Meet the 2008 Scouts

We asked the 10 experts in our article, "Scouting Report 2008," to reveal their hard-earned lessons on tourist etiquette, approaching local cuisine, packing, and more. Here's how these travel pros responded.

Nat and Rachael Lopes
Cofounders of Hilride, a mountain-bike park and tourism consulting firm that's based in Berkeley, Calif. (
On traveling as a couple N: "We've learned not to underestimate the power of sleep deprivation and hunger while traveling with a partner. If you're hungry, you can be cranky." R: "And the power of sitting in the backseat. I might drive while he works in the back, and that extra three feet creates space."
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Scouting Report: Wilson, Kansas

Alisa Grifo
Owner of Kiosk, a New York City-based store stocked with souvenirs from her travels (
On bargaining "I never talk people down on a price. If I feel someone is taking advantage of me, I just don't buy from him or her. In certain places, I always factor in a minor markup; after all we are not locals, and it's OK to pay more since, in these cases, we have more."
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Scouting Report: Tanabe, Japan

John Chatterton and Richie Kohler
Scuba divers who inspired the books Shadow Divers and Titanic's Last Secrets (,
On attire "Quite often it sends a message, and if you are working with locals you can't afford to send the wrong one by mistake. Wearing shorts rather than long pants can have a huge impact."
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Scouting Report: Weymouth, England

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