 and I-35! Come visit!
    - Sue Callahan
  • Albion, ID
    Why it's the coolest
    The old Albion Normal School Campus is located here, and is gearing up now for the Haunted Mansions of Albion for Halloween.
    - John B. Davis
  • Albuquerque, NM
    Why it's the coolest
    The weather, the hiking and biking trails, and the views
    - Kathy
  • Aledo, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    The population is under 5000 but yet this town is the warmest most welcoming place I have ever resided in. Strong community support, wonderful schools and there is a small Walmart here. Surrounded by rich farm ground and only a few miles from the Mississippi River make this an ideal location!
    - Rhonda
  • Alexandria Bay, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Amazing tourist town with incredible history. Hometown of the magnificent Boldt Castle, which has been featured on CNN, Yahoo, etc. Town is found on the beautiful St. Lawrence River with ideal location and surroundings. Love my hometown.
    - Jarrett Sweet
  • Algoma, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, it embodies what small town America is.
    - Sue Weber
  • Altamonte Springs, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Great entertainment venues at the Cranes Roost Park - All are free. Very environmentally savy and promotes responsble practices. Too many eating establishments to count let alone name them all. Have lived here since 1976 and will probably never leace except for vacations.
    - Laid Austin
  • Alturas, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Awesome theater and arts scenes, and a charming downtown!
    - Alex Griffin
  • Amagansett, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    It's just a great small town with small local owned shops, great beach, neat restaurants, historic architecture, a library, art galleries, antiques shop, farm stands, two museums, farm land and has a very diverse population with a "life is good" attitude.
    - Richard Barons
  • Amboy, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    Unique logging town in southwest Washington that time forgot. Terrific memories made here.
    - Terry Erle
  • Americus, IN
    Why it's the coolest
    We are close to Purdue, our town lays right on the famous Wabash River, and we are close to one of the best Midwest, amusement parks, Indiana Beach.
    - Terri Cline
  • Amory, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Amory has a variety of special things right on main street. Have a relaxing time at the Amory Opry House. Make your way down the street with a variety of shops from formal to casual clothing and much more. Finally stop in for a burger and fries with a coca cola in the bottle at Bill's Hamburgers. Go down a little farther and grab a shake from Dairy Kream. That's right "Kream". It's the best! Not only are those great, but the people are too. Take a scenic drive through the quiet neighborhoods and see the nice old houses. You won't find a cleaner town than Amory in values and looks.
    - Anita Jenkins
  • Andover, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Appalachian Trail makes four road crossings within a few miles of town. Andover is a four season recreation town...We have a lot to offer people if all ages and abilities: fishing, maple syrup making, hiking, camping, 4-wheeling, skiing, snow machining, horse back riding, foliage, waterfalls, covered bridge...Who could ask for a town any cooler than Andover!! AND it's a TRUE small town: less than 900 residents!
    - Wendy Hutchins
  • Anna, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Great History, Great Food, Great People, Great Shopping, Unique Lodging, Hub of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail
    - Andrea Dahmer
  • Anna Maria Island, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Small town charm, no high rise condos or hotels. Lots of mom and pop restaurants and motels
    - Mandi
  • Annapolis, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis has it all, culture, sports, history, shopping, and proximity to DC and Baltimore. And Annapolians are the best, warm, friendly, welcoming! Where else can you go for the Annual Spring Sock burning?
    - Kathleen
  • Apalachicola, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Sand, Sun and Fun
    - Daniel Itzkovitz
  • Arbor Vitae, WI
    Why it's the coolest

    It is the land of lakes and so beautiful

    - Diane Kane
  • Asbury Park, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Great Walking and Shoppng in a quaint setting in all 4 seasons of the year. Small merchants and one of a kind items make this town sparkle. Between walks on the Beach and Boardwalk in the Summer to Autumn Leaf viewing to the Beautiful Picturesque Postcard shots of a Seafaring Christmas including Carolers singing in the streets. The town is all decorated and every tree has little white twinkling lights on them with Christmas Music filling the air
    - Kory Carroll
  • Asheville, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Funky, diverse
    - Kim Messer
  • Ashland, NE
    Why it's the coolest
    Ashland, Nebraska is a small town of abotu 2,600 people,located off of Interstate 80, halfway between Lincoln and Omaha. We have the Strategic Air and Space Museum (SAC), Mahoney State Park - which has camping, ice skating, melodramas, an indoor playplace and a water park - and a Wildlife Safari park. In addition we are right next to the Platte River where there is airboating, fishing, and floating. Linoma beach is within minutes of us, with a landlocked light house that is on the National Registry. In town we have many small businesses to include a Dairy Cone, open only in summer, Cheri O's that is open for breakfast, coffee,and lunch daily, and serves ice cream all day. We have Parker's Smokehouse, a locally owned bbq that is delicious and draws people form Omaha and Lincoln and surrounding areas. We have two local vineyards/wineries, Glacial Till and Winery 426. In the summer bikers often pass through on hwy 6 doing poker runs.
    - Christine Caswell
  • Ashland, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    We have everything here! World renowned theater, fabulous wine-growing regions all around us, hiking and river rafting in the summer and skiing in the winter. A temperate climate. All this plus a wonderful community-oriented small-town atmosphere. We are located at the southern end of the beautiful Rogue Valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains.
    - Pamela Garrett
  • Ashland, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Ashland on the south shore of Lake Superior has some of the oldest recorded history in the USA. Much of this history is recorded in the many murals painted on our historic buildings and in public places such as our McDonald's. You can learn about our Native American,shipping,industrial,war hero and local town folk history without ever leaving your car.
    - Barbara Johnson
  • Aspen, CO
    Why it's the coolest

    It is a very nice ski village, with four different mountains. Fun for hiking in the summer, and skiing in the winter. It has great food, and a very nice atmosphere to have fun.

    - Noah Meyers
  • Atchison, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    It has wonderful people, beautiful old homes and is a lovely river town
    - kathy bird
  • Atchison, KS
    Why it's the coolest
    It is the birthplace of Amelia Earhart. They have a festival and fireworks display every year honoring her. Atchison was featured on a HBO special as one of the most haunted towns in the state. I was born and reared in Atchison. It has a hometown feel and the people are exceptionally friendly. I no longer live there, but go home quite often. We appreciate your consideration...
    - Donna Sayles-Corbin
  • Athens, AL
    Why it's the coolest

    Areal mix of old/new, city/country. An abundance of beautiful foliage and mountains just to the East.Lakes throughout the area. Just over an hour from Nashville TN & Birmingham" less than three hours from Atlanta & the gulf coasts. Also, one of the fastest growing regiona in the US.

    - Gary Graves
  • Athens, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    Great music scene, UGA school, lots of art (ATHICA, Georgia Museum of Art), the Georgia Botanical Gardens, great restaurants (Five & Ten, The Farm, Last Resort, Harry's Barbeque), and beautiful, charming downtown area.
    - Lauren Cunningham
  • Athens, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Greatest area craft brewer and dynamite restaurants and outdoor events
    - Andrea Tollkuehn
  • Athens, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Athens, Ohio, is home to Ohio University, giving it the best small-town/college-town mix. The town is located in the hills of Southeastern Ohio with the beautiful scenery of the Hocking River around it. Because of its rural appalachian location, Athens is a hot spot for parks and recreation. There are several city parks and an extensive scenic trail system for hikers and bikers. The area also has a great scene for anyone interested in the arts. There are a great number of museums as well as large festivals and events. The bars in the town always have live entertainment of great local bands and artists. Athens was named one of the fifteen most haunted cities in America in the "Scariest Places on Earth" from Fox Family Channel. The area houses many old, historic buildings, cemeteries, and the area now known as The Ridges, which was once the Athens Lunatic Asylum.
    - Brittany Murray
  • Auburn, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    It's orange and blue; it's "hey, y'all! So good to see you!" it's lemonade so sweetly sour it makes you pucker; it's a world-class art museum; it's a dip in the creek at a park on a hot summer day; it's the peaceful sunset of a small-town Sunday evening; and in the face of adversity, it is people coming together to rebuild a rivals community in "Toomers for Tuscaloosa." The famous Toomer's oaks may be dying, but the spirit Auburn will never say die.
    - Nancy
  • Austin, NV
    Why it's the coolest
    It has a castle built in 1897!
    - Toni Parks
  • Avalon, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Avalon, NJ is a small seaside barrier island off the coast of New Jersey. It has the perfect balance of hip, quaint, stylish and friendly. Our shops feature the latest fashion trends off the runway from New York City and our restaurants boast an authentic and modern flair that makes eating both delicious and adventurous. Yet at the same time, Avalon is a small-town "Where everybody knows your name." The residents and business owners have a camaraderie that you can only find in a small-town setting. Avalon is rich in history, beautiful in nature and perfect for a family vacation "down the shore".
    - Patrice Davis
  • Avoca, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    It's the coolest because it is a beautiful small Town surrounded by hills and river and creeks.
    - Nancy Riegel
  • Bainbridge Island, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    *Surrounded by salt water and 2 magnificent mountain ranges. *A 30-minute ferry ride from the city of Seattle. *The whole island(4 miles by 12 miles)is inside the city limits. *Good food, good parks, good schools, distinct neighborhoods, diverse businesses,interesting history, civic pride. *Educated, well-traveled citizens. *Some parts feel urban and some feel rural.
    - Steve Nielsen
  • Baldwin, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    It's surround by the prettest spring feed lakes and manstee national forest.
    - Jeri Mitchell
  • Baldwinsville, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Developed on the Seneca River we have exquisite scenery and the second busiest lock (Lock 24) on the Erie Canal. Boaters love to dock in Baldwinsville and enjoy Papermill Island and the concerts/events that take place with the Seneca as its God given backdrop.
    - Sharon Reiser
  • Baltimore, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    it is peacefull there
    - Amy
  • Bandon By The Sea, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Bandon is a quiet little village with a beautiful coastline that is the most unique town on the Oregon coast. It has a magical mystical 'pull' that just draws you to it. You can fish, crab, camp or just relax and enjoy the sun in summer or storms in winter. No place like it!
    - Jean Miller
  • Bangor, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    It has a slate industry heritage, one of the first little league championship teams in history, a monolith park, a former cork and bottle factories, and made Ripley's for the only town in the US with all slate roofs, and was one of the first small towns in the US with it's own railroad stop, and is a rock throw from Delaware Water Gap.
    - Marcia Turtzo McMullin
  • Barboursville, WV
    Why it's the coolest
    Barboursville Has Went From Nothing There From The 70's & Before To A Thriving Little Community With Major Growth In Just About Everything. Here Is Barboursville's Website That Explains & Shows More Than I Can Explain.
    - Jerry Pinson
  • Bar Harbor, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Acadia National Park. Nice people. Atlantic ocean. Cadillac Mountain. Lobster. Geddy's pub. The Thirsty Whale. Glen Mary swimming hole. What more do you need?
    - Jacqueline Kawate
  • Barnesville, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Pumpkin Festival
    - Tim Groves
  • Bartlesville, OK
    Why it's the coolest
    When you're driving across the Oklahoma prairie, a small cluster of skyscrapers suddenly pops up on the horizon. Home to the Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville is a mecca of art, music and culture. We host the OK Mozart music festival every summer, which draws Grammy winners like Esperanza Spalding and various other composers and performers. Our civic ballet is one of the best in the state. We also are proud of our town's rich history, as downtown is growing and thriving every year with new restaurants, small businesses and family-oriented activities. Bartlesville is the coolest!!!
    - Dorothy Colaw
  • Bastrop, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Historic downtown full of quaint shops and businesses such as Lock Drugs with a working antique soda fountain! The downtown area is bordered on one side by the Colorado river and an old iron bridge. There is a river walk and a beautiful brewhouse with tiers of decks and a biergarten on the riverbank so you can sit and enjoy music and watch kayakers & tubers.
    - Martha
  • Bath, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    It is just adorable! The antiquing is outstanding, the people are friendly, and the food is fantastic!
    - Mrs. Bath Maine
  • Bath, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    In the heart of the finger lakes region with a rich history dating back to 1796 when the town was birthed.
    - Jake Denson
  • Bath, WV
    Why it's the coolest
    The cleanest freshest water this side of the mississippi.
    - Robert Yarrington
  • Bayfield, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Small town on the Pine River with such a close knit feeling that it has been nicknamed Bayberry RFD. 2300 of the coolest residents you will find
    - DebbiAnn
  • Bayfield, WI
    Why it's the coolest

    Bayfield is an eco-municipality on Lake Superior, the great Gitchigumee, with Travel Green Wisconsin awards. It's the kayaking and sailing heaven of Wisconsin among the 22 Apostle Islands of the National Lakeshore.

    - Karen Ruedi Crowell
  • Bay Saint Louis, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Bay St. Louis rose lke a Phoenix from the ashes of Hurricane Katrina. A town that was devasted just 6 years ago has risen to proudly show its' beautiful Arts Ditrict, Glorious White Sand Beaches, Superb Little Theatre and an array of gambling venues within its' city limits. The weather is tremendous! Beautiful sunrise and sunsets. Try it, you might like it and may never want to leave. Beautiful!!!
    - alvin R. Smith
  • Bay St Louis, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Cause it survived Katrina and is strong
    - Leslie Perry
  • Bay St. Louis, MS
    Why it's the coolest

    Obliterated twice by hurricanes in the last half-century (Camille in '69, Katrina in '05), Bay St. Louis is the little seaside town that keeps coming back. Its walkable Old Town district is again populated with unique shops and local restaurants, with the return of classics like Trapani's po-boy joint and the rise of new favorites like the Mockingbird Cafe, which serves up live music along with its signature Mockingburgers. And despite the destruction it wrought in the community, Katrina also inspired an entirely new local festival: Bridgefest, a yearly celebration commemorating the opening of a vital new bridge--replacing the one toppled by the storm--connecting Bay St. Louis with the rest of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Thousands join the summer celebration every year to mark the occasion with local music, cuisine, and even locally-bred beer from Lazy Magnolia, the state's first microbrewery.

    - Ryan M
  • Beach Haven, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    It's a little beach town with gorgeous, fine white sand beaches located on Long Beach Island off the coast of NJ. There are still a lot of old bungalows that have been kept up. There's plenty to do on the island as well, after a day of sun & sea! When I young, my family lived in NJ & this is where we used to spend our family vacations. I have so many wonderful & fun memories from all my time spent there & many a story has been passed on to my nephews. Just this summer my family rented a home there for a week - it had been 38 yrs since we last did this. My brother's family flew out from CA & my nephews were amazed at the fact the Atlantic was so much warmer then the Pacific & took full advantage of that fact. My brother & I got to relive our childhood & got to share it with his kids. The whole family had a blast! I was so happy to finally get the opportunity to build memories with the boys at Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, NJ!!
    - Kathi McCarthy
  • Beaufort, SC
    Why it's the coolest
    It has a fabulous quaint historical section. Great for taking a walking tour or you can take a horse-drawn carriage tour. It's right by the water. The city is also close to Hunting Island State park, which is a great place to visit as well!
    - Margie
  • Beaumont, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Because it The Land Mass.
    - Ollie Thompson
  • Bedford, IN
    Why it's the coolest
    Bedford is a small town of about 13000 We are 25 miles south of Indiana University. Our small community is proud of our 2 astronauts Bowersox and Walker.
    - Barbara lee
  • Bedord, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Lots of history, great food, cool shops and incredible scenery
    - Laura
  • Belfast, MA
    Why it's the coolest
    Location, scenery,
    - MarciaChamberlain
  • Belfast, ME
    Why it's the coolest

    People do stuff. People care about the town. Top notch artists, dedicated farmers, talented chefs. Good schools.

    - Jim yas
  • Belgrade, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Belgrade is located just a few miles northwest of Maine's capital city, Augusta. Our current population is estimated to be about 4,000 year-round citizens, and that number nearly doubles when non-residents arrive to spend the summer months at their cottages. Belgrade covers about sixty square miles, with a large part of this area composed of lakes, streams and wetlands. Its five lakes and their inlet/outlet streams offer several species of fish for those who enjoy fishing, plenty of water surface for boaters, and excellent opportunities for those people interested in bird watching. With our forest acreage expanding, as former farmland reverts to tree growth, deer, moose and birds have become more plentiful for people to enjoy. There is a new 18-hole golf course, just south of Belgrade Lakes Village, with entrance from the West Road.
    - J Joler
  • Bellevue, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a quaint little rivertown on the banks of the Mississippi. The Main street is lined with neat little antique type shops and is well maintained and cared for.
    - Pat
  • Bellport, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Its the Best in the USA .
    - William DeRuyter
  • Beloit, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    It's. bouncing back. Great farmers market. Won main street makeover. Local shops and restaurants. Diversity at its best. All the schools get a facelift with 70 million dollar referendum. Great time great place!
    - Barbara Buffington
  • Bend, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Outdoors is the BEST!!
    - Jane Hitch
  • Bentonville, AR
    Why it's the coolest
    Not only are we the home of Walmart, we have one of the finest art museums on the planet, Crystal Bridges. One of the most pristine Civil War battlefields is very close by, Pea Ridge National Military Park. Beaver Lake and the surrounding area offers the outdoorsy people an awesome variety of activities. The University of Arkansas is in our back yard and we have the Arkansas Naturals, double A baseball team in the Kansas City Royals organization. Northwest Arkansas offers something for everyone.
    - Mark Slaughter
  • Berea, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    We are considered the Arts and Craft Capital. Our College is one that you must visit, students earn their way thru college by working for the college. We are big enough to have an industrial park but small enough that we still have the home town fill. The kids still think they can't wait to get out of here but grow up to say glad I can raise my kids here.
    - Stephanie
  • Berkeley Springs, WV
    Why it's the coolest

    Historic mineral springs in the heart of town; George Washington's favorite getaway. His bathtub monument in the park. 18th century spa town now 21st century healing center w/ three times as many massage therapists as lawyers. Working art town w/galleries, 27 years of free summer concerts in the park, 40,000sf Ice House art center, vintage mom and pop movie house celebrating 85 years. Year 'round festivals including world's largest water tasting competition & Festival of Light psychic fair that draws nearly 1000 attendees. Population:about 700; county about 17,000. Authentic 19th castle overlooking the town. Quirky business community including the oldest (and among the largest) full-line homeopathic remedy manufactory in the US. Museum celebrates cultural & natural history including an 800 lb oriskany sandstone crystal. Panoramic view rated among best in east. Active local food movement including WV's only James Beard listed chef.

