Trip Coach: May 16, 2006 Holly Morris, co-founder of "Adventure Divas, Inc.," answered your questions on Adventure Travel Budget Travel Tuesday, May 16, 2006, 1:49 PM Budget Travel LLC, 2016


Trip Coach: May 16, 2006

Holly Morris, co-founder of "Adventure Divas, Inc.," answered your questions on Adventure Travel

Holly Morris: Hi there, Holly Morris here. Fire away with your questions!


Redmond, WA: Will be traveling to AZ the end of June with our two teenagers, 12 & 15. One week in Tucson, 1-2 days up in Grand Canyon, and three days in Phoenix. What would you suggest are the MUST SEE & DO there? Also, my son is very interested in rocks & minerals- is there anywhere he can actually go digging? Thank you.

Holly Morris: Hiking with your teenagers is a great bonding experience. If you're into a more dramatic, rougher hike, the Kaibab is supposed to be the route for you. It's 3 miles round-trip - so bring your water bottle. Near Mathers point there's an excellent lookout and visitors center - and I bet your son could get his fill of info on rocks and minerals there. The Bright Angels trail - which is less rough than Kaibab - will mostly likely bring a visit from the California Condors...


Aspen, CO: I'm an Aunt to a wonderful nephew & niece. I love to travel, so for their college graduation "gift" I'd planned on taking them on a trip overseas. Thanks to information I found in "Budget Travel" 3 years ago, I was able to take my nephew to Florence, Italy for 6 days. It's now my niece's turn! She'd love a destination which involves a BEACH; I've been looking at Greece, but am open to suggestions. Due to my job (I work in a winter/summer resort town) and the need to save some money, travel must be in the spring or fall of 2007. I'm single, work full-time, and of course will be paying for 2 people - HELP Budget Travel!

Holly Morris: What a wonderful tradition Auntie. If you're feeling sporty, I'd recommend going to the amazing beaches and delicious culture of Bahia, Brazil. There's a wonderful fishing village called Itacare that has a range of accommodations. And you two can go to surf camp - no experience necessary. and not too expensive. Check out and I think the town of Itacare has a site too. You can google it.. Hang ten.


Canton (Atlanta), GA: Next year, I and several of my friends will be turning 50 years "young." Rather than looking at this milestone negatively, I would like to make it an event to look forward to. I would love to go on a group (girls) trip to experience someplace and something out of the ordinary (such as the zipline thru the jungles of Costa Rica or Belize), yet be able to relax and be pampered as well - all of this on a relatively low budget of course! Where would you suggest, and what time of year would be best? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks -Cathy

Holly Morris: Georgia Ladies -well I am biased - but I think you should go on an Adventure Diva tour trip! We're taking groups of women to India, Peru, Brazil and New Zealand throughout 2007. Check out And a few literary companions? How about the anthologies of Seal Press' Adventura series - books by and about women travelers. Or, the classic girl roadtrip book 'Bad Girls Guide To The Open Road'.


Albuquerque, NM: My husband and I are seeking a romantic destination for celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Any suggestions?

Holly Morris: If you would like to stay relatively close to home, how about a romantic houseboat trip on Lake Powell? A little bubbly while bobbing on gentle waters at sunset? And plenty of privacy.


Spring Lake, MI: My husband and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary this summer and would like to plan a rail trip "Out West". We have traveled all over the world, but have never seen the Grand Canyon. Any suggestions for an itinerary? Thank You for your consideration, Ann

Holly Morris: I hear there's a train that goes right INTO the rim lodge area of the Grand Canyon. Stay at El Tovar - the original oldest hotel. Make your reservations at their fab restaurant well in advance. Go to Xantara's website to make all your reservations for the Grand Canyon....Happy anniversary Ann.


Sierra Vista, AZ: Mom and I want to go on a European Cruise. If we could only go once in a lifetime, which one should we do?

Holly Morris: Sorry I am not up on European cruises - but - I know 3 sisters who took their mom to Alaska on a cruise and gave the trip rave reviews. Spirit Cruises go up the Inside Passage in Alaska are supposed to be the best. They're a bit smaller, and the food is better than the rest of the cruise fare. As for the landscape - stunning, pristine, unique. Might want to read a book about the AK experiences of author Jonathan Raban to get excited....

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