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Transcript: Miami Vacations

Mark Ellwood answered your questions February 17, 2004


Portland, OR: I visited Miami for the first time last fall on my way to a cruise and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Especially enjoyed the food at Tu Tu Tango. Do you have any suggestions for similar restaurants with a very interesting menu? Thanks.

Mark Ellwood: Restaurants come and go so frequently in Miami, so any list is almost out of date as soon as it's written. But my pick of the places to eat right now are all on the mainland, along the Biscayne Corridor. Check out OLA, it's a Latin fusion place at 50th St which just opened and is chef'd by the famous Douglas Rodriguez; or there's Citronelle further up, a Haitian fusion eatery. The place that has the most alternative, Portland-esque vibe is probably Cafe 190, on NE 46th St - brunch there is an all you can eat deal for $15, and there are poetry readings and performances during the week.


Columbus, OH: Hi Mark, I'm a single person, and have no idea where to stay or go to enjoy the "full flavor" of Miami. Any top 5 list would be helpful. Thanks!

Mark Ellwood: To get the 'full flabor' of Miami, here's a top 5 to show its range:

  • Get ice cream at the Lakay Bakery in Little Haiti
  • Hang out on the beach at South Beach north of 8th street
  • Grab dinner at the cafe-style Yambo in Little Havana
  • Go shopping (well, window shopping) along Lincoln Road in South Beach
  • Visit Villa Vizcaya in Coral Gables for some culture
  • Marietta, GA: Hi Mark! I'm 16 years old, and I'm going to Miami with my mom, dad, and 18-year-old brother for spring break in early April. I've done some research online, and it doesn't seem like there's much to do there unless you're at least 18. What are some fun things to do for my age group? Thanks.

    Mark Ellwood: Great question. Here's what I'd do: I'd rent some rollerblades, and take a trip round South Beach that way - try Fritz's Skate Shop on Lincoln Road.

    The best hangout is News Cafe on 8th & Ocean - it's open 24 hrs, and it's where the teen models still grab a black coffee once in a while when they're waiting for their next assignment. You can hang there for quite a while without problems.
    At night, you're stuck with your folks more or less, though get them to take you to one of the cooler restaurants like Sushi Rock Cafe and you should get a good taste of Miami nightlife.


    Mark Ellwood: Thanks so much - looks like that's all we've got time for. Thanks for all your questions and hope you have a great time in Miami - it's a magnificent city.


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