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Trip Coach: Dec. 20, 2005

George Hobica of answered your airfare questions

Smithtown, NY: We are looking to travel to Las vegas from the NYC area Oct 5-10th, 2006. What do you think the best time to lock in our airfare would be? Thanks for your time! Gigi

George Hobica: I think it's too early to book fares. But it's a very competitive route so you shouldn't have trouble finding $79 one way fares.


Houston, TX: When and how is really the best way to secure the cheapest fares?

George Hobica: Airlines have secret sales all the time so I suggest checking routes every day. I like Travelocity's flexible date function the best since it looks for fares 330 days ahead vs. 30 days for Orbitz. Other sites have limited or no flexible date searches.


Newark DE : Hello George,
Do you know which of the credit card air frequent flyer
miles rewards programs are the best, in terms of reward
level, ease of use (if thats possible) & redemption ?
I have an Amex Delta Skymiles, and I think they're
horrible. I built up over 66,000 miles and when I try to
call for a flight to Maui 6 months from now, they say there
are no flights available. I am really angry and Delta &
Amex right now.
I'm going to cancel that card soon. No wonder Delta's


George Hobica: Hi.. you might look into Captial One's credit card programs. They claim to have no blackouts.


Sarasota Fl: We travel 3 to 4 times a year and would like to know if there is a general travel insurance policy that will cover all of our travel with just one policy

George Hobica: There is no policy that covers everything; a lot of them have loopholes. Take a look at to compare the different vendors.


cleveland oh: we are flying into prague on 7-6-06.we plan to stay 3 days and then travel to salzburg.
2 adults and 12 yr old...after2-3 days we will stop in villach.from there we would like to visit croatia before heading to italy. we depart from venice july 18.we love
your "little wonders"...any suggestions as to getting to zagreb and then where to go on
coast? should we train or boat to italy?

George Hobica: I would take a look at the Route Maps page at to see what airlines fly where you want to go. There are lots of new European discount carriers. These days, flying is often cheaper than the train although personally I love train travel.


Haleyville, Alabama: My sister, her husband, my wife and I will be traveling to Maui on April 17th for 9 nites. We are all in our 50's. We've already booked our condo accomodations.
We are now beginning our search for a good price for our airfare. We will be flying out of Huntsville, Alabama. Currently, the cost for flights seem pretty steep. Thus, our question is when, if at all, may the prices moderate some from where they are now? Please advise. Thanks!

George Hobica: THere could be a sale on Hawaii any minute or any day; it's a fairly competitive route. You might also look at leaving from Atlanta or Birmingham rather than Huntsville.. perhaps flying to LA or another city served by Aloha Airlines in the west, and then buying a separate ticket from there to Maui.


Portland, Or: My husband and I have plane tickets to Savannah, Ga. for the 13th of January. We will be in Savannah for 3 days. Could you recommend a nice budget hotel? Also some resturants? Thank you. Ang

George Hobica: How about the Hampton Inn tel 912-231-9700. Good value and location.


Tullahoma, TN: My son-in-law and daughter are going to China this March;Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bejing. What book would be most helpful for them on their first trip to these cities?

George Hobica: The biggest seller is the Lonely Planet Guide; but I like the Rough Guide as well.


Willliamsburg, Virginia: Dear George, My husband and I want to go to Peru this spring. The tours we have looked at include the airfare. There is a supplement of $350.00 each for us to get to Miami, where the flight originates. I have found airfare for around $800.00 directly from the Norfolk airport to Lima. What should we do? I am torn between the convenience of the all inclusive and trying to save almost $1,000.00 in airfare for the 2 of us. What should we do? Thanks, Marcia

George Hobica: It's often cheaper to buy two separate fares on your own; just leave plenty of time for the connection, or even arrive a day ahead in Miami and explore the city. With what you may save on airfare you can easily afford to pay for the hotel!

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