    - Jeanne Mozier
  • Bethel, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Bethel's motto is Maine's most beautiful mountain village. It not only has an incredible 220 yr history and a designated National Historic District- we are a four season recreational destination. We are located within 15 miles of the White Mountain National Forest and Grafton Notch State Park. We hold te Guiness Book World Record for building the World's Tallest Snowwoman at 122' 11" in 2008! We are also the home of the soon to be opening Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in July 2013- where most of the most significant Maine gems that have ever been extracted from our State will be housed and displayed! This is a very cool town!
    - Robin Zinchuk
  • Bethlehem, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Because of the history and cool things to do around town, I mean Emeril even opened up shop here!
    - Jason Lonigro
  • Bettendorf, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    it;s a cool town and nice places to shop and people are friendly
    - Doug Fresh
  • Bewrwick, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Wonmderful Place to live or visit; I grew up here Live Hawaii now but always love my home Miss the snow at Christma, Maine Lobsters, Fried Clams
    - Mary Lorenzo
  • Big Bear Lake, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Big Bear Lake has a year-round population of roughly 6,000, is close to LA (good or bad, only 150 miles as a crow flies), and receives four seasons of weather but 300+ days of sunshine. Aside from the namesake lake, the town is hemmed in by parallel ridges that host numerous trails for mountain biking and hiking, including the Pacific Crest Trail. There is an active outdoor community and the kids coming from this town are strong and athletic - Olympian Ryan Hall, teenage mountaineer phenom Jordan Romero and soon to be known professional cyclist Casey Williams. For the non-adventurous, there is shopping, culture ( a robust theatre group), and nature sight-seeing - the town sits at 7,000 feet with nearby mountains reaching 11,500.
    - Cathleen
  • Bigfork, MT
    Why it's the coolest
    Bigfork lies at the north end of Flathead Lake (the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi) and is surrounded by breath-taking mountain vistas. Our small village, home to many well-known artists, grows each summer with visitors from around the country. Exceptional art galleries, top-notch restaurants and the Bigfork Performing Arts Center are just a few of the reasons for a visit. Outdoor activities range from boating, hiking, biking, fishing the lake to fly-fishing and kayaking on our rivers. Many people make Bigfork their base for a visit to nearby Glacier Park. A close-knit community, Bigfork warmley welcomes back its visitors each year.
    - Sandra Sanford
  • Biloxi, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Best small town charm with big city casino fun! and they keep getting hit by storms and they keep coming back!
    - amanda williams
  • Birmingham, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    A Great downtown, in the middle of the Detroit metro area.
    - Dan Bingham
  • Bishop, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Outdoor paradise and Mule Capital of the World! Between Yosemite and Death Valley in one the deepest valleys in the country, Bishop provides great access to skiing, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, trail running, off-roading, etc. People live here because they love the area.
    - Nick Sprague
  • Black Mountain, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    its the Front Porch of Western North Carolina. Very Artsy
    - Malena
  • Bloomingdale, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    The people are the nicest, and the most helpful! The teachers at Bloomingdale school go above and beyond making our children succeed. We have small community picnics and concerts!
    - Melissa
  • Bloomington, IN
    Why it's the coolest
    It has great museums, sports, recreation and even an opera.
    - Ray Fenio
  • Blowing Rock, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Blowing Rock is a charming town in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. It has a family atmosphere with small town parades and other events and has a variety of things to do that would appeal to all ages...from art galleries to hiking and fishing to playing in the big, beautiful park on Main Street. It is a beautiful town!
    - Jeanne Erwin
  • Blue Hill, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Blue Hill is one of the best places to go to see the fall foliage. You can climb Blue Hill Mountain for the view. The town has really great local shops and a farmers market, not to mention The Blue Hill Fair.
    - K Mainville
  • Bluffton, SC
    Why it's the coolest
    Its on the river, wonderful river activities, lots of crabs, shrimp and oyster to eat, seafood and arts festivals, great farmers mkt, very historic, quaint restaurants, wonderful ancient oaks and Spanish moss, fabulous weather.
    - Kate
  • Boca Grande, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    The Beaches, the lighthouses, Main street shopping and the Gasparilla Inn.
    - Steve
  • Boerne, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Boerne is a vibrant city, blessed with thoughtful, interested and engaged residents. Through active community participation and a common sense of purpose, we can shape our future together by creating a dynamic, active, walkable, livable downtown area which is attractive to residents, businesses and visitors. No matter the size of a city or the number of responses, it generally boils down to this: Community is a sense of place and belonging. A spot to see friends. A space to walk your dog to a favorite corner coffee shop. A communal area that meets daily living needs. A place to live, work and play. In this fast-growing region, there is a need to identify and actively cultivate the sense of community that brought so many to this Hill Country gateway. After many years of planning Boerne has achieved “Quality of Place” in Boerne’s central downtown. The Hill Country Mile initiative has done just that. The Hill Country Mile (HCM) is the catalyst to unify our community and partner with businesses, groups and organizations. The HCM will plays a significant role in Preserving the rich historic and cultural identity of downtown Boerne Promoting the quality of life through a safer, cleaner, more walkable place to live, work and play Fostering economic growth and business diversity In addition to the enhanced quality of life for residents and visitors, the Benefits to downtown property owners and businesses are tangible Higher levels of pedestrian traffic Public and private improvements creating a memorable destination experience A safer and cleaner community, positively impacting the downtown experience Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country, and only minutes from San Antonio, Boerne offers small town charm in a picturesque setting. Shopping in Boerne takes you on a journey through quaint historic buildings filled with unique treasures. Along the way you’ll find scrumptious delights at an eclectic collection of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and bakeries. Artistic activity is plentiful in Boerne. Outstanding art galleries and exhibits are around every corner, and art shows, gallery openings, and art events speckle the calendar throughout the year. Outdoor enthusiasts explore caves, rivers, lakes, and trails. Boerne is where friendly people and beautiful places warm your heart and enliven your spirit!
    - Jeff Haberstroh
  • Bolivar, MO
    Why it's the coolest
    It has a rich history, amazing community activities, picture perfect scenery, and classic Southern Hospitality.
    - Anita Tippets
  • Boone, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    College town. Great hiking. biking, rafting, etc. In the Western NC mtns
    - Cleve McCoury
  • Boonville, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Uniques and independent shops, good restaurants, locals very involved in their community, a great wine region. Vineyards, meadows, and forests,unique cultural events.
    - Cynthia McMath
  • Boothbay Harbor, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful quaint village along a rolling coast line. The harbor is clean, gorgeous and home to wildlife by the thousands. You can enjoy boat rides out to the open ocean or along the coast. Their are top notch hotels, motels inns and B&Bs and restaurants that range from formal to dockside wharfs. I try to go every couple of years to this beautiful place that makes me feel right at home. The shopping is outstandingas well and there is not a dangerous or shady neighborhood anywhere.
    - Ellen Shaw Maceko
  • Boulder, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    cause. it just is. admit it: -Fittest Town -Happiest Town -Smartest Town -Foodiest Town
    - RobH
  • Boulder Creek, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    A historic small town nestled amongst tall redwoods, ferns, creeks and a river. Gateway to Big Basin state park, California's oldest state park and home to ancient coast redwoods. Numerous movies have been filmed here. Located within a half hours drive to the beaches in Santa Cruz, and to Silicon Valley in the opposite direction.
    - Joanne Muszynski
  • Boulder Junction, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    This idealic little town is surrounded by lakes and is filled with great little shops and restaurants. All the lakes are beautiful and are peaceful with bountiful nature to see for all. This is definitely the place to be in the summer! Step back in time to a friendly small town where everyone is welcome!
    - Becky Gibson
  • Bowling Green, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    Bowling Green is small enough to not feel engulfed in the midst of the COLD BIG CITY, howver, it is large enough to not feel smothered . . . It is beautiful, the cost of living is decent ...AND . . . If you must have a big city . . . Nashville is an hour south and Louisville is two hours north! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!
    - Leslie Hicks
  • Boyertown, PA
    Why it's the coolest

    Boyertown is a "special kind of place"! With it's unique Victorian Architecture, community events, and adorable shops it is the place to bring your family, walk the brick ribbon sidewalks and congregate all year. Our Oktoberfest event was off the hook this year, doubling in attendance and proceeds from last year. Come to Boyertown, you will be amazed at the community spirit making it a "special kind of place". With it's unique Victorian Architecture and gracious people, it is the place to live, work and play!

    - Adrianne Blank
  • Boyne City, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    Water, Scenery, On second prettiest lake in the US (US Today), Mainsteet USA town
    - Carl Romanik
  • Bozeman, MT
    Why it's the coolest
    We are a town of great history and progess. Sits amid 6 mountain ranges with a heavenly vista. Bustling college life, friendly, laid back and just plain beautiful. Great area for every type of outdoor sport. Come visit Bozeman, Montana for one of lifes refreshing moments.
    - J Ridenour
  • Breckenridge, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    I like to say we are "America's Great Ski Town" But, being a year round resident we actually are so much more then only a ski town. Breckenridge is a moment caught in history - our Main Street is thriving, a wonderful village of charming warm and friendly locals. Our mountains offer 4 seasons of activities for the whole family and there is more then you can possibly see or do in one trip. Breckenridge is loved for being a real town, beings freindly and being a place where you can be yourself.
    - margaret martinez
  • Bristol, RI
    Why it's the coolest
    We are the oldest Fourth of July Celebration, but also we have 3 sides of the Narragansett Bay which makes the weather temperate for the North East. We have an eclectic downtown with shops and restaurants, and water sport rentals. Roger Williams University is a beautiful campus with ocean and bridge views from dorms and classes!
    - Victoria LaRochelle
  • Brookhaven, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    It has a little bit of everything of the South culture,old antebellum homes music different foods what is there not to love here.
    - Ricky Byers
  • Brunswick, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Perfect mix of old and new! and great new england weather
    - Bob Loblaw
  • Buckhannon, WV
    Why it's the coolest

    Buckhannon has the best of both worlds - within 3 blocks, the historic district features 12 specialty shops, 16 local restaurants, parks, Civil War sites, and 6 places to stay. And within 15 minutes, you can be at the WV Wildlife Center to see bears & mountain lions, go fishing for trout and muskie, or enjoy the great outdoors.

    - Laura Meadows
  • Bucks lake, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    A little piece of heaven in paradise
    - John
  • Buda, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Buda is a rapidly growing community with a smal town "Y'All spoken here attitude." We have lots to offer tourists as well as those who want a gret small town to raise a family. In Buda we like to say , "Breath Easy Here!" From small businesses to large corporations we have a variety busineses to meet your needs. Come visit us and see for yourself. You will be glad you did!
    - Athena Tyner
  • Buena Vista, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Nestled in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley at almost 8,ooo' elevation, between the Collegiate Peaks and the Mosquitos mountain ranges, Buena Vista more than lives up to its Spanish name. The river is one of the hottest white water rafting venues in America, and five over-14,000' peaks draw hikers, climbers, explorers (seeking semi-precious gems)and cyclists. Main Street boasts storefronts from the Victorian era where one finds excellent restaurants and a bistro, a fine bakery, a distillery, a historic tavern, a first-class art gallery, a kayak/sporting goods operation and a locally-owned coffee house offering freshly-baked pastries along with its superb hand-roasted coffees. Art/music/sports/food festivals abound, and BV is home to the superb Walden Chamber Music Society which brings in world-class musicians each season. With friendly residents, fine schools and churches, Buena Vista adds up to far more than a "good view."
    - Johnetta Proctor
  • Buffalo Gap, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    With a population of 460ish it has more to do than most cities...fine dining (, low-key dining (Lola's), antique and art shops...a HUGE once a month flea market and annual wine and cheese festival. A historic village that hosts almost weekly lectures on a wide variety of topics. It is home to a rehab center that is frequented by the rich and famous - who are left alone by the locals... An eclectic group of housing - from mansions to run-down mobile homes...But everyone there is friendly and offers much Texas hospitality...
    - Mary Ward
  • Buffalo, WY
    Why it's the coolest
    Historical wild west town at the foot of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains. Real cowboys live here!
    - Judy Keith
  • Burgaw, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Many of the residents have never been out of state and when you say the word "BBQ" in Burgaw, NC, everyone knows that you are getting ready to cook a pig on an open pit. The local drug store, Dees Drugs, still has the best ice cream in town. Burgaw has also been the backdrop for movies and many of the residents don't recognize the name of the stars that are in it. Whether you are a local, famous movie star, or a visitor, you are sure to receive a smile and come back soon from the residents of a little town whose name means "Mud Hole."
    - Regina Machine
  • Burlington, VT
    Why it's the coolest
    Right on gorgeous Lake Champlain, loaded with great restaurants, the arts, colleges, medical center, sports, Church Street Marketplace outdoor cafes,coffee houses, bikepath, boathouse,jazzfest, flynn theater, flynnspace blackbox theater, dragonboats, dive shop, Echo science center, University museum,plus it's near Ben and Jerry's, Shelburne Farms Shelburne museum and Magic Hat Brewery...for starters...!
    - Barbara Volz
  • Burnet, TX
    Why it's the coolest

    Steeped in history and awash with breathtaking natural attractions and scenic vistas, this little Texas town is the destination for visitors from across the country. Burnet was named as the OFFICIAL BLUEBONNET CAPITAL OF TEXAS by the Texas Legislature because of the magnificent display of the State flower that grows wild in almost every nook and cranny each spring. A giant 12’ bluebonnet sculpture welcomes visitors to the annual Bluebonnet Festival which attracts as many as 30,000 visitors each year. But, it’s the people of Burnet who make it special. This community of 6,000 raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to support a number of worthy causes including a scholarship for every single high school senior who chooses to further their education, and funding for a traveling health center to provide low cost or free health care to children across the county. Come experience the coolest town in Texas. Experience Burnet.

    - Crista Bromley
  • Burton, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Small Quaint businesses that are sold worldwide, Century Village, Every weekend a festival, Amish Country, Maple Country, Apple Festival, Ghosts of Burton, Bed and breakfasts, Great Restaurants and food, Near to Cleveland.
    - Patricia Kellogg
  • Cable, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Because people sell pop from machines on their porch. Because we have rockets & ufos in one backyard. Because we have llamas, goats, chickens, cows, pigs, donkeys, horses, dogs & cats. Because I am the 4th Generation of my family to live here, and because life on the patio in the summertime in Cable is wonderful !
    - Bob Moline
  • Calico Rock, AR
    Why it's the coolest
    I lived in this little town for 8 years and loved it!It's claim to fame is,it's the only town in the U.S.where a living community has surounded and preserved a ghost town.The bluffs overlooking the river are where the town got it's name.It's laid back,beautiful,and friendly.A one of a kind town that I think of often and miss.Float trips on the White river,swimming on Piney Creek and hikng in the woods.The town is bars.So everyone there has figured out different ways to entertain themselves.Check it won't be sorry!
    - Kathy
  • Califon, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a small, beautiful hamlet in the Hunterdon Hills with the beautiful South Branch of the Raritan River running through it. Quaint shops, biking/hiking trails, fishing. What is not to love.
    - Nadine Fotta
  • Calistoga, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Mud baths in the famous wine country (Napa Valley) and cute little boutiques! It can't get much better then that!
    - Lindsey Taylor
  • Cambria, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Wineries, boutique shops, incredible restaurants, micro breweries, wonderful small hotels, Moonstone beach, Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, biking, kayaking, fishing, surfing. Who could ask for more!?!?!?!
    - Shawn S. Hjelmeland
  • Cambridge, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    Awesome downtown Wonderful Victorian architecture Terrific, unspoiled countryside Water everywhere
    - Barbara Bose
  • Camden, ME
    Why it's the coolest

    Where else can you alpine ski overlooking the ocean, enjoy one of the few 5 star libraries in the country, tour a historic downtown while scanning QR codes with your mobile device to learn about that spot's history, and shop at dozens of unique, locally owned businesses after dining at some of the finest restaurants in the country? Camden, Maine...where the mountains meet the sea!

    - Brian S. Hodges
  • Camden, SC
    Why it's the coolest
    Horse racing, boating, great shopping, friendly people
    - Vonda Cox
  • Canal Winchester, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Close in proximity but very far in feel from the crowded streets and hectic pace of the nearby state capital of Columbus, Canal Winchester, OH (pop.7,101) is an oasis of trendy businesses, historic scenery, and crowd-pleasing events making it one of the coolest small towns in the nation. Looking like a "Hollywood" version of the quintessential American town, "C.W." makes the perfect setting for seasonal events such as the annual Art Stroll, Farmers' Market, local athletics, Blues & RibFest, Labor Day Festival, & Christmas in the Village celebrations to name a few. Canal Winchester has always respected its heritage ...but not too seriously. We have learned that "cutting edge" and legacy can not only co-exist but create an irresistible blended charm that neither can generate by themselves. Please don't accept our admittedly biased word on this - see our video at!
    - Bruce Jarvis
  • Canandaigua, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Canandaigua Lake, Finger Lakes college Cmac, Culinary center(Wegmans-Sands) Inn on the Lake,Pier, Kershaw park, Sonnenburg Gardens, lots of antique markets downtown, shops of art gallerys, Wegmans organic farm on W.Lake rd where they live, Finger LakesRacetrack-casino Bristol Mts ski resort, and friendly loving people<3
    - Debe Koch
  • Canisteo, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Famous sign made out of trees on the hill
    - Kate
  • Cannon Beach, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful beach town with great food, shopping and art. Only 90 minutes from Portland, but feels worlds away.
    - Bob Bissen
  • Canton, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    We are the City of Lights
    - Rosrucus Ross
  • Canton, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Our town has the best of the best winery Gervasi which in just the most beautiful place.Rices Nursery who have won national and ohio awards.Eagles nest cafe who will make you the best cup of coffee you could ask for.Friendly people , good and smiling faces
    - Denise McDannold
  • Cape Canaveral, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Cape Canaveral is close to Airports Orlando, Cruise Ships, Wild life, Beaches and so many great things to be enjoyed here. Fishing and mantee watching is a must along with surfing, Port Canaveral, Jetty Park and so much more Try it and you will love it.
    - Connie
  • Capitola, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    On the Esplanade, you can eat, drink, listen and do karaoke on the shore of Monterey Bay. It's in Capitola Village, where there're marvelous little shops with mostly pedestrian traffic and a beach motel that looks like it's on the Riviera in the '20s, all in the shadow of an old-fashioned railroad trestle. Most businesses throughout town are local and the people are genuinely nice (we brake for cross-walkers and wave in other cars in traffic), liberal and Earth-minded (there're bike paths everywhere and for many that's their primary transportation; for some others it's a skateboard). We're four miles from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, we're near lots of live music venues, and, of course, some of the best beaches and best surfing in the world.
    - Dave Moseley
  • Carbondale, CO
    Why it's the coolest

    Regardless of itinerary or length of stay, Carbondale is home to spectacular arts, great dinning and eclectic shopping as well as fun community events and consistently rewarding entertainment. We just received the Governor's Art Award. Continuing to draw recognition as a culinary hotspot, Carbondale offers cuisine from ethnic and multicultural to sustainable and award winning. Downtown Carbondale offers a variety of storefronts to keep shoppers busy all day. Meander a block or two outside downtown to find antiques and local, handmade items, including felt work, quilts, and handmade lotions and soaps, and of course, as an official adventure town, Carbondale has all the bike and ski shops, snowboard and sk8 gear, and the required retail spots dedicated to the trail runner and the angler, as any good Base Camp to adventure should. The picturesque town of Carbondale is located 170 miles west of Denver, 12 miles from Glenwood Springs, and 30 miles from Aspen in the heart of Colorado's central Rocky Mountains. There is plenty to do here in the spring and summer months, and the Carbondale area offers a variety of comfortable lodging options, great casual and exquisite fine dining, creative arts and spectacular entertainment, and intriguing historical areas.

