Trip Coach: August 28, 2007 Doug Kirby and Ken Smith, editors of the website, answered your questions on roadside attractions. Budget Travel Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007, 12:29 PM Budget Travel LLC, 2016


Trip Coach: August 28, 2007

Doug Kirby and Ken Smith, editors of the website, answered your questions on roadside attractions.

Doug Kirby and Ken Smith: Greetings! Doug Kirby and Ken Smith here -- we research and write, covering thousands of offbeat tourist attractions in the US. We've pulled off the highway for the next hour to answer your important road trip questions! Fire away!


Middletown, De.: We are 2 couples wanting to drive to Biltmore Estates, and also take in Stne Mountain, Ga. What would you suggest along the way? My husband and I have been to Asheville, N.C. at Biltmore Estates, on the way home from a Florida road trip. I really would like to know about any additional sites between there and Stone Mt. Thank you, Glenda

Doug Kirby and Ken Smith: There's plenty between Delaware and Georgia. Based on your initial choices -- Biltmore Estate (Lifestyles of the Superrich), and Stone Mountain (heroes of the Confederacy) -- and that you're "couples," we'll guess at your interests. How about Mt. Airy, NC -- Andy Griffiths' Hometown and burial spot for Chang and Eng, famous 19th century Siamese Twins? Get a haircut at Floyd's and then pay your respects at the cemetery, joined at the hip to your un-detachable other.

Wait, you could do a whole Dead Twin theme trip between Mt. Airy and Stone Mtn, sort of. The World's Largest Grave for the World's Largest Twins is in Hendersonville, NC. And the Hilton Sisters Siamese Twin Grave is in Charlotte. Remember those wacky gals in "Chained for Life"? LOL

On the way to NC - Want to see the Confederates whip the Union Army? With the help of dinosaurs, of course. Stop at Dinosaur Kingdom, Natural Bridge, VA:


Philadelphia, Pa.: I am interested in a road trip from Philadelphia, Pa. to Hartford, Conn. and/or Newport, Rhode Island. I can leave after work on Wed 9-12 or early am on Thursday 9-13. I want to return late afternoon or early evening on Sunday 9-16. How much should I include in this trip. Am I trying to do too much in such a short time? Should this be two separate trips? I want to know what is available in these areas to do and see. I do not fish, hike in the woods, bike or do boating other than a group tour in a vessel. Please help me organize myself. I am the driver. My husband is legally blind and we do have a Megellan. Thanks.


Doug Kirby and Ken Smith: Philly to Newport, RI is a 5 hour drive if you don't get snarled in NYC congestion. Not a bad drive (some days we do 12 hours of driving and still visit 15 landmarks!), but you have 4 days to play with.

Bridgeport has the Barnum Museum (as in P.T. "Sucker born every minute."Barnum), 820 Main St. If you head up a little further north you can visit the Timexpo museum about clocks with a giant Easter Island head out front. 175 Union St, Waterbury, CT.

Newport -- Belcourt Castle, tour the castle, see the haunted chairs. (659 Bellevue Ave.) Mysterious Viking Tower -- who built it? Who knows... (25 Bellevue Ave).

Portsmouth, Rhode Island - See Pookie Duke and the Duchess of Windsor's Dog's Grave!

More more more in Rhode Island:

North of Newport, Fall River, MA is where you'll find the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, (92 Second Street ) Fall River Historical Society, (451 Rock St.) where you can look at the "40 whacks" ax.


Belleville, N.J.: My wife and I planning on taking a day trip to New Hope, Pa. this Labor Day weekend to hit the antique shops, etc. Are there any cool things to see in the general area to help justify the drive out that way?

Doug Kirby and Ken Smith: Northlandz is northeast of New Hope along Rt 202 in Flemington. Huge, crazily constructed miniature railroad attraction. If you go, ask at the ticket counter if the owner will be playing his pipe organs during your visit.

If you're interested in history and sordid crimes, head south from Lambertville along the Delaware River about a half hour to the NJ State Police Museum, 1040 River Rd, West Trenton. NJ's electric chair on display, and an exhibit about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.

Since they took down the phallic bone display at Mason's bar, there's not much roadside stuff in the New Hope/Lambertville area itself. New Hope is nice for popping into antique shops and art galleries, taking a scenic walk across the bridge -- if you really like that sort of thing. There are nice places to eat on both the New Hope and Lambertville sides. If it's a nice day, expect lots of motorcyclists puttering up and down the main drag...

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