Trip Coach Budget Travel Editors answered your travel questions on Tuesday, March 8 at noon ET Budget Travel Tuesday, Mar 8, 2005, 12:00 AM Budget Travel LLC, 2016


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Budget Travel Editors answered your travel questions on Tuesday, March 8 at noon ET

Need help planning a trip? Have a question about your next vacation?

The editors of Budget Travel magazine answered your travel questions Tuesday, March 8, at 12pm EST.


Moderator: Welcome to our first Budget Travel Trip Coach live chat! Our chatters this week include Senior Editor Online Adrien Glover, Associate Editor Brad Tuttle, Associate Editor Laurie Kuntz, and Editorial Assistant David La Huta. We're all ready to answer your travel questions!


University Place, WA: The article on no-frill airlines in Europe reminded budget travelers to "do the math" in order to find out whether the airfare savings is worth landing in a secondary airport that may be some distance from your actual destination. My daughter & I have tickets on SWA to NYC (arriving at 10:30pm). The budget fare involves flying into Islip (McArthur Airport) on Long Island. I have been unable to find any transfers from the airport to Manhattan that are less expensive than a private town car ($120 - $160 each way). Am I missing something? The airfare from Seattle to Islip is only $99.00! Thank you.

Budget Travel Editors: New Yorkers love to complain about the hassle and expense of getting to and from area airports. And, on occasion, round-trip airfare does cost less than it does to get to LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark. (You can always take the A train to JFK for $2 but it takes hours.)
The Islip Airport is a little different. The common way to get to/from NYC is to take a taxi or shuttle bus to Islip (bus is $5) and the Long Island Rail Road Train to Penn Station from Ronkonkoma (about $12). Including a tip, the whole thing should cost you about $20. Here's a link to the LIRR's fares and schedules:


Washington, DC: My sister and I are planning a trip to the South Pacific. We want to visit Sydney, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand; Suva, Fiji; and Papeete, Tahiti from late Apr 05 to early May 05. Would it be best to use a travel agency or book the trip ourselves? If we should use a travel agency, do you have one you'd recommend? Thank you.

Budget Travel Editors: Unless you don't have time, we recommend you do the research on your own rather than going through a travel agency. There are lots of tools for comparing prices - and you can book directly.


Denver, CO: I am planning a trip to Buenos Aires and either Punta del Este or Rio de Janiero at New Year's. Can you recommend any planning tools or packages?

Budget Travel Editors: Right now, there aren't many New Year's packages, it's too early. We would check Marnella Tours, GoToday, or Traveland in the summer. You can take a ferry to Montevideo and then a bus to Punta del Este.


Portland, OR: There have not been any airfare sales from the US to Europe for the late spring/early summer season (e.g. June) yet. When should we expect to see them (if at all)? Getting nervous, Brad

Budget Travel Editors: In general, the sales will start coming fast & furious closer to your travel date. Rather than checking every website out there, we recommend you sign up for every email blast list from every airline, and hope for the best.


Stillwater, ME: We will be traveling to Dublin in June for two U2 concerts. Can you recomend some airfare/accomodation packages? We would enjoy being right in the city or in a neighborhood within walking distance. We plan on staying 7-8 nights and would also like to plan some day trips while we are there. Thanks!

Budget Travel Editors: Check, Celtic Tours, C.I.E. and Brian Moore International Tours. Also check Aer Lingus - they often have airfare sales.


Raleigh, NC: We are looking at going to Greece this summer, and would like to find an affordable package that would include both boating around the Greek Isles as well as a little time to spend in Athens to see some of the main sights there. It's 2 adults and an 11 year old boy, so we need to be active to keep our son interested. We are looking for something in the 8-10 day range. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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