    - Maura Masters
  • Carlisle, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    It's a big little town. Great college (Dickenson), 2nd oldest U.S. Army installation (Carlisle Barracks), the car shows, the music events, easy drive to DC, Baltimore, New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, the friendly people, a grewat slice of Americana.
    - Michael Kolar
  • Carlsbad, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Quaint, best surf town anywhere!!!
    - Ryan Benson
  • Carlsbad, NM
    Why it's the coolest
    Where else in New Mexico do you have a georgous river right in the middle of town. Home of Carlsbad Caverns National Park and the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park. Truly the most friendly people in our small community. Home of Christmas on the Pecos- voted as a top 100 must see event by the American Bus Associaion 10 years in a row...
    - Lisa Boeke
  • Carlton, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Carlton Is the coolest small town because we have a strong community and a wide variety of some of the beat wine in the world made in the area.
    - Natasha Webster
  • Carlyle, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Carlyle is home to the LARGEST man-made lake in the STATE OF ILLINIOS.
    - Maria Peterson
  • Carmel-by-the-sea, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    With a population of only 3,787, the tourists always outnumber the locals. With the beautiful beach, quant shops, world class hotels and restaurants and great shopping, you can't beat it.The nearby towns of Big Sur, Pebble Beach and Monterey, make a visit to the Monterey Peninsula a unforgettable experience.
    - e goren
  • Carmel, IN
    Why it's the coolest
    Hip, fun, sophisticated, swagger and a newborn on the outskirts of Indy.
    - Howard Fox
  • Carpinteria, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    It's a small beach town, hasn't changed much in generations. Love it.
    - Barbara
  • Carrabelle, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Carrabelle is like the "Old Florida" and you feel like you stepped back in time. Shrimp boats line the Riverfront, fresh seafood,the friendliest people, pure Southern Hospitality and it is the perfect getaway. Visit for info, video and photos.
    - Sheila Hauser
  • Carriere, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Great country town and living =-)
    - Jennifer
  • Casper, WY
    Why it's the coolest
    We have a ski resort within 20 miles, fishing, hunting, hiking and the best lakes.
    - Peg Thew
  • Cave City, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    Cave City is the gateway to Mammoth Cave National Park - the longest cave system in the world. And we don't just have Mammoth Cave! You can also visit Onyx Cave and see where the outlaw Jesse James hid out in Outlaw Cave. Visit over 150 life size dinosaurs in an outdoor museum and take home authentic fossils from a fossil dig at Dinosaur World. You can ride the longest twin zipline and glide down a mountain at Kentucky Action Park. You can take a horse back trail ride thru the national park at Jesse James Riding Stables. You can see a wild west town including a gunfight at Guntown Mountain. The downtown antique district holds many treasures. In addition to this fun stuff, you can hold a meeting in a top class convention center and enjoy some local cusine. All in a town of about 3,000!
    - Nicole Randall
  • Cave Creek, AZ
    Why it's the coolest
    It’s not often you can find a town like Cave Creek, Arizona that has preserved its wild west character so well after more than 100 years especially when its located so close to rapidly growing cities like Scottsdale and Phoenix. Cave Creek may be located in the desert, but it is probably the most beautiful desert there is. The town continues to grow and yet we keep the small town feel. We have many hang outs including many unique shops including the Lazy Lizard and many others, some of which are located in Frontier Town. Then there's C4 (Cave Creek Coffee Company), and restaurants to visit including Harold's, Big Earl's (which was featured in a movie) The Hideaway, The Buffalo Chip Saloon and The Horney Toad Restaurant. Our buildngs are beautiful, "westerny" and mostly blend in to our landscape. We celebrate Fiesta Days and Wild West Days every year. Cave Creek has a heart and so does it's residents.
    - Marnie Robbins
  • Cedar Bluff, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    People are friendly and they want to help those that do not have a job with a food bank. It is a clean beautiful town on Lake Weiss
    - Becky Estell
  • Cedarburg, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Historic buidlings, small shops that you walk down the street to see, good food places and great coffee shops. Small and friendly. Nice place to sit and relax.
    - Sherry
  • Cedar City, UT
    Why it's the coolest
    We have the best of everything....sunny days summer and winter....fresh,clean,mountain air....Festival City USA...cultural events weekly and more...the Utah Shakespearean Festival(which features musicals and other dramatic shows) won the Tony award in 2001 for best regional theatre...a wonderful university...skiing, hiking,National Parks to the north,south,east and west...Interfaith Council...a Messiah production that has been done totally by locals for over 60 years,our own orchestra....low crime rate..we wat h out for our neighbors....Never gets real hot or real cold. Purfect!
    - Judy Higbee
  • Cedar Keys, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Just an old fishing village that has lots of old artifacts. It was the center of the civil war. It has so much history in it, needs to be checked into.
    - Myles Smith
  • Ceede, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Great sceneray and amazing people
    - todd barnes
  • Celebration, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Very charming, great downtown area restaurants and shops, fountains, well manicured lawns and classy area
    - Kevin
  • Century Hall, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    - Home of Built of Barnwood
    - Teresa Sliwinski
  • Charles Town, WV
    Why it's the coolest
    It's a town rich in history and charm!
    - Charity Beth Long
  • Charlevoix, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    The most beautiful view of not only Lake charlevoix, but Lake Michigan as well!
    - Elaine Pascoe
  • Chatham, MA
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a small, quaint fishing town. Old, gorgeous steeple churches, a downtown you'll fall in love with. The nicest people you'll ever meet. Great shops and restaurants downtown, including a great place for pastries and lunch sandwiches, called "Chatham Cookware". Great, beautiful beaches, nice sand, pituresque town.
    - Linda Bohman
  • Chelan, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    Chelan is the coolest because: 1. The city of 4,000 residents sits at the tip of Lake Chelan, a beautiful 50-mile long lake that's used for all kinds of watersports including ski boats, hydroplanes, sail boats, paddle boards, fishing, swimming, etc. 2. 22 fabulous wineries, many award winners, and vineyards are within minutes of Chelan and the area is a recognized AVA. 3. Chelan's downtown core includes a variety of unique shops and restaurants, the state's oldest continuously running movie theatre (the Ruby) and a still-in-use log church that is over 100 years old. Flower baskets hang throughout town in the summer and fabulous ice sculptures take shape in January during Winterfest. 4. Thousands of visitors flock to Chelan to enjoy 300 days of sunshine. The majority come during the summer, but we are also known for cross country skiing & snowmobiling. Hotels, condos, rental homes and B&Bs provide home away from home for guests.
    - Cindy Salazar
  • Chelsea, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    Chelsea is small town charm...the people are amazing, the schools incredible, and the football fierce!
    - Donna Bowles
  • Chesapeake City, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    Chesapeake City is really a small friendly town divided by the narrow busy canal and joined by a rainbow-shaped bridge that allows ships of great size to pass under its arch. The south side of town is where visitors will find the nationally registered historic district, the Canal Museum, boutique-style shops,B & Bs, and the majority of restaurants and taverns. The north side offers a newly re-opened historic waterfront restaurant and transient marina. The town ferry transports north and south side walkers in season. Summer weekends bring live music concerts in the band-shell, and picnics in the park. Old-fashioned ice cream delights can be enjoyed on canal-side picnic tables. After the sun goes down, night life picks up with choices of fine or casual dining and two lively waterfront Tiki bars, where both locals and out-of-towners gather. Pleasure boats and mega-yachts fill the town’s marinas and the yummy Maryland Blue Crab is plentiful
    - carla Miners
  • Chester, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Chester nj is cool because it is one of the few towns iin New Jersey with both old and new down town feel. The town is filled with small shops owned by individuals dedicated to making the shopping district special by providing events through out the year open to both the locals and visitors alike. From a huge Halloween parade open to all children to a muscle car show to raise money for charity the town buzzing through out the year. The fall is a special time for the town which is surrounded by family farms which offer hay rides, corn mazes , apple and pumpkin picking. every October the business association sponsors an October harvest festival featuring pumpkin painting, a scarecrow contest and a pet costume parade. During the holiday season free horse and carriage rides carry visitors through the town. Many of the local businesses are pet friendly and it is not unusual to see a dogs of all shapes and sizes strolling through town.
    - Susan Nagel- rees
  • Chestertown, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    You get your newspaper at the shoe store and your veggies at a gas station. Chestertown has the tenth oldest college in the U.S., Washington College, and has many beautiful examples of Colonial, Federal, and Victorian architecture right on the Chester River. We have great coffee shops and eateries and celebrate First Fridays every month. I love Chestertown!
    - Catherine
  • Chincoteague, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    This town has a famous history, that of the pony Misty. The famous Pony Penning brings thousands to the island every year. There are fabulous little eateries, like Woody's BBQ and Mr Whippy's ice cream. This town has so much character that can't be described in words.
    - Wendi Luffman
  • City of Oconomowoc, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Oconomowoc is a great place to live and raise a family. The community is strategically located between Milwaukee and Madison, and is surrounded by many lakes and natrual amenities. The community has great access to health care, educational opportunities, and activities. There are always things to do, whether it is live music at many of the downtown establishments, free concerts and movies in the parks, events & parades downtown, walks around the lake, summer & winter farmers markets, or take in a show at the Oconomowoc Arts Center or attend community theatre at Theater on Main. The Downtown was recently reconstructed and continues to live up to its goal of becoming the "Heart of Lake Country". At the downtown gateway, you are greeted by a sculpture that sybolizes the 5 O's in the City's name, and at night it is illuminated in colors to represent the critical community elements: Lakes, Heritage,People, Vibrancy & Creativity. New businessand revitalization continues to occur and there are plans to construct a new community center on the shores of Lac La Belle for all residents to enjoy. I highly recommend Oconomowoc, where Life Comes Naturally Here!
    - Bob Duffy
  • Claremont, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    5 College Town- great campuses to wander around plus wonderful downtown with vibrant stores and farmer's market! All this and easy commute to LA on Metrolink if you want to combine small town experience with large city.
    - Claire Bruges
  • Claremont, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    It's the little town that could! Progressive Spurhern town with a memory for its history.
    - Kathy goodson
  • Clarinda, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    Pretty,well kept town. It is built around a square with the co. Court house in the middle. It is centrally located between 3 cities of Omaha, NE., DES Moines, IA., and Kansas City, MO all just 2 hrs from us! It is the birth place of the Big Band Musician Glen Miller and we have a week long celebration the 2nd week each year in June where people from all over the world comes to listen to big band music of that era...
    - Deb williams
  • Clarkdale, AZ
    Why it's the coolest
    It is one-hundred years old this year and the 1st master planned community in Arizona and a treasure on the Verde River. With a wonderful old gazebo in our downtown park.
    - Robyn Prud'homme-Bauer
  • Clarkesville, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    With over 10 downtown restaurants, a new music venue and a nightlife like no other small town, the city of Clarkesville IS the coolest city! With more Facebook fans than residents, this City has seen a tremendous surge in its arts and music scene, making it the hotspot of Northeast Georgia!
    - Mary BethHorton
    Why it's the coolest
  • Clayton, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    It's the ultimate small town USA .. Love living here!!
    - Becky
  • Clear Lake, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    Clear Lake, Iowa is the home of the historic Surf Ballroom, the site of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson's last performance. The Surf hosts big name bands on a regular basis and celebrates "The Day the Music Died" every February. In addition to The Surf, Clear Lake is built around a 3,600 acre lake, bringing in tourists from all over the country. Weekly summer activities in City Park, regular festivals throughout the year, boutique shopping at its finest, and unique restaurants makes Clear Lake, Iowa clearly one of the best small towns in America.
    - Stacy Doughan
  • Cleveland, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    A great mix of music and art, small town charm combined with higher education opportunities.
    - Robin Boyles
  • Cleveland, TN
    Why it's the coolest
    Historical District,Minutes from Ocoee White water rafting and Mts,3 Colleges.
    - R.Ostrowski
  • Clifton, AZ
    Why it's the coolest
    From Long Horn Sheep on the ground to Golden Eagles in the Sky, Clifton Arizona offers rivers, valleys, mountains and trails. Come for a visit, spend a lifetime.
    - Akos Kovach
  • Clifton Forge, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Coolest Small Towns in America 2012 nominations for Budget Travel magazine had 78,524 votes with 2,108 comments in support of 646 towns, their biggest turnout ever! Clifton Forge came in #9th with 1,163 votes with 80 comments; following are some of those comments: In a three year period, our town has come from a sleepy, nearly dying, old railroad community, to a rejuvenated small town in attitude, appearance and innovative community projects....we are once again very much alive. Clifton Forge, VA is Small Town America at its best. Tucked away in the Alleghany Highlands, people who come here to visit soon find themselves wanting to move here permanently. It is a charming walk everywhere town where you can meet and greet your friends and neighbors on every corner. Business owners KNOW you! Think about that! I LOVE Clifton Forge. This is an amazing little town tucked in the beautiful mountains of western Virginia. The downtown buildings are being filled by a variety of new businesses which host great food and crafts. It is really on resurgence...and very exciting to see. The town is bordered by many wonderful outdoor venues. Douthat State Park and a variety of rivers for great fishing and kayaking just to name a few. Clifton Forge is a beautiful little town in the Alleghany is full of life and culture and has a remarkable appreciation for the arts. The people here truly care about their town and community and are making constant strides to enjoy and elevate, from a weekly farmers market to a thriving art school to a state-of-the-art theatre restoration project. It's the coolest! We are so glad we chose to retire to the Alleghany Highlands. The people here have been so welcoming and generous, we are home. We love the Jackson River and the mountains. We are enamored of the town of Clifton Forge and can't get over sheer number of architectural gems to be found here. Come see for yourself. Visit the Arts and Crafts Center, the Historic Masonic Theater and the C&O Historical Society Archives and Railroad Museum in downtown Clifton Forge. Nearby is Virginia’s oldest standing covered bridge and stunning Falling Springs waterfall, described by Thomas Jefferson as a "remarkable cascade . . . falling over a rock about 200 feet to the valley below." Clifton Forge--A place to call home, even if you move away; a place to call home, even if you were born elsewhere; a sit-on-your porch, wave-at-your neighbor kind of town (and everyone is your neighbor); a walk-down-Main Street and see-someone-who-will-make-you-smile kind of town; a get-involved, festival-filled, parade-pledge of allegiance, celebrate-life-kind of town. Clifton Forge--A place to call home, even if you move away; a place to call home, even if you were born elsewhere; a sit-on-your porch, wave-at-your neighbor kind of town (and everyone is your neighbor); a walk-down-Main Street and see-someone-who-will-make-you-smile kind of town; a get-involved, festival-filled, parade-pledge of allegiance, celebrate-life-kind of town. At the Clifton Forge School of the Arts you can take classes in knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, painting, drawing, weaving, hand spinning, playing the recorder, piano, guitar, jazz dance, stained glass, blacksmithing, storytelling, creative writing, photography, beading, appliqué, macramé, paper mache, mosaics, yard and garden art and drumming. Clifton Forge Main Street, Inc. a non-profit organization working to improve the historic downtown of Clifton Forge for economic and cultural reasons. In 1992 a group of local volunteers created an entity that, with the support of the town, could work toward preservation and enhancement of the downtown area. The Clifton Forge of the future is once again "scenic, busy, friendly!" Come visit! Clifton Forge is aiming for a Trifecta: Lewisburg, WVA (has already won); Clifton Forge, VA (hopes to win) & Lexington, VA. (has already won) THREE Budget Travel Cool Small Town Winners nestled on a 60 mile stretch of the Historic Midland Trail in the Alleghany Highlands. Plus TWO National Resorts nearby: The Greenbrier & The Homestead and Douthat State Park, VA, voted one of America's top ten state parks. A tourist’s delight
    - Biff Downey
  • Clifton Park, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Low taxes, variety of entertainment possibilities and close to major cities.
    - Ben
  • Clifton Springs, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Clifton Springs has become a town rich with history and trying to remain current while maintaining the small town atmosphere. One of the prominent mainstays in the town is the old hospital which was turned into senior citizen housing. Downtown storefronts are charming and the downtown houses many small businesses as well as a fine dining eatery. The town's culture is continued through many events such as the yearly Sulpher Springs Festival. The train station has been restored to be the town library and an adjacent park has been well maintained and renamed in the honor of a noted citizen of town. Small town values that are appealing for people to raise their children in, and appealing to all generations as a desirable place to live.
    - Cindy Porter
  • Clinton, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    It has a huge movement happening from our community members to be nostalgic and have more family friendly events such as the Lumber Jack & Jill events at the Sawmill Museum, The 4th of July family picnic all day events and activities for fireworks, Finally Friday free concerts in the summer on our riverfront, We also have a blow-up movie screen with free monthly movies on our riverfront during the summer. These are just the kid friendly events we have many more. Live, Work, Play, Stay in Clinton, Iowa!
    - Meggan Judd-Cant
  • Clinton, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    We have downtown clinton full of little stores that are the best ever!!! Great little coffee shops, awesome little restaurant and lovely dress shops! Its always buzzing with life!
    - shelley
  • Clinton, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Local ties, small family businesses galore, scenic, quaint, and one of the friendliest towns in New Jersey!
    - Brett Curry
  • Clintonville, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Clintonville is a trendy neighborhood within Columbus,OH with an old time feel of "community". There are wonderful small shops and restaurants independently owned. The homes are 100+ years old and everyone knows their neighbors. The houses sit close together, and people actually sit out on their front porches. The Clintonville community is so popular that most homes sell within 10 days of listing!
    - Linda
  • Cloudcroft, NM
    Why it's the coolest

    Cloudcroft is the "Cool" place to be. Sitting at 9000 feet above stress level Cloudcroft is one of the few tourist towns that can boast, No Stop lights, No fast food and no stress! We are truly a Four Seasons Playground - Temperatures in the Cool 70's during the summer, beautiful fall colors, skiing, inner tubing, cross country skiing and ice skating in the winter!

    - Belinda Bailey
  • Coarsegold, CA
    Why it's the coolest
  • Cocoa beach, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    safe, quiet, people and bicycle friendly,large beaches with great waves, almost like mayberry, many mom and pop restaurants limited chain establishments making the city family owned. travel through out the town on the trolly, no car needed and if you want to go to disney many rental cars and tours are available. laid back margaritaville style. What vacation is meant to be, relax when you come to cocoa beach leave your worry's behind. Hakunamatata!
    - maureen straub
  • Cody, WY
    Why it's the coolest
    52 miles from Yellowstone National park, a Western museum that rivals any other, and a peaceful setting unlike other small towns, Cody is a gateway for explorers and history buffs alike.
    - Christopher Montville
  • Coeur d'Alene, ID
    Why it's the coolest
    Huge, long lake with tons of activities, but still quiet & peaceful. Tons of vacation rentals on the water: CDA lake or the Spokane River which feeds it right in town. You cannot beat this place. 4 seasons of activities, but it never gets as cold or miserable as Chicago or NY.
    - Cheryl Kerr
  • Cohocton, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    It's surrounded by beautiful lakes and scenery. The small businesses and friendliness of the community make it great. It also hosts the Fall Foliage Festival every year in October. A great small town with a lot of history!
    - Sierra
    Why it's the coolest
    Great old whaling town
    - maross
  • Cold Spring, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    It's right on the Hudson River, with amazing views of the Hudson Highlands. Wonderful restaurants, antique shops, stores with outdoor gear, ice cream has something for everyone. There are lots of great buildings and houses dating back to the 1800's, with some of them on the National Register of Historic Places.
    - Kim
  • Collegeville, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    If I cannot drive my car one day, I will be able to walk to all businesses and restaurants. It's a quaint little college town that is beginning to grow its Main Street.
    - Karen McCaslin
  • Collingswood, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Small own atmosphere near a major ciy.
    - Joe
  • Columbia Falls, MT
    Why it's the coolest
    It is the gateway to Glacier National Park
    - Brad
  • Columbia, MS
    Why it's the coolest

    it was the first state Capitol, they have a thriving main street, pioneer makes the parachutes for the military. main street has lots of activities, beach, tailgate, Easter egg hunt, parades, Christmas lights, ecc. they have a old theater, you just need to visit , also Foxworth and morgantown is part of Marion county and red bluff is in Marion county

