Amsterdam Writer Pip Farquharson answered your travel questions on Tuesday, April 5 at noon ET Budget Travel Tuesday, Apr 5, 2005, 12:00 AM Budget Travel LLC, 2016



Writer Pip Farquharson answered your travel questions on Tuesday, April 5 at noon ET

Pip Farquharson: I think the legal drinking age is 18 but don't quote me on that... I've never had to think about it...
Coffeeshops you do have to be over 18! But you could always buy some yourselves and smoke it back at your hotel or in a park with your kids.
Have no reservations about street-wise kids cruising around Amsterdam at night - but you know them better!


Seattle, WA: Any recommendations for companies that offer cycling tours of the Netherlands? We're interested in a week-long tour. And is spring the best time to tour by bike?

Pip Farquharson: Try this
Spring is a divine time to tour...


Tacoma, WA: A follow up to your answer:

What is a night programme? Do the under-18-year-olds have to leave clubs at a certain time, like say 22:00 or 23:00? Or are the night programme's just certain types of club events limited to those over 18?

Pip Farquharson: What I meant by night programme was indeed club nights. The Melkweg and Paradiso follow all their gigs with club nights...



Cooper City, FL: My family will be traveling to the Netherlands this October for a family wedding. I was wondering if there were any tips on how to find the best airfare? Does the time we book matter? Airline? Arrival and departure dates? Thanks!

Pip Farquharson: Afraid I don't know anything about booking flights outside of the country. But, you'll have a great time at the wedding. Paris is always seen as the ultimate romantic destination but Amsterdam is far more romantic...


Washington, DC: Dear Pip - My partner and I have long dreamed of moving to Amsterdam (I am a writer and so can live anywhere). We have made many extended stays and love it and the friends we have met. Two questions:
- Do you have advice for what is involved in relocating to Amsterdam from a non-EU country (she is Canadian, I am American);
- Can you recommend a few books or websites which offer guidance for expats living in Holland? Thank you, Ted

Pip Farquharson: Hello Ted
Great you're thinking of moving to Amsterdam. It currently has a burgeoning writer's scene with groups like WordsInHere and is holding the first Amsterdam Literary Festival from May 26-29.
I would check Expatica at for answers concerning nationality and relocation as I'm British so don't know much about it..
And do check out my site for more info, and I recommend the Time Out Amsterdam guide and Get Lost! Cool Guide to Amsterdam.
Hope you make it!


Baltimore, MD: What are the dance clubs like in Amsterdam?

Pip Farquharson: Dance clubs here are very varied. I would check which has links to the websites of clubs in Amsterdam as well as some information on DJs spinning in the city...


Tampa, FL: Is there anyway possible to enjoy a comfortable hotel room near central station without spending an obscene amount of money?

Pip Farquharson: Hello
See my previous posting re the Amstel Botel... It's basic but comfortable. Asides from that just check out the information about individual hotels on online hotel bookings sites.


St. Pete, FL: We are going to be in Amsterdam with 2 other couples April 23 to 28th. What are the top 3 off the beaten path things you would suggest we do?

Pip Farquharson: Hello
See early postings re tips off what to do while you're here.
What I would suggest seeing which will be on while you're here is the World Press Photo Exhibition. It opens 25 April at the Oude Kerk (Oudekerkplein)
This is something I wrote about it:
This year marks the 50th anniversary of this prestigious annual exhibition of award-winning photojournalism, which opens in Amsterdam before travelling onto 80 cities worldwide. This year's overall winner is Arko Datta (Reuters, India) with a photo showing a woman mourning a relative killed on the Boxing Day tsunami in Cuddalore in India. As usual, a retrospective of the winnerÕs work will be on show alongside the other award-winning photos (divided into themes). Additionally, there will be a 50 Years Gallery featuring all the winning shots from the past half-a-century. Although the exhibition can often be confronting (there is something intrinsically powerful about a still - as opposed to moving - image) it remains a veritable homage to the photo-journalist who often works in life-threatening conditions to report the news.

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