We Have a Winner! The results of our "Got a Girlfriend Getaway Tradition?" contest are in. Budget Travel Wednesday, May 23, 2007, 4:00 PM Budget Travel LLC, 2016


We Have a Winner!

The results of our "Got a Girlfriend Getaway Tradition?" contest are in.


Whenever my friend Winnie and I go on holiday, we always trade jobs. I'm a photojournalist, and Winnie is a social worker. Both of us prefer to leave our work life behind while we're vacationing, but whenever we meet new people, usually one of the first questions is "What do you do for a living?" Switching jobs keeps the conversation flowing and gives us a fresh perspective when we return. Jody Kurash, Washington, D.C.

Jody wins a fabulous girlfriend getaway for two to Miami's Bal Harbour Village, courtesy of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and its partners. The prize includes round-trip airline tickets; two nights at the Sea View Hotel in Bal Harbour; one $500 gift card for the Bal Harbour Shops; one Bal Harbour Passport, offering $2,000 in shopping, dining, and spa privileges; dinner for two at Carpaccio at Bal Harbour Shops; and admission for two to The Fifth nightclub in South Beach, where they'll get a VIP table and a bottle of champagne.


My girlfriends and I are in our early 50s. Wherever we go, we always take small squirt guns with us. When we see a girl that we consider a Barbie-doll girl--great looking, perfect figure, etc.--we squirt her. She never figures out where the water is coming from, and we enjoy a laugh or two. Rebecca Winchester, Bemus Point, N.Y.

Back when we were young and single, my girlfriend Susan and I went on several camping trips and made a lot of s'mores. Now we do short birthday trips. One year, Susan surprised me with a portable s'more maker with a grill. So now, no matter where we go, I take it along, and we enjoy s'mores and lots of reminiscing. Gwen Rohan, Huntsville, Ala.

Each year, about 10 of my college friends and I get together for our annual girls' weekend. Regardless of where we go, our friend Wynne packs the Magic Date Ball (similar to the Magic 8 Ball, but it's pink). We spend the weekend touring, talking, laughing, and consulting the Magic Date Ball on all sorts of life decisions. Laura May, Nashville, Tenn.

One year, while planning our annual getaway, my mother and I reached a stalemate (she likes the beach, I like Europe). So we drew our destination out of a hat. We've now incorporated that into our decision making...although I caught her cheating last year by putting extra bids for Walt Disney World in the pot. We've been to Hawaii, London, Paris, Tuscany, and, of course, Disney World. Stephanie Marchant, Atlanta, Ga.

On our decade birthdays (e.g., 50), we each contribute to a cause by doing something we've never done before. On my girlfriend's 50th birthday, we walked a marathon in Ireland and raised $4,300 each for the Arthritis Foundation. Karen Ideker, Olympia, Wash.

At every place we visit, my best friend and I create a thumbs-up, thumbs-down list. We take pictures, too, so that mixed in with the historic sites and beautiful scenery are photos of ourselves giving a thumbs-up to an amazing gelato station or a thumbs-down to the pay phone we couldn't figure out how to use. Julianna Keyes, Medford, Mass.

We always take a Where's Waldo?-type picture. We spread out in a crowd in busy places such as the Spanish Steps. When we get home, it's fun to find ourselves in the crowded pictures. Jane Immel, Fredericksburg, Tex.

My sisters and I started a tradition by planning a surprise trip for our eldest sister's 60th birthday. We gave her hints and photos along the way so she could try to guess where we were taking her--of course, some of the hints were a little misleading. Since this summer is my 60th, I got a photo of what looked like a ghost of the Virgin Mary, along with a hint that we would definitely be traveling by car and boat. We have as much fun with the hints and guesses as the trip itself. Joyce Lucier, Bangor, Maine

Every year, 10 deputy sheriffs from the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department rent a house in Door County. We make a videotaped scavenger hunt and see who can make it to Door County first. Over the years, the group has eaten pickled eggs and chased chickens to grab a feather. We also ask bartenders along the way if they wear boxers or briefs and then ask for the underwear as an article for our hunt. This is our weekend--to abandon the uniform, to talk for hours, but most importantly, since we work in a male-dominated profession, to feel like women again. Debby Vanderboom, Waukesha, Wis.

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