    - Sherron Davis
  • Columbus, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    I love our little farm hamlet of Columbus the first Columbus in the United States of America!...Home of Golden Artist Colors, Unadilla Race Track, Thunder Ridge and Chobani Yogurt along with many small home businesses, artists tucked away in the back roads and the Deer Path Restaurant,Norton Park where we celebrate with a Harvest Festival and Tractor Pull every year. We have beautiful farms, two historical Churches,an old hotel that is being restored, an old historical Town Hall with it's war memorial standing so proudly upon the hill looking down along the roads lined with barrels of beautiful flowers and American flags waving in the wind.No traffic lights and the friendliness that people dream of.Rolling hills and beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see.Yes we do have a piece of heaven right here on earth!
    - Susie Homann Miele
  • Condon, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Condon is the town where everyone knows your name. It's the small community that comes together when one's in need. It's the place you can run to the local coffee shop (an old diner-style building converted into a gift shop and fountain) and enjoy a handcrafted beverage while you shop, or get it to go and drive out to the wheat fields surrounding the close-in population of 700 for an escape. Just north are the famed fossil beds, where one can actually dig up a unique fossil and a scenic mountain drive.Just south is the Colombia River gorge, a winery and hunting lodge. Condon has recently renovated all of Historic Main Street's building fronts, and the place has a specific charm you can't really know until you walk along it's perfectly paved paths, pop in for a beer at the local watering hole, grab a burger at the Twist & Shake Drive-in, dive in for a swim at the local pool and then treat yourself to a room at Historic Hotel Condon.
    - Jessica Hill
  • Cooperstown, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    No fast foods, only one red light, beautiful grounds, lovely homes and a beauitful lake. It is the home of the Leatherstocking tales. Also the home of the best donuts on earth.
    - Joan stowell
  • Corning, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Home to Corning glass museum
    - Michael
  • Corrales, NM
    Why it's the coolest
    Irrigation ditch road trails throughout the village are used for jogging, bicycling and riding horses. People own all kinds of animals, horses, donkeys, llamas, cattle, goats, etc. and some stores and restaurants have hitching posts. We have a great Growers Market during the late spring through fall, where you can buy your green chili and have it roasted. Signs at the entrance to the village declare "Coyotes Live Here," and "Drive Slowly, See our Village, Drive Fast, See Our Judge." In the fall, huge, beautiful Sand Hill Cranes hang out in the corn fields after harvest. Rio Grande river runs through the village bosque.
    - Melissa Hill
  • Cotati, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    It's the music capital of Sonoma County. it's a thriving community for musicians. There are outside restaurants and coffee bars.
    - David Mattea
  • Coupeville on Whidbey Island, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    Coupeville is not only a very unique town as it sits in the heart of a National Historical Reserve but rich in history. It is one of the oldest communities in the state, has great shops, restaurants and unique B&B's. Stroll along Puget Sound's oldest Wharf visit the Museum and Blockhouse. Coupeville is famous for its Penn Cove Mussels and each restaurant has its unique way of cooking them, one of our restaurants has 14 different Mussel dishes! We have the greatest coffee house at the end of the Wharf called Local Grown, and don't forget to try the famous orange cinnamon rolls at Knead and Feed or the delicious Pecan Rolls from the Mosquito Fleet! You cannot leave town without a visit to Kapaws our local ice cream shop. Visit during one of our unique Festivals, come and enjoy an old fashioned Parade there's something for everyone. r
    - Lynda Eccles
  • Covington, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    Covington is known as the Hollywwod of the South because of its constant use in movies and television shows. It is picturesque and historic and has houses that rival the famous antebellum mansions in Natchez. The people are very friendly and the restaurants are amazing! Stay in an 1836 antebellum mansion that was the inspiration for Twelve Oaks in Gone With the Wind (The Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast) or grab an ice cream cone and sit in a rocking chair I overlooking the historic square.
    - Nicole
  • Crandon, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    We are the coolest due to all the little events that we have every year such as Art in the Square and Kentuck days. Our town is very proud of its Kentuck ancestry and have many great little shops that has something for everyone.
    - Katie See
  • Creede, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    It is the place to be! When silver mining was no longer an option the town got together and created a visitors paradise in the middle of paradise. What is now an award winning repertory theatre was brought to life years ago by miners who chose to stay and fight for their small town to live and thrive. Unique shops and galleries line the streets along with fantastic eateries such as Far Dog, Kip's Grill, MJ's Cafe and many more. Our area and town is so cool, the Lone Ranger movie with Johnny Depp was partially filmed here! You will have to visit to understand why Creede and Mineral County is the place to be.
    - Della Brown
  • Creede, DE
    Why it's the coolest
    Mountain town with artisy flair and cool theater!
    - Wendy
  • Crested Butte, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Friendly, hard working residents, variety of shoppes, good schools, outdoor activities all year around (skiing, hiking, mountain biking), mountain vistas, wild flowers, and wild life. Once a supply town for miners, with many historic buildings from the late 19th century.
    - G. D. Biery
  • Crook, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    The BEST people who treat everyone like family!
    - Lee Neubauer
  • Crouch, ID
    Why it's the coolest
    It's the best little town for many reasons,the main one is the community and the way people come together to help each other.
    - Ann Coy
  • Crystal Springs, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Crystal Springs is surrounded by beautiful woodlands and green growth and lakes and streams that just screams comfort. It also contains the fondest memories I have of family, friends, and fellowship with God.
    - Micki Freels
  • Culpeper, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Historic town with incredible dining options, including: Foti's It's About Thyme Lucio's Baby Jim's A very cute downtown area full of shops and restaurants with a great wine shop and a Belgian chocolate and cheese store. Not far from Skyline Drive (scenic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains) and Luray Caverns. In the middle of horse country with many horse races during the spring. Less than an hour drive from Charlottesville, VA, and historic sites such as Montpelier and Monticello.
    - Tiffany Luck
  • Cumberland, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Love the area and how quiet that town is.
    - Christine
  • Cumberland, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful little town, nestled into the Cascade Mountains. Slow paced laid back timber/mining town of the past. Has a Fire Station, Tavern, Crocery Store and an Antique Store at the old Gas staion. Railroad tracks still running thru town. Green Evergreen Forest, Deep Lake Park and Camping grounds all nestled in with the wildlife, and down the road we have a beautiful Green River Gorge. Lived there 12 yrs and it was so quiet and friendly. Then a few miles away, you have the picturiscue "Mt. Rainier ". Nothing as beautiful as that !
    - Debbie Little
  • Cummaquid, MA
    Why it's the coolest
    Small friendly town awesome beaches
    - DebCote
  • Dadeville, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    Old Town with Courthouse square located on beautiful Lake Martin with some of the sweetest people around waiting to say hi y'll
    - J Carl Kelly
  • Dahlonega, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    Site of America's first major gold rush, historic Dahlonega is a picturesque town tucked in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, complete with unique shops, great restaurants, canoeing, kayaking and tubing in the Chestatee and Etowah Rivers, horseback riding,wine-tasting and golf.
    - Kathleen
  • Damariscotta, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Restaurants, pubs, artists, Round Top Ice Cream, Victorian Stables, Pumpkin Fest, Damsriscotta River, Damariscotta Lake, Pemaquid Lake, Biscay Pond and the Atlantic Ocean close by! Great schools, little crime and clean air! Only an hour to Portland or Augusta or Rockland. We're a little town witb a small city feel. And unlike many meetings coastal towns,we're open all year roind!round
    - Ann McFarland
  • Dandridge, TN
    Why it's the coolest
    Lovely downtown on the lake and near the mountains. Close to bustling Sevier and Knox counties without any of the hassle.
    - Stacy
  • Dansville, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    we have the Castile on the hill,witch people think is hunted. the fist red cross what founded here and we even have a street named after the famous Clara Barton.
    - stevie
  • Danville, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Home-town of several celebrities, including Dick and Jerry Van Dyke and Gene Hackman, actors. In the heart of eastern downstate Illinois almost on the Indiana/ Illinois line. Has a history going back to the Native Americans and was historically a "booming" city once larger than Chicago to the north, due to the presence of both rivers and a source of natural salt.
    - Laura B. Robinson
  • Danville, IN
    Why it's the coolest
    Danville hosts summer concerts on the square. Our old movie theater on the square is still open and runs current movies. Fall brings the Scarecrows on the Square and Apple Fest.
    - Bill Barfield
  • Danville, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    Best place to grow up and live...has a little something of everything for everyone!
    - Ginger Sanders White
  • Darlington, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Darlington, rich in history, is also a community with all the amenities one would hope for while still maintaining a charming small town atmosphere. Darlington offers something for everyone, unique shopping and dining opportunities of our business district, the excitement of our summertime Sat. night stock car races, an old fashioned county fair complete with livestock and a midway, or the opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery via foot, bicycle, canoe, horse, ATV or car. We host many festivals starting in May with our annual Cinco De Mayo celebration. June features our famous Canoe Festival. July brings the Tunes at Twilight concerts in the park series. In September we host our annual Fall Festival, which is a real hometown party filled with games, food, music, hay rides and bonfires. December brings the holiday Christmas open houses and a wonderful lighted holiday parade.
    - Tammy King
  • Decatur, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    Walkable community,lots of parks, well-used library, racial diversity, friendly residents, great schools, hip restaurants, family-oriented, LGBT friendly, cool murals- many reasons for the OTP (outside the Perimeter) to venture intown
    - Laurie Kiernicki
  • Deerfield, MA
    Why it's the coolest
    One of the original outpost of the New England colonies, Deerfield Massachusetts is known for the battle of 1704 when French and Indian forces raided the settlement killing many and taking many captive and forcing them to march to Canada. Since then Deerfield has become a rural farm community and the Home of Yankee Candle Company. While the town may not boast a variety of night life options, the closeknit community is rich in heritage and a great place to raise a family. Part of the Union #38 School district it has a central elementary school and Frontier Regional High School services all of Union #38 towns.
    - Sarah Erman
  • Delhi, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    The village square could have been on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post - oh yeah, it was!!
    - Scott Thomson
  • Del Mar, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    A small village, steps from the sea, with amazing weather, over 30 independently owned restaurants, ocean views abound, outdoor cafes, unique boutiques, dog and kid friendly, 5 amazing hotels and sunsets and memories to last a lifetime.
    - Jen Grove
  • Delray Beach, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Great downtown and small town feel. People of the streets say hello and its pet friendly.
    - Lynne Lichtman
  • Deltaville, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Historical Deltaville, Va was put on the map by Capt.John Smith who explored the New World, and made it famous by almost dying here. He was stung my a common salt-water sting-ray, but did live to becaome famous. This town moved on to becoming one of the top builders of wood Cheasapeake Bay Deadrise boats, and a perfect spot for boater & sailboaters to drop in a stay a while, as they go up & down the East Coast. The town has many varity shops, local resturants and no hotel chains. The community has been hit by Hurricane, Tornados, Fires, and Northeaster Storms, and the townspeople always bounce back & go on just like Capt.John Smith did. The sense of a "real" community is always there for locals that welcome a 1,000 plus weekenders on average from all over every weekend from March to Dec. What a great community this is.
    - Nancy J
  • Denton, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    friendly walkable great B and B's waterfront crabs historic
    - Paula Greer
  • Denton, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Denton is a great big town/small city. We have a large faction of Dentonites who support locally-owned businesses and continue to fight the mass-urbanization of our community which has plagued other towns our size. Denton has two distinct unique universities, a thriving arts community, galleries, lots of events, children's activities, an award-winning library system, trails, a progressive public transit system, and a philanthropic heart. I am so glad we decided to stay in Denton after college. :)
    - Anyah Martinez
  • Denver, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Denver is the mile wide town.
    - Sunny Redcay
  • Destin, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful white sand, Blue Water, great food, Great Condos.Simply the best.
    - Roland Firmin
  • Dewey Beach, DE
    Why it's the coolest
    Just love it
    - Mary Shupp
  • Dexter, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Progressive-A nice plae to be.
    - Ron Shorton
  • D'Iberville, MS
    Why it's the coolest

    It is now the 2nd newest city in Ms. We became a city on Feb. 10, 1988.

    - Linda Davis
  • Dibeville, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    There is so much to do there! 10 mins from the beach and so much shopping!
    - Christy
  • Dixon, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Great artistic and musical events on the riverfront and downtown streets every weekend.
    - Helen Snyder
  • Dothan, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    So much history. Wonderful food and fun!!!
    - Truett
  • Downtown Cocoa Village, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Downtown Cocoa Village is THE quaint river-side community! The rich history of our buildings, now bussiling and filled with botiques, specialty shops, cafes and festive fun events always in the works. We have street performers, farmers markets, and beautiful brick and stone streets. Our crime is down, streets are clean, and the smells are always enviting!
    - Kelly Cole
  • Downtown West Palm Beach, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    The center of the “living room” of West Palm Beach, Downtown West Palm Beach is defined by its upbeat, offbeat, original mix of high-energy urban entertainment, first-class cultural offerings, eclectic architecture, graceful connections to the city’s waterfront, all flavored with 100 years of history. Located in one of the nation’s most walkable neighborhoods, this small town welcomes over 70,000 pedestrians per month. A free trolley system carries nearly 600,000 riders a year, linking the surrounding district and Tri-Rail. It’s bike and boat-friendly, with racks in convenient places and free boat dockage within walking distance. Visitors in cars will find parking along the street and in nearby garages. Add Starbucks, Twin Power Yoga and second-floor professional services businesses overlooking the street, plus hip apartments in the Harris Music Lofts, and there’s a dynamic downtown that’s hard to beat!
    - Belen Woods
  • Doylestown, PA
    Why it's the coolest

    From museums, to shops, to restaurants and bars, Doylestown has it all! On the first Friday of every month, shops stay open late, and the town comes to life with live musicians on every corner. There are also annual craft shows and activities that support and show off the talent of the local community. If you are a dog owner, Doylestown is the perfect dog-friendly town! Not only will many of the store owners spoil your dog with treats and water, but there are plenty of green spaces for your pup to run around on.

    - Jen
  • Dresden, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    We are the heart of the finger lakes, about halfway down the west side of seneca lake. We are completely surrounded by wineries and lakes. If you blink, you will miss Dresden, we are a tiny town where everyone knows everyone else (LITERALLY). Dresden is, in my eyes, the PERFECT place to raise a family, it is kid friendly, with a playground,tennis courts, basketball court, baseball diamond and a beach. If your child is out playing you can be sure everyone is keeping an eye out, the neighbors and even our town clerk keeps an eye on the kids at the playground. If you need to fill your pool, the town boys will hook a fire hose up and fill it. Neighbors always help neighbors here, and this is where people try first to rent a vacation home on our beautiful Seneca lake!
    - Jacklyn Siegrist
  • Driggs, ID
    Why it's the coolest
    We have Grand Targhee Ski Resort in our back yard, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort a short drive away, the Teton River runs right thru our little valley with some of the BEST fly fishing in the country. Tons of small mom and pop shops working HARD to stay afloat, and doing a DARN good job too. A great Rural culture of farmers and "natives" that help remind us where we came from. We have the Spud Drive in movie theater for goodness sake! Not to mention what feels like hundreds and hundreds of miles of Nordic ski trails in the winter, hiking trails in the summer and have become a SWEET destination for mountain biking races and trails. Baloon Fest in the summer, huntsman springs celebrate america events on 4th of July. Horse back outfitters, hunting outfitters and a ton of vacation rentals for folks to come in and stay a while anytime! I could go on and on about why this Valley hooked me 10 years ago, but Michigan will NEVER get me back now!
    - Monica Hoth
  • Dryden, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Dryden is the most courageous town in NY! This gorgeous valley is now legally protected from being despoiled by gas company hydrofracking! They had to withstand financial intimidation by some of the biggest multi-national energy giants in the world, who want to make a huge industrial mess out of Dryden's green fields, forests, trout streams, and farms. There may be futher litigation, but they proved that they have the big picture in mind!
    - Lindsay Groves
  • Dubuque, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    Cause there has been alot of movies filmed here
    - Dale Richardson
  • Dundee, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    The town of Dondee still have the same charm that as there in the 1950-1960
    - joseph c kelley
  • Dundee, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Awesome people, wineries, and of course blackrock speedway.
    - ray hinkle
  • Dunedin, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Really..? Check it out.!
    - Audrey
  • Dunnellon, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Quaint little town, has its own beach and post office. Near Rainbow Springs, a drugstore that sells counter cokes made from syrup, can add vanilla or cherry flavoring. On the Withlachoochee River, and lots of old, gigantic oak trees with Spanish moss. Many old cracker housed that people still live in.
    - Linda
  • Dunsmuir, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    This is the home of the best water on earth. The town was established by Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1800's. Our botanical gardens are home to classical and blues concerts. We have an active artist communit and our Art Walk is coming up in October. For those who love nature, the renowned Upper Sacramento River flows through town and we are just few miles from Mt. Shasta and the McCloud River. The town has a great sense of community; twice a year the townsfolk gather to clean the riverbanks and river of debris. We have live music on weekend nights at our brew pub and feature the finest continental cuisine in Northern California at Cafe Maddalena's restaurant.
    - Leafa Fiore
  • Duois, WY
    Why it's the coolest
    As one of the most remote towns in the lower 48 Dubois is the heart of the Continental Divide. Spectacular scenery surrounds this litle western town that sit at @7000' of elevation. Branded boardwalks, western saloons, the Rcky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Center make it a great place.
    - Barbara Sutherland
  • Dyersville, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    Despite the economy our town continues to thrive because tourists love to come here to visit the Field of Dreams, our wonderful Basilica and Toy Museum. We continue to change with the times and look to the future by adding things that make it a wonderful place to visit and even better to live in!!
    - Jeanne Coppola
  • Eagle, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Most beautiful mountain biking trails, beautiful scenery. Tons of fishing and cute little stores. It's 30 minutes from THE best skiing in the world. Great for families, tons of open space.
    - Monica Mattingly
  • Eagle River, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Scenery, shops,antiques,resorts,lakes
    - Stacy
  • Eagle River, IL
    Why it's the coolest

    Most captivating night sky in the world. And Fritz lives there.

    - Dan
  • Eagle River, WI
    Why it's the coolest

    Year round destination. Home to the largest inland chain of lakes in the world! World class fishing, snowmobiling, many festivals and a great place for families to visit and to live.

    - Kaylee Geis
  • Eagles Mere, PA
    Why it's the coolest

    It's like taking a step back in time. Love the small town atmosphere.

    - Sandy
  • Easley, SC
    Why it's the coolest
    Because we are just down home country God loving people here. There is a lot of Southern history here in our small town. We have beautiful mountains and lots to see and do here.
    - Penny Morgan
  • Easport, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Incredibly beautiful,hardworking close knit coumminty in Downeast Maine where evyone is rete likefamly.
    - Cris Suer
  • Easton, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Our historic downtown is still intact. We sit at the junction of the Lehigh AND the Delaware rivers (Can you say Shad fishing, historic silk mills, canoeing in the Delaware Water Gap, and mule-drawn canal tours?) We are the only place besides Trenton and Philadelphia that the Declaration of Independence was read aloud to the colonists after its approval. Our farmer's market is the oldest in the country at 260 years this year! We have a fantastic arts community, and a burgeoning restaurant scene. We've got the beautiful countryside with the seven hills that make up the town, and we have quirky and interesting festivals and events such as the Zucchini 500 (yes, a race), the autumn Scarecrow festival, and the Garlic festival. And you want to learn about the town and the larger Lehigh Valley and its indigenous folks? Come visit the Sigal Museum right in town. Come check it out!
    - Liz Rosen
  • Easton, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    On the eastern shore of the Chesapeake. Lots of restaurants, shops, antiques and B&B's. Very active community so there is always something going on. Historic small town full of friendly people.
    - Gretchen Seiler
  • Eastport, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    Breath Taking Views of the most friendly island. Born and raised here I wouldn't change a thing. The 2 must see events tnat our town is famous for are 4th of July celebration and The Pirate Festival on the 2nd weekend of September.
    - Karen Constant
  • Eastport, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Breathtaking views over Passamaquoddy Bay and the Western Isles of New Brunswick; a thriving cultural community; an active fishing port; authentic restaurants; many galleries and shops in a restored Historic District beside the Bay.
    - Nancy Asante
  • Edisto Beach, SC
    Why it's the coolest
    Peaceful,untouched, little commercialism, quaint and pristine beach
    - Ramelle Coker
  • Edwards, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Located in the heart of the central Colorado Rockies and in the world famous Vail Valley, home of the Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts. Edwards is a small locals town with some of the best recreational and cultural resources in America. Great 4 season weather and easy access to Denver.
    - Barry Levinson
  • Egg harbor, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    With only 250 people this town has a group very store that rivals Whole Foods, a list of top notch restaurants, pubs and coffee houses too long to me tion. Oh! and then there's the unimaginable physical beauty of the Green Bay harbor, the wildflower meadows, the cedar forests and the rich Scandinavian history. And the best for last......the happy, positive, creative and hard working townsfolk are treasures on their own! I love you Egg Harbor!!!!!!
    - Stephanie Craig-Hanewall
  • Ehrenberg, AZ
    Why it's the coolest
    Located on Colorado River across from California where Pontoon boats RULE and catfish are huge! Desert, Snowbirds, "Charlies" for cold beer and great food.
    - Vicetta Utley
  • Eldersburg, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    Very small hometown feel. People are warm and friendly.
    - Betsy Sandine
  • Elkhart Lake, WI
    Why it's the coolest

    Lakeside Resort Village with a crytal-clear lake, beautiful resorts and beaches, exceptional culinary hot spots, nationally-known Road America Road Course and offers a great vibe for visitors!

    - Kathleen Eickhoff
  • Elkins, WV
    Why it's the coolest
    Elkins has a population of around 7k, but boasts many amenities you would find in much larger towns. It has a an acute care 90 bed hospital that is doubling in size, great schools, and private liberal arts college called Davis & Elkins College. A bustling downtown full of shops, restaurants, and offices providing a unique and genuine mountain town feel. All of this plus being at the footsteps to a national forest, 3 ski resorts, countless camping, canoeing, biking, and hiking opportunities is why I believe Elkins is the coolest town in America.
    - Cody Thompson
  • Elma, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    Its a town of 800 hundred people.. But it has it own golf cource, bank, Lumber yard. Two Churches. Its got a Museuim and a library, A Grocerys,. Bike Trails all over the county taken from OLd rail road tracks..
    - David Judge
  • Elmira, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    It's filled with History, Summer home to Mark Twain, he is burried here. Home of Erinie Davis. It's a small little town with rich history.
    - Melissa Rinker
  • Enterprise, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    The small boutiques on main strees makes the town so good!
    - Marte Sjøblom
  • Ephrata, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Ephrata is a town filled with history and a community that has a lot of activities that support the arts and sports in and around the county.
    - Mary Caldwell
  • Essex, CT
    Why it's the coolest
    Two hours from both Boston and New York City, it retains the harm of an arly New England villagewith eautiful colonial hoses on theMain Street and great shopping and restaurants.
    - Jennifer Miller
  • Esterbrook, WY
    Why it's the coolest
    Esterbrook is the coolest small town for so many reasons! One of this is because it is in Converse County, the county voted with the cleanest air in the U.S.A.! It is also a town of just 30 year-round residents and boasts an amazing bar/grill named The Lodge. Insanely tasty 1# burgers! We also have the beautiful Esterbrook Community Church that has a large picture window behind the alter that faces the majestic Laramie Peak. A country store has all the necessities and so much more for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts visiting the area or camping at one of the campgrounds in the surrounding areas. The people are even more amazing than the "things" that make Esterbrook heads and tails above other communities. We help each other, our volunteer rescue and fire department is always ready to help, and we know we can depend upon each other even as our independent spirits are what brought us to this place. We are AMAZING!
    - Linda Fittje
  • Estes Park, CO
    Why it's the coolest

    Estes Park is truly a mountain village - populated with wonderful people, hundreds of small businesses and quaint shops, an amazing variety of places to stay, and endless activities for everyone - whether looking for an adventure or just a mountain escape. There is no other place like it and the amazing locals make the lifestyle and visitor experience truly unique. We share our town with awesome natural residents as well - eagles, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, big horn sheep, mountain goats, chipmunks, deer, and, of course, thousands of elk! All of this and the scenery make it the coolest - and we are surrounded on all sides by protected mountain land - Rocky Mountain National Park on three sides and Roosevelt National Forest on one. Can't beat it!

