Trip Coach: June 3, 2008 Margaret Lyons, editor-in-chief of city info site Chicagoist, answered your questions about the Windy City. Budget Travel Tuesday, Jun 3, 2008, 9:44 AM Budget Travel LLC, 2016


Trip Coach: June 3, 2008

Margaret Lyons, editor-in-chief of city info site Chicagoist, answered your questions about the Windy City.

Margaret Lyons:Hi, this is Margaret Lyons, and I'm excited to talk to everyone about Chicago! Let's get started, shall we?


Denver, Colo.:Hi, Margaret. I'm coming to Chicago June 24 for the first time. What exactly is Chicago-style pizza and where are some places to get the "authentic" stuff?


Margaret Lyons: Ooooh, boy, that's a good one. Chicago-style pizza typically means deep dish, with a very doughy crust and unlike East Coast pizza, the sauce is on the top (crust // cheese // sauce // toppings, instead of crust // sauce // cheese // toppings). As far as best places to get it, I'm partial to Pequod's and Gino's East. But places like Giordano's and Lou Malnati's, which have spots all over the city, are pretty good, too.


Savannah, Ga.:I am planning a trip to Chicago during the Food Festival that the city has every year, but I am still not sure if I will drive or fly with the gas prices being so high. My son wants to fly because he has never been on a plane. But on the other hand I wanted to have a nice road trip to show him the different states on the way there. What should I do?

Margaret Lyons:If you're worried about needing a car to get around Chicago, don't be. I don't even have a drivers license! Chicago is very pedestrian-friendly, and the public transit system is pretty easy to navigate. (And if either of you like bikes, there are bike rentals available, too, which is a great way to get around town.) As someone who's road-tripped around the Chicago area a lot, I'll admit there's not a whole lot to see.


Washington, D.C.:Hi, Margaret. I will be taking a trip to Chicago from July 4-7 with my husband and another couple. We'd love to spend a few hours relaxing at a spa—can you recommend a good one that won't break the bank?

Margaret Lyons: My favorite spa is Continuum. It's relatively affordable, and to me a really quintessential Chicago business: small, neighborhood-oriented, and unfailingly kind. I also got the best massage and facial ever there. :) It's pretty far off the beaten path—way on the North Side—so it's also a good see-the-city trip.


Murfreesboro, Tenn.:My partner and I are going for our very first time in July for a conference, and we have a few days to spend with off-and-on free time. We have tickets to see "Wicked" at the Ford Center on a Sunday afternoon, but other than that, we're not sure what to do. We'd like to eat "up high" (if that makes sense) with a view of the city, and besides going to see the Crate&Barrel flagship store on Michigan Avenue, what other "must-see" stores are there? Thanks!

Margaret Lyons: Go see some live comedy! I'm a fan of Second City's etc stage which tends to be a bit more edgy and adventurous than the main stage show. If you like improv, you can see shows at iO pretty much any night of the week, and the later you go, the cheaper it gets. As far as must-see stores go, the Mag Mile has the real mega overwhelming giganto places, but don't skip the State Street drag further south. The old Marshall Fields, which is now a Macy's, is worth visiting for the architecture alone.


San Francisco, Calif.:Hi, Margaret. My boyfriend and I are traveling to Chicago next week (6/11-14), and one of the things we're looking forward to seeing is the architecture of Chicago. We're huge fans of Frank Lloyd Wright, and we'd love to see the Prairie Avenue House District. Also, we're adding other things to our itinerary such as visiting the Field Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, and Millenium Park, so we don't have too much time. What's the best way to see Chicago's well-known architecture? A tour?


Margaret Lyons: I sometimes worry that tours sound corny, but the Chicago Architecture Foundation is really the way to go. They run all kinds of great tours (including a FLW one), and their website is also a solid resource for planning a trip. I'm partial to the Robie House in Hyde Park.


San Francisco, Calif.:Heading to Chicago for a few days next weekend, June 10-13. Are there any local events, exhibitions or festivals I should not miss? Thanks.

Margaret Lyons: If you want the most culture for your buck—who doesn't?—I'd say Grant Park Music Festival is the way to go: fantastic classical music in a gorgeous park, and it's free! The Pritzker Pavilion is also its own kind of architectural marvel.

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