50 Top Tips From the World's Smartest Cruisers

The art of cruising, like chess and cricket, takes time and expertise to master. That's why we asked some of the most well-traveled, cruise-savvy folks we know—hundreds of readers and a handful of pros—for their best advice.


20. "Go with the flow. Sometimes you can use the spa's shower and steam rooms even if you don't get a treatment. After I work out, I forgo the tiny cabin shower for the far more spacious spa experience." —April Icsman, Medina, Ohio

21. "Skip the spa on sea days. I've been on many cruises on various lines, and one thing they all have in common is that they offer spa discounts when the ship is in port." —Rhonda Grabov, Philadelphia, Pa.

22. "Book your own excursions. You can usually get the best deal on a day trip if you arrange it directly with a tour operator rather than through the cruise line." —Cindy Rucker, Cary, N.C.

23. "BYO wine. Carnival allows you to bring one bottle per person per cruise, so choose well. We recently carried on our favorite bottle of wine, which cost $110 at our local shop. We paid a $10 corkage fee in the restaurant and ultimately saved $180 since they had the same bottle listed for $300." —Cheri Flores, Fort Worth, Tex.

24. "A rum and Coke made with house rum is the cheapest alcoholic drink we serve ($4.75). The daily drink specials will cost you $6, and something like a piña colada will set you back $6.75."—Steve Martin, Cruise Bartender, Jamaica


25. "Pack for every port. Before I leave home, I make labeled packets for each port. They contain excursion-specific items: maps, sunscreen, insect repellent, disposable cameras, confirmations...even shampoo to use after swimming." —Deborah Plumb, St. Petersburg, Fla.

26. "Avoid a midnight lock-out. Once you're aboard, have the gift shop make a hole in your plastic room-key card (where it won't interfere with the magnetic strip), and wear it on a lanyard around your neck. You won't have to waste time waiting in line for a new card if you lose it." —Sallie Clinard, Las Vegas, Nev.

27. "Baby-proof your cabin. Companies such as Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean are making things easier for families. A sampling of their most useful services: pureeing fruit for custom baby food, and lending toys or Pack 'n Plays, which can double as cribs." —Editors' Advice


28. "Apples. When I told a fellow passenger that I was feeling seasick, she suggested I eat a green apple. It was like magic! Now I bring some along whenever I sail." —Angie Evans, Bremerton, Wash.

29. "Ginger. Candied ginger is such a good remedy that some ships offer it with after-dinner mints. We always pack a supply in a plastic bag." —Weyman Lew, San Francisco, Calif.

30. "Oranges. If you're feeling nauseous, peel an orange, hold the rind to your nose, and inhale. A waiter taught me this aboard a ship, and I was soon able to eat again." —Rita McGuigan, Monroe, N.C.

31. "Acupressure. I keep Sea-Bands (bracelets that apply pressure to the inside of the wrist) in my purse at all times. They take up such little space and are surprisingly effective." —Lisa Lowe Stauffer, Roswell, Ga.


32. "Have breakfast in bed. The night before an early-morning excursion, order room service. You won't get stuck in a long buffet line and risk missing your departure." —Mirvet Sidhom, Quebec, Canada

33. "Dine in, eat better. In destinations not known for their food, I'll arrange for room service to arrive in my cabin as I reboard the ship from any outings. I end up saving money and avoiding a potentially bad meal in port." —Deanna Chappell, Downingtown, Pa.

34. "Snag a top table. Forgot to request that coveted table for two? You'd be surprised how easy it is to nab it. Just show up at the dining room before service starts on the first night, and be especially nice to the maître d'." —Christopher Wershoven, Brooklyn, N.Y.

35. "Score prime reservations. Some cruise lines—such as Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean—have started allowing guests to secure table assignments when they book their cabins. In fact, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean even permit you to make the request online, and Carnival lets repeat customers ask for their favorite servers." —Editors' Advice

36. "If you feel seasick, try these three tricks: Stay midship and as close to the waterline as possible (that area doesn't rock as much as the front); lie down where you can see the horizon (this places your head in a fixed position); and eat pineapple. Why the last one? It tastes the same going up as it does going down."—Eilif Dahl, Cruise Doctor, Norway

37. "Reward good service. I bring thank-you cards. If a staff member is particularly helpful, I leave behind a card. Being positive encourages good service in the days to come." —Jen Keivel, Beavercreek, Ohio

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