    - Charles
  • Eufaula, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    It is big enough to have everything you need and still small enough to be friendly. There is always an outpouring of spirit and support.
    - Norma Landry
  • Eureka, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Eureka is the capitol of the Redwood Empire, and a jumping-off point to adventures in the world's biggest trees and some of America's most beautiful parks. But the city itself has come into its own in the last couple of decades, with upgrades to its waterfront and shops (Old Town) and the continued growth of its top-notch visual arts community. Art galleries, the Morris Graves museum, and eclectic stores with a strong local flavor make Eureka a destination on its own. And unlike better known "artsy" towns, Eureka still maintains a sense of authenticity and is relatively affordable for a traveler. I went to high school in nearby Arcata, which is too small for your contest but just as lovely. I hope Eureka (or Eureka-Arcata together) gets a good look from your editors.
    - Susan McNerney
  • Eureka Springs, MO
    Why it's the coolest
    Small town with all authenic Victorian homes. Nestled in the hills of the Ozarks. Hippie artisans settled there in 60's and 70's and never left. Every shop is a treat. Fall is beautiful.Most people in this region visit or as often as possible.
    - Vickey Wortham
  • Eustis, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Something for everyone and monthly First Friday celebrations with bands,food and fun for all ages. We have an historic theater with a great director,a popular New York style coffee house with open mike nights and the best food in town. Eustis is on the beautiful lake Eustis with great boating and fishing. Food,friends and fellowship is what we are all about.
    - Sandra Pettitt
  • Evergreen, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful, friendly small town. Mountains and elk, what more could you want..
    - Patty
  • Fairfax, CA
    Why it's the coolest

    History, Art, Nature, Small town life at it's best!

    - Angela Brower
  • Fairfield, IA
    Why it's the coolest

    Fairfield was a small, quiet midwest farming community/town when I was born and raised there. In the early 1970's The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ( the one who taught the Beatles how to meditate in India in the '60's), bought the defunct Parson's College in Fairfield and turned it into MIU (Maharishi Univ). It was a butt of many jokes by "townies" about the "gurus" for several years. The college has grown and Fairfield along with it is now a diversified,cultural center, with people from all countries and cultures living together. A poll taken by a major magazine has stated that Fairfield has as many restaurants per capita as San Francisco, Ca. Fairfield has acquired the nickname of "Silicorn Valley" in reference to Iowa as a corn producing state and the extraordinary community of Tech businesses in the area. Come to Fairfield on a first Friday of each month (preferably in warmer weather)and see for yourself the First Friday Artwalk.

    - Sharon Samuelson James
  • Fair Haven, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful, historic, green...on the banks of the Navesink River. Located on a peninsula within walking distance of the Jersey shore, Shrewsbury River and the cool town of Red Bank. Within easy reach of NYC by ferry, train or bus. Sandy Hook National Park a bike ride away. Walk to our small downtown for great coffee, medical care and cool shops. Only about a mile square but has it all!
    - sara swijter
  • Fairhope, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    Its like stepping back in time.
    - Lisa
  • Fairmont, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    A super friendly town, the people are just so nice, you realy feel welcome. I just love the kind of folks in the State of North Carolina, what a wonderful town to live in.
    - Tom Crutchfield
  • Fairmont, NC
    Why it's the coolest

    Fairmont provides Interstate 95 travelers in N. C. a quicker route to the S.C. beaches than any other way. They can save gas and time. Now that's pretty cool.

    - Charles Kemp
  • Fairplay, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    because it is
    - I don't know
  • Fairport, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Small town with a really cute, unique main street built up around the Erie Canal (hence "port"). Great families, schools, history, shopping, restaurants, local festivals (music, October Fest, Canal Days). A great place to live!!!
    - Megan
  • Fairview, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    It's close to Dallas and has great shopping (The Village of Fairview)and restaurants, but at the same time it's country, with pastures longhorns, horses, alpaca, etc.
    - Joy Carnahan
  • Fallbrook, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Because its beautiful and filled with friendly people. Has lots of of history, beautiful homes, and groves. Perfect palace to raise aa family. Love may hometown!
    - Chaera Brady
  • Fall Creek, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Michael Perry, author of "Truck," lives there.
    - Ron Wilson
  • Fall Creek, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Home of Michael Perry, author of "Truck: a love story."
    - Ron Wilson
  • Farmington, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Grew up there, small town feel, friendly people, University town. Down to earth people.
    - niki brown
  • Fernandina Beach, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Best restaurant around
    - Kathy Szabo
  • Ferndale, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Has the talest living Christmas tree in the Nation.....mostly flat land, fun for bike riders, nestled amonst organic diarys, the most westerly city in the Continnental U.S. The city celebrates, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day,has ice cream socils,their own live theater, local wine's, a creamery, just celebrated their 150 year...etc. Population 3,100.
    - Kay Dunnegan
  • Fish Creek, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Quant town. Adorable Shops. Great biking, hiking, swimming, sailing etc!
    - Kaitlin Schleis
  • Flagler Beach, FL
    Why it's the coolest

    Six miles of beautiful uncrowded beaches separate the town of Flagler Beach from the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of ocean front restaurants, quaint little gift shops, and a fabulous open-air weekend farmer's market. The northern reaches of the Halifax River runs through the town. Boating, fishing, live music, holiday fireworks, and frequent arts festivals are just a few activities enjoyed by the 4504 residents and visitors in Flagler Beach, FL. You could do a lot worst than selecting Flagler Beach as the 'Coolest Small Town for 2013'. Here is my photo gallery for Flagler Beach:

    - David Royall
  • Flowery Branch, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    *Established in 1874, 1 mi. from the creek or branch called Nattagasska by the Cherokee Indians. The town name is a translation. *Population in 2010 - 5,679 *103 males for every 100 females *Median age - 31 *Diversity - White/black/asian/ native American/hispanic/gay/ lesbian/straight *Aesthetics - 2 Turn-of-the-Century Historic Districts, recently completed street & landscaping project *Attractions - Atlanta Falcons Training Complex - open practice days for fans is wildly popular; local parks, a city marina with restaurant & federal park with beach - both on Lake Lanier; near Lake Lanier Islands water resort & Petit LeMans car racing, 1 hr. from Atlanta & North GA Mtns.; yearly downtown festivals & walk/runs; hiking, biking, Society for Creative Anachronism chapter headquarters *Food - Thai, pub [local musicians perform], Tex-Mex, Southern, Japanese, patisserie, deli; alcohol sales on Sunday unlike most of the South *Retail-chain,local
    - Gabe Loggins
  • Floyd, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    We have the most entertainment this side of heaven. We have ONE stoplight. Lots of eating places. WE are "JUST COOL DUDES".LOL
    - Mary Weddle
  • Foley, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a quaint, small town that has both a city and country feel. Also, it is only 8 miles from Gulf Shores beaches. A lot of the snowbirds come down yearly to spend the winters in our area and many end up moving down.
    - Katherine Wilson
  • Folly Beach, SC
    Why it's the coolest
    A beach town with a lot more than just a beach, though that is a huge attraction. Main street is full of independent shops and places to eat (no chains).
    - r. sherman
  • Folsom, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Miles of scenic hiking & bike trails, two dams, Folsom lake for boating, swimming, etc., Folsom prison with gift shop (johnny cash sang about it) close to SF (2 hr drive) Lake Tahoe (2 yr drive away) 3 stages live theater, college campus, shopping, lots of pubs, dining, Old Town Folsom, etc
    - Pat Aitken
  • Forestville, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    All the advantages of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sonoma vineyards/wineries combined.
    - Frank Hochman
  • Forgan, OK
    Why it's the coolest
    It is one of the smallest town I have ever lived in. Really peaceful and quiet. No crime and very good people. Ilove living in Forgan Oklahoma
    - Lisa
  • Fort Bragg, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    It has nice shops, bakeries and eateries......It's on the coast so has fishing, boating and exploring at Glass Beach for smooth worn bits of glass for making beads etc. (was a city dump in the 1800's. A steam train for rides thru the Redwoods, Also a museum of the Logging Days, and history of the fishing industry. Many small town events, parades festivals. Medium pricing and income. Many motels, and hotels. It is just a short drive up the coast from Mendocino, People are friendly and warm.
    - Art Lahote
  • Fort Davis, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Population of about 1800-Very much a tourist and retirement town:) We have these places: University of Texas McDonald Observatory- home of some of the largest telescopes Fort Davis National Historic Site Indian Lodge Davis Mountain State Park Indian Lodge Several hotels and many Bed and Breakfast Many choices of Churches to attend for your Sunday. A town of very many friendly people!
    - Angela Davis
  • Franklin, TN
    Why it's the coolest
    Great historical sites, clean, beautiful scenery, close to a big city with professional sports teams, lots of festivals, celebrity sightings (but no one is bothered) and LOTS of really nice people!
    - Laurie Evans
  • Franklinville, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Franklinville is a small town in Western NY with approximately 5000 people. Our town has a strong sense of community. Most of the town seems to turn out for home football games and our annual Maple Festival draws people from all over the country. We are a small town but we have many family owned restaurants in town including a Chinese restaurant, we also have a skating rink and a quaint second hand clothing shop as well as a small art gallery and some antique shops. Our town isn't much but we love it.
    - Inky1231
  • Frederick, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    You can walk the streets and be greeted by everyone. We have a real main street "Market Street" with small business owners who get to know their customers. We have a rule not allowing buildings taller than our downtown church spires.
    - Grace Dobson
  • Fredericksburg, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Settled in 1846 by German Settlers, Fredericksburg has strived to retain that flavor and heritage. There are many old buildings and homes in town that are well maintained. A large downtown shopping area with wide streets and many unique shops. No big box stores here! Over 300 B&B's in the city and county. We are located in the Texas Hill Country. Lots of opportunity to hunt, cycle, hike and shop to your hearts content. Oh, and lots of wineries in the area, second only to Napa Valley. You will not be disappointed with your visit to Fredericksburg, Texas.
    - Judy Hutcherson
  • Fredericksburg, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Besides the historic value, it's got a main street feel with an old towne value. Eateries, shops and a farmers market on Saturdays. Amid VA wine country and close enough to everything not to feel abandoned.
    - Pam
  • Frenchtown, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Because Fenchtown lets you be you!
    - Chris
  • Frisco, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Typical mountain town with historic views.
    - Susan Mirus
  • FrontRoyal, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Great shops, great coffee
    - Ben
  • Fruita, CO
    Why it's the coolest

    Best mountain biking, festivals, pizza shops, coffee shop, dinosaur museum, brew pub, high school, and people.

    - Chris Maraschin
  • Fulda, MN
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a town of about 1,200 people and the community is so close. People always make sure to come back for holidays because they live the atmosphere of Fulda. It is a town that runs by its own rules.
    - Alex Hein
  • Fulshear, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Small but friendly. Quaint but modern.
    - Shirley Ballard
  • Fulton, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    The City of Fulton, Illinois is a quaint community, rich in heritage and charm, located along the banks of the Mississippi River. The citizens of Fulton, Illinois are committed to volunteering their time and effort in making Fulton a good place to live and do business. Our city has many things to offer, such as our Authentic Dutch Windmill, Heritage Canyon, Lock and Dam 13, two National Scenic By-ways, Great River Bike Trail, Martin House Museum and the Mississippi River. We are dedicated to preserving our past and enthusiastic about planning our future. We invite you to spend some time browsing our website, learning about our city, and look forward to seeing you here.
    - Kayla STanley
  • Gainesville, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    Lighting the "Chicken" in town square for Christmas
    - Matt
  • Gainesville, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Gainesville has something for everyone... It is the ONLY Medal of Honor Host City in the nation, it's home to the Frank Buck Zoo where you can get up close & personal with giraffes, Depot Days, Summer Sounds concerts on the Court House Square, Art Walks & Ladies Nights downtown, unique stores including Cahoots Handbags & Otts Furniture store, the Cooke County Arts Council that includes the Gainesville Area Visual Arts, North Texas Central Chorale, Gainesville Swing Orchestra, Garden Club and the Butterfield Stage theatre housed in a historic Carnegie Library.... plus the friendliest people you'll ever want to meet!
    - Joe Conner
  • Galena, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Visiting Galena, IL is like taking a step back in time to a simpler life. The town is not only quaint but the homestead of Ulysses Grant, 18th President of the United States of America! Once you visit you will never want to leave, I promise!
    - Karen Doutrich
  • Galena, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    This historic town is dotted with unique gift and antique shops, family-style restaurants, and the famous, All-You-Can-Eat Breakfasts at the Galena Fire House. Always a terrific time, the annual Galena Dogwood Festival features an old-fashioned parade, lots of food, fun and music.
    - Michelle
  • Galilee, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Right on the ocean,several great bars and eating places. A super little town to visit for vacation.
    - linda pollock
  • Garden Valley, ID
    Why it's the coolest
    Birthplace of James Charles Castle; Elk Springs Ranch; The Dirty Shame Saloon; The Starlight Theatre; Silver Creek Plunge; Gateway to the Sawtooth Mountains; Natural Beauty; Great Community; Hot much packed into a small town.
    - Shelly Granieri
  • Gardiner, ME
    Why it's the coolest

    Gardiner is a genuine American community where a charming and historic downtown frames a vibrant and eclectic entrepreneurial business culture. Gardiner’s thriving downtown and historic district are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a must-see stop for history lovers on their way to Acadia National Park or further “Downeast,” providing an inspiring glimpse into the golden industrial era in Maine. Combine the living history of downtown Gardiner with our sparkling waterfront, distinctive eateries and unique shops, and you’ll see why our little city is such a completely wonderful place to visit and experience our rich and varied heritage… not to mention an ideal place to live and to do business. Gardiner is right in the middle of everything, directly off Interstates 95 and 295, and not far from Maine’s glorious mid-coast – an advantageous central location with easy access to Maine, Canada and points south.

    - Clare Marron
  • Garrison, ND
    Why it's the coolest
    Everyone is friendly and there is everything you need here ! Plus great fishing !
    - Faye Johnson
  • Gearhart, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    It is right off the 101 Pacific Highway,has miles of beaches with 2 accesses to enter,beach is drivable most of the year,tons of wildlife,quiet charming downtown and the nicest people you will ever its part of the Lewis and Clark National Park..awesome population barely 1,000...
    - susie ozimek
  • Geneseo, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    It is the coolest because it has tons of local taste. There is pizzerias, restaurants, coffee shops and other small shops. It is a college town so there is also a beautiful campus that is in the town and some small town bars.
    - Joe
  • Geneva, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Geneva is centrally located in New York's Finger Lakes region and has a hip restaurant scene that explodes with local products. For such a small town, it's hip, beautiful and located close to the wine trail action!
    - Erin
  • Geneva on the Lake, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    You would think you stepped back in time - to a Village on Lake Erie - that has some of the best sunsets you've ever seen. Quirky little shops and restaurants dot the "strip" - kids and families dot the beaches. And the wineries are incredible! You dont have to spend a lot of money to have a great time & make many memories on your visit. My family has been going there for 30+ years.
    - Amy Lis
  • Gettysburg, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    History! Ambiance! People!
    - Jamie
  • Gig Harbor, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    In Gig Harbor you can grab a kayak or a latte, sip some wine or savor ice cream, put your feet up or slip on your running shoes. Gig Harbor has it all –culture, heritage and small-town charm. A walk through downtown gives a glimpse into the rich maritime history of the area. The community (population 7500) has maintained pride in its fishing roots and if you visit the first weekend in June you can see a blessing of the fleet. One of the best views in Gig Harbor is from the water, and includes the iconic image of majestic Mt. Rainier looming above the harbor in the distance. That’s only one of many reasons that make this a popular (and cool) destination for boaters of all kinds. Gig Harbor rocks during the summer months as outdoor concerts, movies and festivals provide a party atmosphere throughout the town.Shopping, recreation, and more make up this gem of a community located on a hidden, scenic peninsula in South Puget Sound
    - Mary DesMarais
  • Girdwood, AK
    Why it's the coolest
    Great people, lots of scenary!
    - Holly Mooneyhan
  • Glenwood Springs, CO
    Why it's the coolest

    The world's largest hot springs open all year round, caverns, a ski hill, amazing hikes (hanging lake is a must see/do ) the canyon, and amazing food. This town is an outdoor lovers dream.

    - Jesse Moser
  • Gloucester, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful ocean, a city that live on the crab and lobster industery and the oldest fishing village in America.
    - Tommy
  • Golden, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Location, Location! Nestled in the foothills in between Boulder and Denver. Access to the big citites with a small town feel and mountains biking/hiking out of your backyard. Not to mention, a great community of people!!
    - Sarah Adler
  • Gonzles, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    It's history!
    - Bill Sheppard
  • Goodland, KS
    Why it's the coolest
    We have the largest Easel in the United States, A replica of Van Gogh's sunflowers in a vase. We are also Known as the 3/4 of a mile city because of our 7,500 ft elevation.
    - Michael Solomon
  • Graeagle, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Graeagle has to be one of my favorite places to visit. It has a charm about it and there is something always going on. The main street is lined with yummy restaurants, shops, and the local park. A large majority of the town's buildings are red with white trim. It is definitely has friendly people and one of the best craft fairs in all of Norther California.
    - Erica Wright
  • Granbury, TX
    Why it's the coolest

    Granbury is located on Lake Granbury. Has great skiing,fishing, and boating. Our city beach has beautiful sand. The downtown square around the court house has unique shops restaurants winery bed and breakfasts and an Opera House. All buildings are over 100 years old and have been wonderfully restored. The city park located just off the square had a great walking/bike path with fountains along the lake. People are friendly and life is good

    - Diane Hedges
  • Granby, CT
    Why it's the coolest
    This is where I grew up!
    - Rob Barnas
  • Grand Lake, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Laid back small Colorado town bordering Rocky Mountain National Park at 8,200 feet above sea level. Wooden side walks, good restaurants, bars, fishing, hiking and best snowmobiling. Not a touristy town.
    - Frank Edwards
  • Grand Marais, MN
    Why it's the coolest
    On Lake Superior, gateway to the Boundary Waters, good eats at the Angry Trout Cafe and others, Niniboujou Lodge
    - Janet Scott
  • Grassflat, PA
    Why it's the coolest

    The people.

    - Angie Reed
  • Greencastle, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Our hometown heritage that we still celebrate with a traditional parade. In addition to our Grade A school district.
    - Becky Hunt
  • Greenlake, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    It is the coolest because of the small town atmosphere. We have the deapest lake in the state of Wi. Every weekend there is an event to go to. We also have a spa resort,biking,fishing,swimming beaches,charter fishing you name it. It is child friendly and also somthing to do for grownups aswell.
    - Holly Hoch
  • Green Lake, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Green Lake is the coolest small town because it is located on the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin, Green Lake. It is where travelers rediscover the simple pleasures that life offers, those of a simpler time, including great fishing and water adventures, excellent dining, resort life with a deep history, and most importantly a place to reconnect with family, friends and nature without the static of life interfering.
    - Loni Meiborg
  • Greenville, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    It is in Plumas National Forest and is the gateway to Lake Almanor and Lassen Volcanic National Park. It has some wonderful antique shops and local restaurants. There is a tour that shows all of the builings that are over 100 years old and what they served as originally. The local (Cy Hall Memorial) Museum recently opened it's doors. There is a Barn Quilt tour as well. Greenville is also the town that the largest gold nugget in US history was found. There is a rich history of mining and ranching.
    - Erika Martin
  • Greenville Kenucky 4235, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    t is the most beautiful small town anywhere. Downtown has seveal beautiful little shops with ur beautiful Courthouse rigt in the center of town
    - Martha S. Horn
  • Greenville, KY
    Why it's the coolest

    Greenville,KY is small town much like a real true to life Mayberry from the classic Andy Griffith show. Thanks to grants and town volunteers we have completely re painted the entire town, remodeled a century old courthouse and made downtown Greenville look 1st class and brand new like it did back in the 1950's. Also every summer Saturdays on the square happens every Saturday night with free concerts with big name and legendary bands. We have many other festivals and are the proud home of many famous legends like the Everly Brothers, Merle Travis, Warren Oates, and James Best best known from the Dukes of Hazzard as Roscoe P Coaltrane. We take proud in our small town of around 5,000 keeping it clean and beautiful. These are just a few small things as to why this small town is the best in America!

