10 Travel Apps That Save You Time and Money

From trip planning to packing to getting around a foreign city—and even speaking the language—let these easy-to-use apps power your next vacation!

For pros who have skills beyond pointing and clicking, the app publishes Exchangeable Image File data with each photo, including shutter speed and whether if a flash was used, etc., to help experienced photographers choose a lens for their high-tech cameras. Later, at your computer, you can upload your tour to Picfari and kindly share your best shots with other photo hunters who are using the app.



Wading through reviews to find the current best restaurants in the city you're visiting can be frustrating if you don't know who's recommending them. Eater's specialized, country-wide blogs have developed a reputation for staying on top of trends and openings in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. With the brand-new Eater app, you can find out which are near you, in either a map view or list view. What makes this app worth the 99 cents is that you know you're getting the cream of the crop, lessening the chances you'll unknowingly walk right into a tourist trap.

Alongside recently recommended "essential" restaurants on Eater's top 38 lists, the app incorporates the site's popular Heat Map, which gives you the scoop on which restaurants are currently the most trendy and sought after. Those hotspots are indicated on a Google map with a little flame. Tap the restaurant, and you get a photo of the restaurant, a short review, a directions button, and an option to call the restaurant. The mini reviews are particularly useful and easy to scan quickly, giving tips like "a solid choice for date night" and "be ready for crowds," so you know what to expect before you unfold your napkin.



Taking a dream vacation is rewarding when you're there, but remembering exactly what you did and what your destination looked like is easier said than done, especially if you have to go through the trouble of uploading photos from your digital camera and putting them into an album. The Evernote app is great for a lot of things, but one of its specialties is travel.

While you're on vacation, treat the app as though it were a living notebook. Brochures, menus, and maps can all be uploaded as mementos, so you won't be stumped when someone asked which trail you hiked or what you ate at a particular café or restaurant. (Those docs become searchable too once they're in Evernote's system.) Or, use audio and visuals to craft "rich notes" for intensely original moments, like a photo of a church and the sound of the church bells ringing.

Every "note" you create is stamped with the time, date, and the location in which it was made; use the Atlas view to see where you've gone and what you did. That's particularly useful when you're vying for bragging rights with other frequent-traveler friends.

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