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Trip Coach: March 21, 2006

Hugo Burge from answered your travel questions

Hugo Burge, Hello Folks, I see lots of juicy questions for me to get stuck into, so I'll get on with it. Do send in any more questions to keep me on my toes...


Loveland, Colorado: For our honeymoon, my fiance and I are looking to splurge a bit and spend three weeks in Ireland, walking and staying in bed and breakfasts. We thought of going after Labor Day this year for better deals. Are there tour companies and parts of Ireland you'd recommend? We'll be flying out of Denver. Cheers, Mark & Val

Hugo Burge, Sounds like a great trip. I'm envious! Actually I have not spent much time in Ireland but the little I have done was great. I highly recommend Galway and, in particular, a famous pub near there called Morans in Kilcolgan where you must have a pint of Guinness and a hearty pile of Oysters. Unfeasibly good.
I would recommend independent travel, where you can be flexible about where you spend your time, depending on what you discover and how you feel at the time.
In terms of getting to Ireland cheaply, you should be in luck. Aer Lingus, the Irish flag carrier has modeled itself on a low cost airline and can have pretty juicy bargains. As always though shop around because some of the US carriers have launched increasing numbers of routes to Ireland recently as part of their internationalization drive. It is certainly worth contacting an Irish Specialist like O'Connors Travel (based in NY) because they may have special deals and should be able to advise you on accommodation ranging from bed and breakfasts or even a castle stay...


Colorado Springs, CO: We are interested in traveling to New York to see the Rockettes (first of December) and stay in a hotel close by in order to see the city for a couple of days. Are there airfare/hotel/theater packages available from Colorado of this type? Thanks in advance.

Hugo Burge, Many of the big online travel agencies now allow you book flights + hotels + attractions in one simple swoop. They have invested a lot to make their websites simple to use and they have excellent customer service. You can simply add attractions onto your airfare and hotel. You know their names: Expedia/ Travelocity/ Orbitz, so check them out...


Urbana, OH: We have reservations in Vegas in Oct. Would we be better off to make air reservations now, or wait until closer to Oct.?

Hugo Burge, Good question and always a tricky one. If I were you I would book up now. October is busy season and prices are only likely to rise. The airlines tend to have lower prices the earlier you book in advance. The general rule is, if you know when and where you are flying then try to book as early as possible.


Myersville, Maryland: We are planning a trip to Italy (12/14 days) in June or July. We have found 2 very similar trips with Globis & Gate1. Which date and Travel Agency would you choose and why?? Many thanks

Hugo Burge, Actually, I am not a package expert per se. I have always traveled independently (and recommend it heartily) but here are my thoughts:
- travel for 14 days not 12. Longer is better for a flight of that length and so much to see.
- I would try to aim for early June to try to avoid the peak summer season for both crowds and weather.
- Which agency you decide to go with is really a question of personal choice and what they are offering. Without more details it is hard to say. They are both certainly well known agencies.


Lexington, GA: When would be the best time to go to Italy?

Hugo Burge, I love Italy and my only recommendation would be to try to beat the summer crowds, particularly if you are visiting popular tourist spots like Venice, Rome and Pisa. My favourite times are September and October in Europe when the holiday season is over and the weather is a bit cooler...oh and flight prices/ hotels should be a fair whack cheaper too.
It is also remembering the White Truffle Season is around November, if you want a gastronomic experience to remember.


San Francisco, CA: My husband and I are planning our first trip to London in September. On our way to the UK we would like to stop in NYC for my father's 60th birthday surprise party (Sept 16). Do any airlines allow a 3-4 day stopover? If an airline does allow a stopover, how do I go about booking it (online? multi-city? on the phone?) We'd like to arrive in NYC on Sept 14 or 15, depart for London from NYC on Sept 18 or 19, and return to SFO Sept 29 or 30. (My 30th birthday also happens to be Sept 28, so if you have any fabulous "you only turn 30 once" activities to suggest for our last day in London, please do!). Thanks, Betsy

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