    - Raleigh
  • Greenville, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Greenville Maine is gateway to Moosehead Lake and the Great North Woods. Surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and the largest body of fresh water in the state makes Greenville a top destination for nature lovers seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. This vast wilderness area boasts some of the greatest Moose watching in the country. Whatever your favorite season, the Moosehead Lake Region has something to offer. In summer you can explore the lake by kayak, canoe, boat or take a scenic cruise on the historic steamship “Katahdin”. Explore the pristine wilderness with the adrenaline rush of white-water rafting, hike mountain ranges, travel the trails on ATV adventures, mountain bike, and of course you can’t leave the area without taking a Moose Safari. Wintertime offers some of the best snowmobiling around. The region offers a number of annual festivals: Moosemainea in the Spring, the International Seaplane Fly-
    - Heidi St. Jean
  • Greenville, NH
    Why it's the coolest
    You can ride ATVs thru town, you can buy high end clothing and merchandise, but you can also get penny candy. You know just about everyone in town, because the schools are so small, I graduated with 24 ppl. The lake is the largest in Maine and is a beautiful backdrop and you can even take a steamship ride, plane ride or possibly even a parasail. It is a one of kind place for sure.
    - Kristie Young
  • Greenville, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Fabulous place for kids to grow up.
    - Joan Lisante Hood
  • Grosse Ile, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    It's a beautiful little island in the Detroit river. Across the river is Canada. It's a nature lovers paradise! Beautiful homes and a quaint "downtown" area! Such a small town feel but with a very big town heart!
    - Tracy Snider
  • Groveland, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Groveland Rocks! Rich with history, arts, adventure on wild rivers, under an hour to Yosemite, miles of National Forest lands, and Good food and wine too! Festivals galore, interesting friendly folks and visitors from around the world adding to the unique flavor of our little hamlet.
    - Lynn Upthagrove
  • Gruene, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Gruene is a small German town about 35 minutes South of Austin. It has beautiful little shops, an historic hotel and local artists creating things like actual "musical" chimes. There are wineries nearby and a FABULOUS restaurant with breathtaking views of the hills and river (The Gristmill). But mostly, Gruene, Texas has Gruene Hall, an historic musical venue that has seen most of the very best in Country Music come through at one time or another. It is family friendly, always packed and always fun. You can eat there too, and Gospel Brunch is epic! There are a plethora of uniue inns in the area, including one made from a grain silo. If you haven't been,I feel sorry or you.
    - becky guillory
  • Guerneville, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Located on the Russian River and surrounded by towering redwood trees, Guerneville has long been a retreat for San Francisco residents and more recently, world travelers! With its priceless location between vineyards and the spectacular Sonoma coastline, artists, foodies, families, straights and gays, infamous and famous, find respite here. Whether dripping with Brigadoon-style fog in the winter or sun-dappled for kayakers in summer, visitors to this small town find wine-tastings, gourmet restaurants and jazz festivals, memories for everyone to cherish.
    - Virginia Foley
  • Gulf Breeze, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    great people,,great shopping area and best beaches
    - Rene Ferguson
  • Gulfport, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Bay St Louis has hometown feel, southern charm and hospitality. The views are spectacular, the food scrumptious and the people are warm. While the temps can get hot, you will not find a cooler small town.
    - Shelly
  • Gulf Shores, AL
    Why it's the coolest

    over 25 miles of the cleanest prestine beaches in the US,incredible bird watching,over 7000 acres of national parks and bird sanctuary,the best red snaper fishing in the world with more man made reefs any place.

    - perry guy
  • Gun Barrel City, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Gun Barrel City on beautiful Cedar Creek Lake. Boating , great fishing and swimming. July 4th the city does fireworks at the lakes edge where the reflections in the lake are as beautiful as is the sky. There are restrants and fast food to please every palet.This is the friendliest place I have ever lived. There are Churses of many denominations. East Texas Medical Center has a fine Emergency Center complete with care flight in the heart of Gun Barrel City.There is ample shopping and banking. The City has received several State Honored Awards including The Go Texan Award for becoming a Certified Retirement Community in 2009. Gun Barrel City holds two festivals each year, the July 4th Festival/Concert in the Park and the Christmas Festival/Parade.Come for a visit and you are likely to decide to move here. We did !
    - Susan B. Kirbie
  • Gunnison, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    It's Gunny! Once it get ya, you're a goner!
    - Delaney Keating
  • Guntersville, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    Guntersville is about the prettiest spot you can imagine in the Mountain Lakes district of North Alabama. Lake Guntersville is home to bass fishing and wake boarding tournaments, 5K's and triathlons, fishing, rowing, birding, walking and hiking trails. Guntersville State Park offers camping, newly renovated cabins and a lodge with panoramic vistas of the lake and an 18 hole golf course. A renovated downtown district has boutique and antique shops. The Whole Backstage Community Theater produces 4 musicals or dramas each year. The Rockhouse Eatery is great for a wood burning pizza or a filet mignon with indoor and garden seating. Kala's Cottage offers a monthly wine tasting. There are summer concerts on the lake. A thousand senior volunteers give time to community projects from reading programs in the schools to environmental water testing. RSVP offers a variety of courses ranging from computer skills, genealogy to crafts.
    - Joan Kanner
  • Gurley, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    The city offers a wonderful variety of activities for all interests. Restaurant: The Docks, Liberty Shopping: Unclaimed Baggage Center Watersports: Tennessee River, lake Guntersville, Historic: Sauta site (Sequoyah), Scottsboro boys, Civil War sites, Hiking : Walls of Jerico natural area Adventure : many wild caves nearby. Cathedral Caverns is managed by the AL state parks.
    - Drew
  • Haddon Heights, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Haddon Heights has the true "old town" feeling (we fondly refer to it as Mayberry). At the same time, it's a short trip to downtown Philadelphia. The sense of community is amazing.
    - Frani Germano-Yucel
  • Haines, AK
    Why it's the coolest
    Haines is in Southeast Alaska - surrounded by mountains and the sea. Rich in Tlingit culture (watch master carvers carve totem poles at Alaska Indian Arts (in the old army hospital), an old Army base (Ft. Seward) converted to condos and restaurants and B & B's (The Guardhouse B&B - former army jail), lots of outdoor adventures - kayaking, hiking, Spring heliskiiing. Special events - May is beer festival, June is 148 mile long bike race, July is the Southeast Alaska state fair, November is the Bald Eagle Festival (largest concentration of bald eagles in the world). Great restaurants - best coffee ever at Mountain Market. Best pizza at the Fireweed (converted Army commissary). Public library named best small library in America by the Library Journal and the Gates Foundation. And best of all - friendly people.
    - Barbara Blood
  • Half Moon Bay, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    HMB has it all: spectacular scenery, great food & lodging, fascinating shops and galleries, mountains, miles of beaches, giant redwoods, AND we're just 25 miles from one of the most interesting cities in the world -- San Francisco.
    - Rick Ellis
  • Hallowell, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    You'll know it's the coolest when you're downing microbrews at the Liberal Cup while listening to a local cover band (and the crowd will NOT judge you for singing along)...then run off the calories the next morning on the gorgeous Kennebec River Rail Trail.
    - Caroline
  • Hamilton, MT
    Why it's the coolest
    Hamilton Montana is coolest because people stick together and help one another. It has historic roots in the copper industry, as well as logging history. It has scenic views of the Rocky Mountains and is the heart of the Bitterroot Valley.
    - Mary Wulff
  • Hamilton, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Hamilton, home to Colgate University, doesn't let its small stature stop its inhabitants from having fun community events going on all the time. Take the summertime Farmers Market, which takes place every Saturday morning on the "Village Green", or the annual town-wide Block Party celebrating July 4th. For its size, Hamilton is chock full of funky shops as well as delicious, independently run restaurants and coffee houses. My personal favorite aspects of the town are Hamilton Whole Foods, an organic grocery store and lunch counter; the Hamilton Movie Theater, a tiny, 3-screened theater with an old-fashioned marquee; and Retrospect, a store selling vintage clothing, furniture, and other fun trinkets. Not to mention the New York Pizzeria, an absolute Hamilton institution affectionately nicknamed "Slices" as slices can be order plain only and cost a mere $1.50. Hamilton offers small town atmosphere, relaxation, and fun at its finest!
    - Caitlin Pfohl
  • Hanalei, HI
    Why it's the coolest
    Imagine Waikiki Beach. Now imagine the exact opposite. That’s what Hanalei Town feels like. If you know anything about Hawaiian culture, you’ve probably heard of “poi,” the starchy dish served at luaus. It’s made from taro, which is grown on bright green farms surrounding the town. Check out art galleries that sell native wood carvings, listen to a ukulele concert, or try a taco from Pat’s Taqueria at Black Pot Beach Park.
    - Kaeli C.
  • Hanover, NH
    Why it's the coolest
    Its definitely the coolest...
    - Will
  • Hanson, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    We are officially the Smallest Historic District in KY with the entire downtown on the National Registry. All the storefronts have been restored to the late 1800's style and the shops within are just as spectacular as the exteriors. Without natural attractions we have worked hard to establish 6 very sucessful festivals a year and our businesses have been able to survive the economic downturn. Our bookstore has 40,000 titles ships worldwide. Our largest resturant is well know for it's famous farm raised catfish, hushpuppies, and green tomato relish and draws people from the tri-state. We have a variety of shops and our small Lions Club donates thousands a year to local needs. Our population is just 702 but our accomplishments are much larger.
    - Teresa Anthony
  • Harbor Springs, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    This village, as I call it, comes to life, in time for the 4th of July parade. I think the term 'spring cleaning' got its name here! With gardens and window boxes being planted in annual color bloom, porches and rockers getting a fresh coat of paint, and boats heading to their slips on Little Traverse Bay from their winter 'homes' (sometimes having to stop traffic until they get to the lake side of the road!), a palpable energy of excitement can be felt in the air! Like the boats coming out of hibernation, so do the locals and tourists--gliding by on town bikes, slow enough to chatter alongside each other on Bay Street, or as walkers and runners nodding and smiling at one another, or as swimmers and kayakers hitting the water. The farmer's market also begins its showy display of homegrown and homemade goods. All in the name of the American spirit of yesteryear carried forward to current day. (Bay St. Cottages)
    - Judy Barsky
  • Harbor Springs/Petoskey, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    These 2 small towns sit across from one another on the shores of Little Traverse Bay and into Lake Michigan. World class golf courses can be enjoyed in the summer as well as water sports, tennis, sailing and an abundance of festivals. Winter offers downhill skiing/snowboarding, a winter park, and snowmobiling. Excellent dining, first class shoping, victorian homes and a wonderful Christmas Open House in both towns.
    - Katherine Pappas
  • Hardwick, VT
    Why it's the coolest
    Because it is the epicenter of specialty food entrepreneurs and ag-related businesses. From soil to seed to harvest to food to compost to soil. It's all good and we are all connected in this amazing community!
    - Linda Fox
  • Harpers Ferry, WV
    Why it's the coolest
    Historical town with tons of history to see and learn about, National Park, Shenandoah and Potomac River meet at Harpers Ferry, outdoor activities are abundant, antique shopping, friendly town with great people!
    - Laura
  • Harrodsburg, KY
    Why it's the coolest

    Harrodsburg was my hometown for so many years. The people, the buildings, the's more than home. It is history. It is places to kick back and places to kick it up.

    - Catherine Gilvin
  • Hatteras Village, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Small little town sitting on the Outerbanks of North Carlolina between the Atlantic Ocean and Albemarle sound. It is a relaxing little town where surf, sun, and a relaxing time is sure to be had.
    - Ian Thomas
  • Healdsburg, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    I have only been there once but would love to visit again. When my family visited we went to great wine bars, boutiques, restaurants and even went to the town dance in the middle of the square. The people were so nice. I would live there if I could!
    - Bev
  • Hebron, IL
    Why it's the coolest

    It is the home of the 1952 State Basketball Champs!!! And the water tower is painted like a basketball stating such!

    - Darcy Johnson
  • Hector, MN
    Why it's the coolest
    Mascot was the Bulldogs. It is the most 'air-minded' city in the U.S. Eldora Roker was a famed vocalist at the United Methodist Church.
    - Galen Johnson
  • Hedgesville, WV
    Why it's the coolest

    Rich in arts and artisan crafts, beautiful scenery, and history.

    - Beth Peterson
  • Helena, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    The Real small town atmosphere.
    - Jim Wathen
  • Helen, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    The town is created to look like a town in Germany.They even have a great Oktoberfest each year. In the warmer months they have water tubing on a river that runs through town. It's just a cute, fun town :)I love visiting there.
    - Marie Sabo
  • Henderson, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    Henderson, Ky is a beautiful small town on the Ohio River. We have many beautiful old homes that have been well maintained or refurbished. The citizens of Henderson take great pride in taking care of our city. Come visit any old time!!!!
    - Kay Gish
  • Henderson, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Great place to grow up. It's a place where your friends last a lifetime.
    - Cecile Loudat
  • Hennepin
    Why it's the coolest
    - Charlotte Terando
  • Henniker, NH
    Why it's the coolest
    It's in beautiful NH, has a college, ski mountain, great shops and restaurants. And, it's the ONLY Henniker on earth.
    - Heidi Galster
  • Hermann, MO
    Why it's the coolest
    A cool little river town in the heart of Missouri wine country, featuring a beautiful setting, well-preserved historic buildings, and a unique and interesting history. Created in the 1820s as a German settlement, Hermann has preserved its history with several museums dedicated to sharing that history, and is actively preserving the buildings and traditions of its founders. Add in a thriving (and historic) wine-making industry, many festivals and many B&B/inn lodging options and you will find Hermann an attractive destination.
    - John Humason
  • Hermosa, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Settled by farmers and ranchers in 1873, Hermosa predates the coming of the Denver and Rio Grande railroad and near by Durango by 8 years. Both the Animas River and the Durango and Silverton narrow gauge railroad run right thru the valley. Hermosa is home to Trimble hot springs, Honeyville gift shop and the world famous Bar D Wranglers chuckwagon supper show. Hermosa truly lives up to its Spanish name...Beautiful!!!
    - Earl Jack
  • High Bridge, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Friendly people lots to do One of the tree city in the USA
    - Rosa trilone
  • Highland, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a small town has all the small town feel!! Old Mom and Pop stores are still here and most everyone is related in some way. We have hometown gatherings atleast 4 or 5 times a year. summer time car shows and a farmers market. Town square with fountain...Moved here 12 years ago from California and love the small town feel!!! Love the winter parade when Santa comes to town!!
    - Maureen Owens
  • Hillsborough, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Hillsborough is an eclectic mix of history (founded in the mid 18th century and once the State capital), and smalltown cosmopolitan atmosphere. Home to many locally owned restaurateurs (including a James Beard nominee) serving local produce, a local brewery, 2 farmers markets, 5 galleries and many artisans,live music weekly plus many festivals, Hillsborough is a thriving hip, COOL town!
    - Rick Chambless
  • Hilton Head Island, SC
    Why it's the coolest
    Great destination for art and nature. Surrounded by the ocean and wildlife. No street lights. Minimal signage. Trees, trees, trees.
    - Mary
  • Himrod, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Small but, has PO, Church, Railroad, and the Eagle... Quiet and restful.
    - Donna Groom
  • Ho-ho-kus, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    umm helloooo the name is that even a real town? people ask me all the time hoho...santa clause
    - alex
  • Holderness, NH
    Why it's the coolest

    Holderness is a remote town at the foothills of the white mountains, and home to Squam Lake, one of the most pristine bodies of water in the world. The town is notable for the Science Center which is a place that nurtures and educates the public on wildlife that they rescue and rehabilitate. Holderness is also a small town that belives in only its quite community with no external large corporations, and is devoted to delicate land for preservation of its natural beauty.

    - Thomas
  • Holly Ridge, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Because everyone who lives here is SO nice!!!!
    - Judy Jackson
  • Holly Springs, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    The slogan of Holly Springs is "All Kinds of Character" which it most definitely has. From the architectural character of the many pre and post Civil War homes to it's interested residents past and present. It is home to the sweetest, sassiest southern belles and Elvis' greatest fan who opens his Graceland-like home to visitors 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. After three visits you become a lifetime member and he puts your picture on the wall so you become a part of Holly Springs. I could go on and on about this special little town.
    - Stephanie McKinney
  • Hooker, OK
    Why it's the coolest
    Often the butt of jokes it really is a really cool town. Real Hoookerites would NEVER laugh at the off color jokes about the town. It' a small town with lots of heart! Everything revolves around the towns churches, school, and mainstreet. You have the American Legion baseball team in the suumer the Hooker Horney Toads. In the Fall and Spring you can follow the Hooker Bulldogs in lots of sports. Downtown is the old drugstore, library, and various businesses. They held the Annual Hooker Car show Sept 8-9. They even have a gift shop that sells Hooker memorialbilia. I love the town of Hooker.
    - Arletta Thompson
  • Hope, IN
    Why it's the coolest
    Known as the "Surprising Little Town," Hope is in the heart of Indiana, centrally located between Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati. We were founded by members of the Moravian Church in 1830, and many in the community still hold those traditions. Why are we a surprising little town? Hope is home to the first U.S. Rural Route Mail Carrier, has a talent pool of local artists, and many shops and businesses that one would not expect to find in a town of less than 2,500 people. The heart of Hope centers around the town square, which contains a wonderful playground, beautiful gazebo and many shade trees. Almost all of our festivals and events take place on the square, including a bi-weekly farmer's market, Friday night cruise-ins, the Hope Ride (bicycle rides from 13-100 miles), the fall Heritage Days festival, and Christmas on the Square to name a few. Our town also LOVES high school basketball, and are proud of our 2006 State Championship team. We are the epitome of “Hoosiers.” And in the summer, you can find everyone at the Hope Summer Playground, catching a game of softball, T-ball, or baseball. While we may not have a stoplight in our little town, we definitely have plenty to do! We all believe one can never have too much Hope in their lives, so we invite everyone to join us year round and see what we are all about!
    - Joanna Tucker
  • Horseheads, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    I grew up in Horseheads, NY. It is a lovely small town in the southern tier of NY. It is rich in its history of the Native American Indian and Civil War era. I am proud to have grown up in such a beautiful place so steeped in history!
    - Cynthia Sherwod-Sambroski
  • Hot Springs, MT
    Why it's the coolest
    Stuck in the 1930s to 1960s, Hot Springs doesn't even have cell service. Three different delightful public hot pools within walking distance of each other can be used for $5 to $7 per day, and two quaint, very friendly, comfortable and inexpensive hotels can put you up. Park your camper or trailer on lot, at a hotel, or take a room with kitchenette. Abosolutely delightful, especially in the winter when you can steam in the springs and then sit on a glassed-in porch and play cards. Everyone in the town seems to be extra-friendly - grocery store, health food store, restaurants. I don't know anyone who visits Hot Springs who hasn't fallen in love and dreamed of owning one of the little houses heated by the hot springs that line the narrow streets. Very family friendly, too. The large town pool is 90 degrees and my grandkids like that one the best for playing and swimming.
    - Dorinda Troutman
  • Houghton, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    The scenery. It's just so beautiful out here!
    - Stacie
  • Howards Grove, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    I love losing to them in every high school sport.
    - Josh Schneider
  • Hubbard, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Small town with a great crossroads Central Texas location. Great quality of life, victorian homes. Hubbard is the victorian crossroads of Central Texas. Good schools and good teachers. Close to Navarro Mills Lake for fishing, boating, and camping or other outdoor activities. Hubbard is located on the Texas Lakes Trail, so a visit through Hubbard requires a stop to take a look at the town we are all so proud of.
    - Margot Foster
  • Hulett, WY
    Why it's the coolest

    With a population of 408 Hulett is 9 miles from the first National Monument, surrounded by beautiful red hills and lots of trees. In August we host a motorcycle rally for a week which brings in so much business for the local grocery store and couple restaurants and bars that we have. We have great hunting opportunities, and you can float the beautiful Belle Fourche river or hike in the luscious hills. There is also a lovely golf course that hosts many large tournaments. I grew up in Hulett and its a very unique and fantastic little town!!!

    - Malinda McClintick
  • Hull, MA
    Why it's the coolest
    A Pioneer town for wind power in Massachusetts, Home to Nantasket Beach - generally considered one of the premier beaches in Massachusetts, - Johnny Cupcakes started here!
    - Boomer
  • Huntingdon, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Best shops in downtown Huntingdon. There are friendly people and a great piece of heritage is included in everything that happens. Train station, candle shops, and much more.
    - Jess Stevens
  • Huntington, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Great community, beautiful back roads to drive on!
    - Christine
  • Hurley, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    It has the best ATV/Snowmobile trials. We have Italian Fest and a great football team and Our high school sports teams are Awesome! Its a very small town atmosphere!
    - Jen
  • Indialantic, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    We are a small beach town, located on a barrier island in central Florida. With a surface area of exactly one square mile, we may be small, but, well worth remembering for our fantastic beaches, multitude of green spaces, family friendly events and great restaurants. What something straight from the beach so you don't have to knock the sand from your feet? How about the best pizza at Bizarro's, steps from the ocean, or a seared tuna salad from Long Dogger's? Going a little more upscale? We've got fine dining as well with Scott's on Fifth or Island Fish Grill. Forgot your suit or want to try surfing? Long Board Beach, across the street. Or how about sailing the Indian River lagoon with dolphins and manatees as your guides? Kayaking? Got it. Fishing? Yep, that too. Flounder, trout, redfish, and snook, just check for the season.Tuckaway Inn gets great reviews, right on the beach and friendly service. Watch the sunrise from your balcony.
    - Lori Halbert
  • Indiana, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    A lovely college town with a vibrant downtown, some lovely small businesses, and down-to-earth people. Nestled in the hills of western Pennsylvania with plenty of recreational opportunities.
    - Christine
  • Indian Head, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    The great people and history
    - Ronald Smith
  • IndianTrail, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    IndianTrail is a small town that is landscaped beautifully throughout the town. Every single person i have met here is the kindest people. There is a lot of small businesses mom/pop stores for all types of shopping within a small town versus traveling. For such a small town there is definetly a lot to see and explore.
    - Brenda Tillman
  • Ins glen, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    seneca lodge, village marina bar & grill, race track
    - tom kienzle
  • Intercourse, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    It is such a cool name.
    - Robert
  • Iron River, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    Great Outdoors
    - Jesse Nichols
  • Ithaca, NJ
    Why it's the coolest
    Ithaca has it all: amazing natural beauty with the gorges and Cayuga Lake, a funky art scene, the university culture, and visionary cuisine like Moosewoods Restaurant, which was doing creative vegetarian cooking long before it was hip!
    - Katrina Woznicki
  • Ithaca, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    A college town set in the middle of the Finger Lakes wine region, with beautiful lakes and state parks, and a growing craft brewing industry.
    - Ken Mortensen
  • Jackman, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    It very beautiful and a 4 season resort area. Enroute to the Canadian border..
    - warren curtis
  • Jackson, WY
    Why it's the coolest
    Possibly one of the most difficult places to live year round with temperatures hitting -27 at night during the Winters. Endless activity in the Summer. A very close knit community, one could tell as we all came together this past week to help our neihgbors during the evacuation of a potentially town burning down wildfire. Neat bars and a melting pot of skater snowboarders skiers climbers cowboys...A new hot spot for musicians. Band of Horses played for just a couple hundred a couple of weeks back. You can leave your keys in your ignition and not worry about it. Everyone has a rescue dog and our wildlife is abundant. A seriously cool spot you have to check out at least once in your lifetime and with a changing landscape make that twice. Once during the winter and once for some fly fishing or rock jumping in the summer.
    - Julia Kirby
  • Jasper, AR
    Why it's the coolest
    The Buffalo National River is the most beautiful place to kayak and canoe. The Ozark Cafe is a great place to eat; good food and super nice locals. Ozark mountains! hiking, camping, and biking.
    - Jennifer Ross
  • Jefferson, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    Cool summer and fall festivals; historic tourist attractions; located on the historic Hwy. 30; great infrastructure; Main Street community; nice town square centered around county courthouse with fun shopping; strategically located 45 miles west of Ames, home of Iowa State University, and 60 northwest of Des Moines, the capital of Iowa. And more! I could go on....
    - Lisa Turner
  • Jim Thorpe, PA
    Why it's the coolest

    Nestled in the mountains. Burial place of Jim Thorpe the athlete.. Fantastic colors in the Fall. Beautiful churches. Whitewater rafting. Good food. A "must see" , the view from the top of the mountain called THE FLAGSTAFF.

    - Frances kehrli Pursley
  • Joliet, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    So much to do. Lots of fine restaurants, two casinos, ball park , Chicagoland Speedway , close to everything you need.
    - Darla Vidican
  • Jonesborough, TN
    Why it's the coolest
    Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee, founded in 1779, while that part of Tennessee was called the State of Franklin. Many of the old buildings on its Main Street now serve as museums or B&Bs. It is host every fall to the National Storytelling Festival, the country's largest and oldest festival of this type. It has restaurants, coffee shops, and an active farmers' market. The beauty of the Appalachian Mountains serve as a backdrop.
    - Elaine Kolp
  • Jordan, MN
    Why it's the coolest
    Founded in 1854, the charming historic City of Jordan, Minnesota is a hidden jewel surrounded by the bluffs and rolling green hills of the beautiful Minnesota River Valley. Only twenty miles from the southwest metro area and just 30 minutes from the Minneapolis-St.Paul Metro Area. Now .. if we can just get the Good Old Boys to release their death grip on this historic town we may have a chance not to scare away any new businesses that come to town ... then we'll be in business!
    - Jake Wallica
  • Joseph, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Joseph is a really cute town that is the perfect base for visiting the Wallowa Mountains and Hells Canyon for outdoor activities.
    - Kim
  • Julian, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    beautiful mountain town with quaint shops and wonderful apples in the fall
    - Sarah Wilke
  • JWatkins Glen, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Watkins Glen Speedway, cool walking trails, great scenery.
    - Janice Hopkins
  • Kailua-Kona, HI
    Why it's the coolest
    Are you kidding me? It is Hawaii!! We have the best coffee in the world (Kona). We have one of the very few full time active volcanoes in the world. We can snow ski one hour and be at the beach water skiing the next. We have the best deep sea fishing in the world. We have the best snorkeling in Hawaii. We have the most Manta Rays in the world. We have the very best rated beaches in the world. We have the very best rated oceanfront hotels in the world. We have the best fresh, local mahi and ahi fish in the world. AND, last but not least we are the most tourist friendly, local feeling, real Hawaiian town in Hawaii. Vicky Nardone - resident.
    - Vicky Nardone
  • Kalispell, MT
    Why it's the coolest
    It's a clean, beautiful town at the western base of the Rocky Mountains in NW Montana. Roughly 30 miles from the west entrance to Glacier National Park, 7 miles north of Flathead Lake one of the largest natural fresh water lakes in the US, two winter ski resorts Blacktail Mountain and Whitefish Mountain within a half our drive. Many other lakes, rivers and recreational opportunities abound. Kalispell Regional Hospital a modern health care center is locate here, as well as Flathead Valley Commnity College. The town sits in one of the prettiest mountain valley's in the country.
    - Dan Petesch
  • Kane, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Kane is a very small but quaint town. It has that old town charm that big cities don't have. Drive or walk down the street and everyone waves and says hello!
    - Kathleen L.
  • Kelleys Island, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Kelleys is the best place to come for a quiet good time. Plenty do do and see!
    - Stacey DeBoard
  • Kensington, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    It has the Old Antique Row which is very nice. Nice and quiet.
    - Noah Meyers
  • Kernersville
    Why it's the coolest
  • Key Largo, FL
    Why it's the coolest

    Key Largo is an island only an hours drive from Miami but a world away from the city life. Shorts and flip flops are dress clothes and the laid back friendly attitude of the locals make it a paradise to visitors. The one main road and bridge separating the mainland offers breathtaking views of the atlantic ocean and the Florida bay at the same time. Naturally the restaurants offer the freshest seafood available. Key Largo is the Scuba Diving Capital of the World and the best place to play on the water whether you prefer deep sea or back country fishing, boating or any kind of waterspouts. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is located in Key Largo where the only live coral reef is. Snorkeling and glass bottom boats are available every day of the year. Stop by a tiki bar for a Rum Runner Coctail, kick back and enjoy the tropical paradise, guaranteed spectacular sunset each night!

    - Denise Malefyt
  • Keyser, WV
    Why it's the coolest
    Because it is where my wife and I made our home about 14 months ago. It's where we live in a nice apartment complex with great neighbors and a great manager. It's where we go to church and have joined the choir and other church groups, with a compassionate minister. It's where everyone we meet make us feel welcome. It's where we shop and do other business. There's an open door for more businesses to moe into the area. There's a great hospital we where are volunteers. It may not be our hometown where we raised as children, but it is a cool town.
    - Floyd "Bill" Detrick, Jr.
  • Key West, FL
    Why it's the coolest

    Give me a break

    - Glen Himmaugh
  • Killeen, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    It has the largest military base in united states Fort Hood...
    - Erin
  • Kiln, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Home of Brett Favre. Has a lot of southern history running through its roots from old time saw mill to running shine in the days of prohibition.
    - Cagen
  • Kimmswick, MO
    Why it's the coolest
    it's cool.
    - Holly
  • King ferry, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    More cows then people. Best ice cream west of NYC. Man in the Moon Bakèry, 2 wineries and Purple Dog Lavender Farm
    - Doug Schmidt
  • Kingsville, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Home to one of the biggest ranches in the world, Kingsville Texas is filled with pride all around. Whether it's the King High School Brahmas, or A&M Kingsville Javelinas- this town has high energy and some great cuisine!
    - Kathryn Karlin
  • Klondyke, AZ
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful, historic, quite.
    - Juli Garwood Johnson
  • Knoxville, TN
    Why it's the coolest
    Knoxville has a welcoming downtown with a laid-back feel that honors its culture, history and the Arts. It is easy to find something for everyone in this great scruffy city. Bike and pedestrian friendly with the Great Smoky Mountains as a back-drop, it's hard to beat Knoxville, TN!
    - Tamera Easterday
  • Kodiak, AK
    Why it's the coolest
    We've got fishing, hunting,the largest USCG base in America,spiritual, an inclusive community. This town gives back thru raffles, festivals, rodeos, music, theater, the arts and your everyday high school sports.The elders are respected and cared for. Wanna be a DJ? A business owner? Landlord? Mayor? Fisherman? Truck Driver? Nurse? Whatever your dreams are they can become a reality in Kodiak,Alaska.
    - denise
  • Kohler, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Kohler is a100 year old quaint American village with 2000 residents! It features the only mid-west 5 diamond resort -theAmerican Club, European shops along a pristine lake and two world class gold courses!
    - Sue Jaberg
  • Kosciusko, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Great townsfolk, quaint shops and town square .lots of old homes restored, festivals..
    - diann irving alford
  • Kountze, TX
    Why it's the coolest

    Those kids are standing up for what they believe..and it is going national.

    - Brandy
  • Kyle, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    It's an old town and everyone knows everyone
    - Kentucky
  • Ladd, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Ladd is the quintessential Midwest town! Ladd is known for Rip's famous fried chicken and Torri's Ice 'Cream Parlor!
    - Jamie.Nagle
  • Lafayette, LA
    Why it's the coolest
    It's a diverse place to live, rich in culture and cuisine. We have amazing festivals including the largest free festival in the world, Festival de International!
    - Stacie Baudoin
  • La Grange, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    La Grange is one of only 3 towns in the country where the train still runs right down the center of Main Street!
    - Km Buckler
  • La Grange, TX
    Why it's the coolest

    Most beautiful and inspirational small town women come from LG!

    - Casey
  • Lake Arrowhead, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    A stunningly beautiful and quaint mountain resort paradise, Lake Arrowhead features countless outdoor recreational activities such as boating, hiking, geocaching, backpacking, bicycling, water and snow skiing, fishing, and much more. It is a favorite getaway destination for people in Los Angeles and Orange counties.
    - Jaime Ferguson
  • Lake Bluff, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Brigadoon by Lake Michigan - quaint village. Beauty, history, walk/bicycle friendly, top notch public schools, easy transportation (train) to downtown Chicago, best 4th of July parade and party in the nation.
    - Ann McCurdy
  • Lake chelan, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    it is beautiful!
    - magali garcia
  • Lake City, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Wonderful small mountain town; great fishing town; full of charm
    - Carisa
  • Lake city, IA
    Why it's the coolest
    they have alot of things for the young and elderly to do
    - jacki mohr
  • Lake Forest, IL
    Why it's the coolest
    Market Square, beach on Lake Michigan, active park and rec department.
    - Kristin Gannon
  • Lake Geneva, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Beautiful clear deep water lake (5500 sq. acres), turn of the century mansions, victorians and architecture, unique shops, friendly people,fun events throughout the year !
    - Mary Pesche
  • Lake Placid, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Lake Placid is in the heart of the Adirondack mountains, and the base of the 46 High Peaks. This town was the home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics, where the "Miracle on Ice" happened. There are many small local shops, resorts, and restaurants (Lake Placid Brewery is my favorite). Population is around 2600. Many tourists come to experience the variety of events, such as Ironman triathlon, Lake Placid & I Love NY Horseshow, Empire State Games, and rugby and lacrosse tournaments. The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is also popular, which is held in the neighboring town of Saranac Lake, NY. In 2010, U.S. News & World Report rated Lake Placid as one of the "6 Forgotten Vacation Spots" in North America!! Its a great little town with lots to do!!
    - Erin Quonce
  • Lake Tomahawk, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    - Tim Brown
  • Lander, WY
    Why it's the coolest
    Outdoor fun. Sinks Canyon state park. Wind River Mountains. Hiking. rock climbing. International Climbers Festival. Awesome 4th of July festivities! Cross-country skiing. Voted Best Small Town by Outside & Sunset Magazines. Unique places to eat.
    - Diane Gopperton
  • Lansowne, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Why isn't it cool is a better question.
    - Rusty Kuntz
  • LaPine, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Always something to do especially outside with numerous lakes, hiking in the tall pines, riding the rapids in the Deschutes River, and just exploring the Natonal Forest. Always activities going on in town from parades to lawn mower races and rodeos. Fresh air for everyone!!
    - Sallie Brown
  • Laplace, LA
    Why it's the coolest
    Been through hell and they cant keep us down
    - Keith
  • Lava Hot Springs, ID
    Why it's the coolest
    This small town has amazing hot springs, cute local shops, friendly citizens, a few nice B&Bs, awesome rapids tubing, stunning views, fun little festivals, and great food all in the middle of "nowhere." There's this great little Thai place too... best Thai food I've ever had, and I've lived in Chicago!
    - Caitlin
  • Leadville, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Historic Mining town turned Extreme Outdoor Rec capital. 100 mile races and 100 year old homes, museums and amazing mountain views.
    - Sarah
  • Leakesville, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Leakesville has SO many reasons why its the coolest! For starters, we have the best coffee/gift shop, Hunky Dorey along with Salon Blonde being attached to it! And not to forget our newest addition, Rogers Trade Market! Not only do we have some of the neatest little places to visit, but we have true southern hospitality! Everyone knows you & treats you as family. Almost every weekend there is some kind of event going on-from benefits for locals who are battling cancer, major sickness or surguries to friday night football games cheering on our Greene County Wildcats! Leakesville may be small, but we sure can show folks how to have a good time!
    - Anna Jenkins
  • Leavenworth, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    It combines warm small town ambiance with tourist friendly festivals and activities. The mountain village adopted a Bavarian theme in the mid-sixties and has since then transformed itself into a fabulous tourist-friendly town without losing its small town community spirit. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth is located at a relatively low altitude but is within driving distance of several top level ski resorts.
    - Renae Meredith
  • Lebanon, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    In addition to having some serious Bourbon Country attractions (Maker's Mark, KY Cooperage, Limestone Branch Distillery), we're also home to Turtleman! Our town has embraced our heritage because it's unique and quite frankly, it's COOL. Our distilleries survived prohibition; we make the barrels that give bourbon its flavor; our moonshine is both legal and delicious; and our characters are genuine, honest, and thanks to Animal Planet, nationally-known. In a lot of cities, you'll find locals who don't embrace their heritage. You won't find that in Lebanon, KY. We're the geographical center of the state, and Kentucky is at the heart of our people. We celebrated our largest crowd at our annual Ham Days Festival last weekend, and we also opened our own Heritage Center which features displays on our Civil War heritage, our musical roots, and our hometown hero, Ernie Brown, Jr., a.k.a. Turtleman. We're a small town, with a big heart.
    - Whitney R.
  • LeClaire, IA
    Why it's the coolest

    I am nominating LeClaire, Iowa. LeClaire, Iowa is Charming. LeClaire is located where Interstate 80 meets the Mississippi River. It's an historic town, with a contemporary feel. LeClaire has 3,765 friendly people. It's the home base of the American Pickers TV show, the birth place of Buffalo Bill Cody, the Mississippi River Distilling Company, Wide River Winery and the Twilight Riverboat Cruise. Historically speaking, it has per capita, the most river pilot homes on the Mississippi River. It's a great & safe place to raise your family. The schools are also some of the top schools in the state of Iowa. I am so proud to live in LeClaire, Iowa. Again, I nominate LeClaire, Iowa for coolest town.

    - Donna Walley
  • Leesburg, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    We have one of the top school systems in the state and we have produced Luke Bryan, Buster Posey, and Phillip Phillips! We pull together when needed as when we lost Sgt. Sutton in the current conflict and honored him by having the roads lined from Leesburg to the cemetary in Albany in the heat of summertime in Southwest GA. for his funeral procession. {hundreds of people with flags and other patriotic symbols}
    - Betty Ehrhardt
  • Leicester, LA
    Why it's the coolest
    laid back concerts on the common, harvest festible
    - steven corley
  • LEl Lakekhart, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Wonderful lake, great people, fine school system,and very nice playable 27 hole golf course.
    - Thomas Wiese
  • Leonardtown, MD
    Why it's the coolest
    Small but with everything close by. Friendly people. Great restaurants. Pub. Art galleries. First Friday celebrations. Summer concerts on the square. Great schools. Lots of local talent. Vineyards, Farmers market. Orchards. Amish markets Crafts. Hard-working good honest people. Close to Wash. D.C., Patuxent Naval Air Station.
    - Nette Schou
  • Lewes, DE
    Why it's the coolest
    Lots of history and by the bay and ocean
    - Alison white
  • Lewisville, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    Over 200 years old and still pretty much a quaint little farm fast food restaurants, just 2 gas stations and 1 stop light and a grocery store.
    - James Stewart
  • Lincolnville, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Rolling hills of pastures, great views of mountains, AND the ocean!
    - Lori
  • Lindsborg, KS
    Why it's the coolest
    Home to Bethany College and self-proclaimed "Little Sweden USA", downtown's brick streets are lined with small unique shops that showcase the area's rich Swedish heritage. During Holy Week, Bethany College annually hosts The Messiah Festival of the Arts (, with performances of Handel's "Messiah" on Palm Sunday and Easter and Bach's, "St. Matthew's Passion" on Good Friday. In odd-numbered years, the city hosts Svensk Hyllingsfest ( -- a weekend festival of all-things Swedish. Nearby is Coronado Heights, rumored to be the northern-most stop on Coronado's quest for the city of gold.
    - Kathy Leonard
  • Lititz, PA
    Why it's the coolest

    2013 NOMINATIONS FOR BUDGET TRAVEL COOLEST SMALL TOWN LITITZ PA – POPULATION 9,369 The town of Lititz, from its founding as a Moravian community in 1756, a time when according to church rules residents were not allowed to dance - to the 21st Century, a place where world renown music entertainment entrepreneurs call home. Innovators in the touring concert industry, Clair Global, Tait Towers and Atomic Design provide the sound, stage and lighting for performing artists from Aerosmith to U2. These Lititz-based triumvirates form the moniker, “Rock Lititz.” Not only are the residents of present day Lititz dancing, but as Adele sings, “we could have had it all,” Lititz-ites are singing, “WE HAVE IT ALL!” Many of the historical buildings from the early days have been preserved and infill has added structures that complement the character of Lititz, which is obvious as one strolls down the walkable Main Street and up Broad Street. These architecturally beautiful buildings are occupied by a hip sophistication of more than seventy independent boutiques, specialty shops and restaurants. The General Sutter Inn is an anchor on the square, its fate having been preserved by a gaggle of unhappy residents, when a large gasoline company came to claim it in the 1950’s. A result of that fallout, the first historical district in the state of Pennsylvania was created in 1959 Lititz. The partners of this very Victorian hotel have transformed the third floor into the Rock Lititz Penthouse, featuring contemporary guest quarters decorated with Rock Lititz show memorabilia. A native of Liverpool, England, the General Sutter Inn owner, reinvented the hotel’s breakfast room by turning it into a genuine British pub with cask engines, rotating taps having unique beers and microbrews, and serving pub fare with a twist. Lititz, an emerging foodie town, has thirty food related shops, from purveyors of exclusive olive oils and balsamic vinegars to international cheeses and exotic meats, from coffee roasting to wine tasting. Saturday’s downtown farmers market supports the locavore movement as a grower’s only market, with non-redundant farm-to-table preparations and enticing displays of local produce from their own Lancaster County (a place that Bon Appétit Magazine declared as having the best soil in the world). The presence of a local micro-brewery, outdoor dining spots and an artisanal chocolate café add to the abundant epicurean delights. Lititz is home to a lot of firsts in the US – Linden Hall (the first girl’s school), Sturgis Pretzel House (the first pretzel bakery) and the Lititz Springs Park’s longest uninterrupted Fourth of July celebration. Wilbur Chocolate Co., established locally in 1913 is located in the midst of downtown, emanates the essence of all things chocolate and declares itself, “An American Original.” Lititz hosts over thirty events in the downtown every year and was named a Distinctive Destination by the National Historic Trust for Historic Preservation. Lititz also, has received the prestigious honor of having been named a Nationally Accredited Main Street Program for outstanding organizational performance in sustaining a Main Street effort. With all of its progressive presence, Lititz remains a town that is real. It has a variety of housing, diversity of ages, state-of-the-art recreation center and library, excellent public school system, quality recreational and park facilities, a community full of volunteers, and a cohesive local government. LITITZ DOES HAVE IT ALL!

    - Kelly Withum
  • Lodi, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    - Rick
  • Lompoc, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    it has a long rich history of growing half the flowers seeds for the world. With hills covered in flowers due to the perfect climate year around. And while it grows less flowers than it has in the past its still an awesome place to see, and live.
    - Tanja
  • Long Beach, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Cozy down home friendly people. Love the support and love they share with one another.
    - JoAn Niceley
  • Longboat Key, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Quiet residential area with the finest beach in the world, just minutes from a wonderful city (Sarasota) offering world class arts, gourmet foods, and wonderful scenery. Perfect weather and activities promoting healthy lifestyles. The list is endless, but easy to sum up as paradise!
    - Bill Pollak
  • Los Alamos, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Just off US Hwy 101 in the heart of Santa Barbara County's wine country, Los Alamos (population 1,890) was founded in 1876 and still preserves its authentic western heritage as well as offering some fine 21st century amenities. How about the renovated, historic 1880 Union Hotel (a former stageoach stop) and the Depot Mall (former train station now filled ith 60 antique dealers) surrounded by 4 family-owned restaurants featuring local farm-to-table fare, 2 boutique wine tasting rooms and friendly residents (whom you can chat with at the Post Office--since you still have to go there to get your mail.) Los Alamos (in Spansh, it means the cottonwoods, trees that surround the area) is worthy of the designation "coolerst small town!"
    - Laura Kath
  • Lovettsville, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    People who genuinely care about one another. Been part of it in action. Settled by German farmers in 1732, one of the oldest towns in Loudoun County. Awesome Oktoberfest, which is celebrated the last weekend in September. Market Table Bistro which boasts farm to table food has been chosen top 50 restaurants in Northern Virginian by Northern Virginia magazine! Also great, the Sunday Farmers Market located behind Market Table Bistro on Sundays! Love it in Lovettsville!
    - Lisa Kraft
  • Lubec, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    Lubec is the easternmost town in the USA, home of West Quoddy Lighthouse. Lubec is prestine and beautiful. A hip little town where art, music and fun collide, where the sun shines first!
    - Sara McConnell
  • Luling, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    You know Luling is Famous for BBQ, Watermelon, The Farmers Markets and The Train... We are the first stop on The Texas BBQ Trail, We have a very Historic Oil Museum, Zedler Mill Museum, Park and Old Cotton Gin, Pumpjack Tours,Our Luling Foundation Farm with over 1,123 acres and is a Non-Profit agriculture demonstration farm established in 1927, The first Texas Inland Paddling Trail which is a 6 mile stretch, Luling Ice House Pottery, Golf Course, Palmetto State Park, a shop dedicated to anything and everything watermelon which is appropriately named the Watermelon Shop, and many many more!!!
    - Ashley Flores
  • Lumberton, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    We have the greatest people.
    - Dora Britt-Malone
  • Lynchburg, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    Lynchburg offers everything from trails for hiking and riding, to nearby wineries, to great food selections, and history lessons all over. Lynchburg is also central to a lot of other attractions, like the Blue Ridge Mountains, Wintergreen, Appomattox Courthouse (where Lee surrendered to Grant), and the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford.
    - Nicole M.
  • Lyons, CO
    Why it's the coolest

    Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by miles of Open Space and bordering Rocky Mountain National Park, Lyons offers rich experiences in world class mountain biking, kayaking, cycling, horse back riding, hiking tubing, photography, food, music, fun shops - and some of the best coffee anywhere in our funky, foodie-driven coffee shops. Great little downtown with diverse restaurants and local brewery Oskar Blues, and our brand new Spirit Hound Distillery. Live music almost nightly. Music festivals, art and music dominate the physical and cultural landscapes. 1,600 acres of city parks for 2000 people.

    - Roxane Peyser
  • Madison, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    great schools, low tax,many parks its mayberry with a lot more money...
    - keith w
  • Madison, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    Lots of historical buildings. Its the town shermandid niot buirn onhis March to the Sea. Still has the old southern small town charm.
    - Ron Carlson
  • Madisonville, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    we have officials in office that love our town and have made it a place to visit. Restored our courthouse, put in new streets, lights,benches, flowers.During July & August they have free concerts every Sat.nt. I love our town.
    - Clarice Jones
  • Magee, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    Magee has always been a peaceful place, with many friendly, caring people. Even though it is small, it provides for any need a person may have: hospital, doctors, schools, businesses, social activities, churches, etc. For convenience, it is situated equidistantly between two much larger cities, Jackson and Hattiesburg, roughly a 45 minute drive to each. It is my home town!!
    - Olivia McNair
  • Maggie Valley, NC
    Why it's the coolest

    This little town has shopping, dining, entertainment, gambling, golf & miniature golf, waterfalls, walking trails, tubing, wildlife reserve, snow skiing and Ghost Town a small but expanding theme park. It's just a little something here and there kinda town.

    - Tressa Pinter-Stahlnecker
  • Mahtowa, MN
    Why it's the coolest
    It is located on the Willard Munger MN.State Biking,Running,Walking Snowmobiling Trail.
    - Carol Pelletier
  • Malverne, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    A neat downtown with small businesses locally owned. One of the last farms still operating in Nassau County, a treat for resident locavores; a marvelous movie theater showing first run and off beat movies which draws a crowd from near and far. Malverne is the best kept secret on Long Island; come and visit.
    - Frank Chiachiere
  • Mancos, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Great resources, friendly people, open minded but steeped in regional history.
    - Todd Kearns
  • Manzanita, WA
    Why it's the coolest
    Located in the natural beauty of the Northern Oregon Coast, situated toward the top of a 8 mile long beach, bordered by State Parks, old growth rain forest, and crashing surf. This tidy town of a few thousand plays host to arts and music festivals, a thriving public market, to-die-for bakery and pizza restaurants, and the most eclectic band urban refugees ranging from broke surfers to retired bazillion-aires, all happily co-existing in an egalitatian nest, perched on the edge of modern civilization.
    - Dave Miller
  • Marblehead, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    On the Lake with Islands only a couple miles away. Its a great boating, fishing town in the summer and has outstanding local people that live all year round. All winter there is fundraiser after fundraiser for local families in need and everyone pitches in. It only has 842 people year round:)
    - Kathleen Mintz
  • Mariemont, OH
    Why it's the coolest
    Artsy, small college town, beautiful scenery,great B&B's
    - Jason Gillespie
  • Marineland, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Marineland is a town that has more dolphin residents than human residents. It is a place where families come to relax and commune with nature as interactions and observations of dolphins, shorebirds, manatees, and right whales. The largest piece of property is a nature preserve. Kayaks and sailboats rival cars for recreational transportation. Surfing is great, fishing is great. All of this equals coooool.
    - M. Lagasse
  • Marion, MA
    Why it's the coolest
    Quaint seaside community without all the hassles of traffic and throngs of people. Beautiful Cape Cod feel, picket fences, lush gardens, lots of boats in the harbor, Amazing sunsets, great bookstore, general store, antique shop, and novelty gift shop, ice cream store, historical society museum,tennis, golf, croquet, Natural History Museum, and of course Uncle Jon's for the best coffee and baked goods and best meeting spot to catch up with friends. People in Marion are caring,considerate and passionate about keeping Marion unique.
    - carlotta Gladding
  • Marquette, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    Beauty beauty beauty. So much to do. Summer and winter. Wonderful people, colledge town. Lake superior sandy beaches great skiing, downhill, cross country, snow shoeing, dog sled racing and in summer boating, fishing, bicycling , beautiful woods, trails, and hiking and camping. It is limitless, with wonderful summer temps and no humidity. Beautiful waterfront with gorgeous sailboats. Make sure you look this one up. It's one of America's best kept secrets in the upper peninsula of michigan
    - Dean Bothwell
  • Marshall, MI
    Why it's the coolest
    This is not just a small historic town with cool buildings, it also has a rich history showcased by unique museums (11)...not bad for a town of under 7,000.... It also can boast of having great walking tours
    - Barbara Rosene
  • Maryille, TN
    Why it's the coolest
    Small town America at its finest. Wonderful people, beautiful scenery in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mts. in E. Tenn.
    - Sue Kluck
  • Maysville, KY
    Why it's the coolest

    Small town with old time city appeal. This town has a lot of history and was part of the underground railroad. Very artistic town. Home of several celebrities. Lots of lovely little shops and restaurants. Appalachian area. Friendly environment, and also considered home by many southern Ohio people.

    - Winter Dryden
  • Mayville, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a small town with a very big heart and we will alway's welcome visitors. We have a welcome to fall weekend it is alway's the first full weekend in October with bed races on Friday night and craft fair on Saturday with a night on Saturday. Then on Sunday we have a huge parade on Main St.
    - Brenda Ehlers
  • McCall, ID
    Why it's the coolest
    With Brundage Mountain Ski Area as a backdrop, Payette Lake at it's doorstep and the great Payette River flowing through it, McCall offers a year around blend of activities second to none in a very small package!
    - Dave Green
  • McComb, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    It's my hometown.
    - Mae
  • McMinnville, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a charming village type atmosphere with cafe and great wine. In the heart of Oregon wine country, one can ride horses to visit the wineries, and hike on the trails. People are really friendly
    - Jacquin Dole
  • Mecklenburg, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    Historical Buildings, Quiet, Once a booming town
    - Mecklenburg Church
  • Media, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Media is the first Fair Trade Town in the USA. The emphasis on buying local and sustainability is phenomenal. Throw in a lot of cool shops and restaurants and a trolley line running down the center of the main shopping district and you've got the perfect small town.
    - Janelle Downey
  • Meeker, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    Meeker is the coolest small town because it is a community that allows visitors to stroll down the streets to enjoy a great cup of coffee or freshly squeezed limeade (you won't find a better limeade) while browsing local shops for that special thing to take back home. This community enjoys endless opportunities of recreational opportunities including OHV travel within the town and access from town to a 250 mile trail system. If you haven't been to Meeker, you should definitely come for a visit.
    - Kimberly Bullen
  • Melbourne Beach, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Located on a barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean. Sea Turtles are respected here and the beaches are one of the largest nesting areas for green and logger head turtles in the US. Surfing is a favorite past time here and people come from all over to enjoy some of the best surfing in Florida. On the other side of the island the Indian River Lagoon is home to manatees which are also protected here. There are many other attributes such as local activities,5k races, Founders Day activities, etc.
    - Patricia Shea
  • Mendocino, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    Mendocino is a small town of 2,000 people on the coast of Northern California in the wine country. It's the backdrop for many TV shows and movies. The community is amazing and supportive with interests in music, art, wine and food. Because of its natural beauty by the sea and in the redwood forest, many celebrities have 2nd homes in the area. There is a thriving art scene anchored by the Mendocino Art Center and a great local music scene. Kids grow up knowing how to dive for abalone, kayak in the ocean and play beach volleyball.
    - Laura Levy
  • Menonomonie, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Where to start: A great bike trail connecting multiple town, two major theaters (The Mabel Tainter and UW-Stout). Great scenic drives, a wonderful history, a history of oddness, community support of local businesses and the arts, an emerging art scene. Local music happens very often.
    - Daniel Zabrowski
  • Meridian, MS
    Why it's the coolest
    It's the Birthplace of the Father of Country Music.. the one and only Jimmie Rodgers!
    - Daniel
  • Micanopy, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    River Phoenix lived there! Also, it's got amazing little shops, cafes and feels like you're in the heart of old Florida.
    - Elizabeth Arnold
  • Middleburg, VA
    Why it's the coolest
    The center of the horse world, with spectacular piedmont vistas, a town with an endless amount of charm and beauty, all a short drive from Washington McDonalds or Walmart allowed here.
    - Nicola
  • Middlebury, NH
    Why it's the coolest
    It has everything!
    - Judson Bartlett
  • Middlebury, VT
    Why it's the coolest

    Tucked between the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain lies Middlebury, Vermont. One part outdoor playground, and one part food and agriculture hotspot, and one part home to its namesake College. Middlebury inspires with a roaring 20 foot waterfall on Otter Creek, brick store downtown, access to world class skiing, cycling, and fly fishing, and its vibrant academic scene. Middlebury draws heavily on its agricultural surroundings and is dotted with restaurants that source locally grown foods and pairs them with wines, beers, or ciders from nearby artisans. In 2012-2013 it will host to The Dalia Lama, NCAA National Skiing Championship, and The Vermont Beer, Wine and Cheese Festival. Middlebury is an amazing place, a beautiful place, and at 8500 people, a place deserving of “Coolest Small Town.”

    - EJ Bartlett
  • Middletown, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Middletown is the oldest established town in Dauphin county. A great deal of History here as well as fantastic places to visit. Middletown is close to Harrisburg and Hershey, PA. A nice clean town.
    - Ralph Chevalier
  • Midland, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    Midland is a very beautiful and growing town. The population has increased but it still has a small town climate. Schools are some of the best in the state of Georgia.Please check out this small town.
    - Rosie Wycoff
  • Midway, KY
    Why it's the coolest
    It has a load of family-centered activities, an excellent farmer's market, lots of local shopping and is minutes from Louisville and Lexington.
    - Tyra
  • Mienster, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Great place live, work and raise a family. Mienster is a small town with two of the best schools in the country. Muenster is a clean and neat town with the friendliest people you will find anywhere.
    - Giles Walterscheid
  • Milford, CT
    Why it's the coolest
    Small town charm, a beautiful New England Green, we are located in the middle of Boston and New York City, train service to both. Great beaches, parks and harbor. Interesting shops and restaruarnts. Fun festivals, lots to do on the cheap for young families.
    - Barbara
  • Milwaukie, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Because it is so close to Portland that you have all the advantages of a big city but it still has the small town feel!
    - Rene
  • Mineola, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    We are a National Main Street town in the middle of East Texas, also know as a the Lake Country. You can drive a short distance in any direction and be at your favorite fishing hole. We are also a great retirement community and our downtown is full of antiques and boutiques. Stay a night with us and you just might decide to stay a lifetime.
    - Pam Franklin
  • Minocqua, WI
    Why it's the coolest

    It is the most amazing town with the natural beauty of the Northwoods of WI. Beautiful lakes, forests, wildlife and wonderful, friendly people!

    - Jane
  • Mishicot, WI
    Why it's the coolest
    Small town charm, friendly people, art galleries, antique shoppes.
    - Tim Murray
  • Mitchell, IN
    Why it's the coolest
    It's a Small Town with lots of Heart..always helping out someone in need and Holding events for The People to enjoy !! We have many things for Tourists...Spring Mill Park is here, and we hold the Mitchell Persimmon Festival Parade Every Year for a week long Festival, ending with a huge Parade for all to enjoy!!!Our Theme this Year for the 66th Parade is "Small Town Proud """ and we are !!!
    - Karen Hall
  • Moab, UT
    Why it's the coolest
    Moab,Utah, is home to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, is surrounded by some of the most stunning red rock landscapes on Earth. Moab’s unique combination of small resort town hospitality, beautiful scenery and the cool waters of the Colorado River has made it one of the most sought after destinations in the southwest.
    - Robyn Lucas
  • Molalla, OR
    Why it's the coolest
    Surrounded by some of the finest soil in the Willamette Valley, home to the 7th largest rodeo in the world, horses,cattle, apples and berries Black, Blue, Marion and Straw; wild and scenic white water through pristine wilderness corridor, Bigfoot Migration, community pride, great schools, abundant commercial and industrial land--and all this close to Portland but away from it all.
    - Jenifer Kay Hood
  • Monroe, GA
    Why it's the coolest
    Best antique shops, good cafes, beautiful main street, great atmosphere
    - Liz
  • Montevallo, AL
    Why it's the coolest
    We have a small college - University of Montevallo - cobblestone strees at the college. A great coffee house, unique shops and a beautiful park
    - Louise Alexander
  • Montevideo, MN
    Why it's the coolest
    Check it out!!! We are award winning as "All Star American City", "15th Place out of 25 Best Pheasants Forever"- Top Pheasant Hunting Places in America. We are the home of CURE. We just replaced our old dam with green friendly natural rapids system,our town is situated at the confluence of both Minnesota and Chippewa Rivers, Gateway to the Prairie Water System, Sister City of Montevideo, Uruguay; home of first ever Governor's Pheasant Hunt for Minnesota, Home of 2011-12 Minnesota Aquatennial Queen, Amanda Bertrand. We just commemorated the Dakota War's 150th Anniversary of Camp Release prisoners of war. We are the Veteran's Friendly Community in Minnesota. We are Home of "Hollywood on Main", we have terrific coffee shops, and so much more!! You can check us out on Facebook- we are a very progressive and active community. We also beautify our Main Street with flower baskets galore, in the warm weather months. (Need I go on????)
    - Debra Lee Fader Montevideo Mayor
  • Montour Falls, NY
    Why it's the coolest
    this quaint small town features a 150ft waterfall at the end of the main street which is lined with mid to late 19th century buildings creating a breathtaking scene. The shops range from the local pharmacy to the cupcake shop to nick nacks and more. definetely a must see place!!
    - Janet
  • Montverde, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Montverde Florida is the Mayberry of the south. Where the rich history of grape packing plants, railways and old fishing camps has shaped the present. Today, residents still stop to wave to one another and take the time to help a fellow neighbor. Town employees check on the elderly residents of the community. Thursdays is "Old Foaggie" meeting, people of all ages gather in the community building to bring some baked goods and converse. Montverde is a place with one traffic light, an old-fashioned deli and a culture that is genuine. A community that holds old-fashioned dinners for the community for $1.00. along with Family Kickball games. Montverde is especially unique as its in the shadows of our neighbor, Orlando Florida. Few could imagine that just a short 20 minutes lies the Mayberry of the South.
    - Shannon Hidalgo
  • Mooresville, NC
    Why it's the coolest

    It's called Race City USA. We have 75% of all NASCAR teams here. Also we have the largest man made lake in NC (Lake Norman).It is just a awesome small town atmosphere.

    - Mike Goins
  • Morrill, ME
    Why it's the coolest
    It is a small community very close to the coast and should be recognized more than it is.
    - Kristen
  • Morrison, CO
    Why it's the coolest
    It has Red Rocks Amphitheater! Plus it has a Bandimere Speedway. Plus, a bunch of dinosaur remains, beautiful hiking/scenery, a great downtown, and the restaurants are fantastic! The community here is also very welcoming. We love Morrison!
    - Danica
  • Morro bay, CA
    Why it's the coolest
    My wife's favorite town in CA. We have RV'ed in all lower 48 states and Morro Bay is beautiful, quaint, a great place to watch surfing, sea otters, hundreds of species of birds and it even has a good municipal golf course with views of the Morro Rock. Lots of other reasons to like Morro Bay. Way Kool.
    - MrOAK
  • Mountainair, NM
    Why it's the coolest

    Active art community, and the historic Shaffer Hotel, Rancho Bonito and the Salinas Pueblo Ruins.

    - Sheila Trevett
  • Mount Carroll, IL
    Why it's the coolest

    With only a population of 1832, I think Mount Carroll is the coolest small town! It’s brick streets and historic building give the perfect backdrop for the many locally owned small businesses and organized actives. Mount Carroll has many unique shops and restaurants to choose from. We even have a nationally known haunted house, Ravens Grin, right in the downtown district. Mount Carroll also has many activities throughout the year. We have grave yard tours, art scenes, May fest, and the very popular Cruise Nights and that is just naming a few. Anyone who loves small towns, falls in love with Mount Carroll, IL.

    - Shaina
  • Mount Dora, FL
    Why it's the coolest
    Awesome little town that, while located in Central Florida, will remind you if New England. Quaint, dog-friendly...with lovely bed-and-breakfasts as well as the historic Lakeside Inn. Boutique stores and incredible (and diverse) restaurants. All within walking distance...and only a few blocks from the shore of beautiful Lake Dora.
    - Chris Swim
  • Mount Gretna, PA
    Why it's the coolest
    Nestled beneath the trees, this tiny town comes alive during the summer season with a yearly arts festival, shows at the open air playhouse, swimming at the local lake, musical acts and story telling on expansive porches. For those of us that call this little treasure home year round, there are miles and miles of walking trails and a slower pace of life that makes you feel like you are on vacation every single day.
    - Snuffy
  • Mountie, TX
    Why it's the coolest
    Christian beliefs
    - Debbie
  • Mount Morris, NY
    Why it's the coolest

    Mount Morris has recently undergone a makeover. It has new shops, restaurants and festivals galore. It's also home to Letchworth State Park, the Grand Canyon of the East!

    - Becky McKeown
  • Mount Pleasant, UT
    Why it's the coolest
    New business is encouraged but never at the expense of tearing down our heritage. When new people move in they perserve the old homes. Our culture remains the same and people who come in are welcome to find the treasure that remains here.
    - Lisa Burrows
  • Mt. Airy, NC
    Why it's the coolest
    It is the town Mayberry was based on for the Andy Griffith Show. Visitors can go back in time through the places Andy, Barney, and Gomer frequented, including the Mayberry courthouse, Wally's Service Station, and the Snappy Lunch, where one can get a pork chop sandwich just like Andy did.
    - Katherine Bailey
  • Mt Home, ID
    Why it's the coolest
    Our town will rally around those that need help. We have the biggest parade in our state. We also have rodeos that are packed not only from the people in town but far outside. This town has actually moved from it's original place at the foothills of the mountains to were it is now in the 1800's so the ranchers has less trouble getting their cattle to the rail station. Come take a look.
    - Gail Sherer
  • Mt. Sterling, KY