Las Vegas: Bargain rooms and Low-Cost Casinos Focusing on location, location, and location will keep room, food, and entertainment costs low Budget Travel Thursday, Jun 9, 2005, 12:00 PM Budget Travel LLC, 2016


Las Vegas: Bargain rooms and Low-Cost Casinos

Focusing on location, location, and location will keep room, food, and entertainment costs low

Once again, we bring you good news from Sin City: Vegas remains a steal for the budget traveler in 2003 And here's why. Although the events of September 11 had a negative impact on the travel business across the nation, Las Vegas was shaken with particular force. In fact, the ensuing slowdown ended what had been an unfathomable 18-year roll of year-to-year visitation gains. When occupancy levels in the hotels plummeted, the resorts had to react. Not surprisingly, they returned to the same safe harbor that they have in the past: unbridled, unmitigated value. Room rates were slashed, meal specials were installed, and juicy promotions popped up all over town. The strategy was effective enough, and things began moving back toward normalcy in 2002. But the numbers aren't back yet, so the bargain strategy continues. At this moment, in early 2003, casinos are still fighting for market share, which means that opportunities for savvy vacationers in Bargain City are boundless.

Bargain rooms-and how to get them Why should you work so hard to find a low-cost hotel room in Vegas? It's because resorts with low room rates also tend to offer bargains in dining and entertainment. Hence, finding the best room bargain leads to savings right down the line.

So how do you get a comfortable but budget-priced room? You keep three tactics in your subconscious- avoid peak times, be flexible in your choices, research like crazy-and then you make a savvy choice from the three Vegas areas where the bargains could have been lifted from your dreams.

The subconscious, first. The ability to avoid busy times in Las Vegas has always marked the difference between getting a good room rate and a great one. Visiting Sunday through Thursday is the fundamental strategy, but it's never been as powerful as it i s now. Why? Because although weekend crowds have returned to just about pre-September 11 levels, weekday visitation continues to lag significantly. So casinos discount during these times. Searching thoroughly should turn up at least one room with a per-night tab of less than $30, and finding several options below $40 is almost a given. True bargain mavens should schedule for either December or July/August, when rates all over town plummet into the $20 to $40 range. And there are plenty to choose from-last July saw an astounding 51 casinos with rates of $50 or less. In December, a stunning 52 casinos had rates under $40!

The second rule, being flexible in terms of location, is paramount. In a macro sense, it means bypassing the Strip megaresorts to concentrate on the location categories that we've identified below. In its micro-application, flexibility means being willing to go where the deals materialize, whether it's one of the newer "off-Strip" hotels a mile from the center of all action, or one of the older joints downtown.

The third rule is research. When you find a rate you like, confirm that you are protected by a penalty-free cancellation period, then book it and search some more. Why is it important to lock it in? Today's casinos use sophisticated computer programs to move rates at the drop of a hat, which means a price you decide you want may not exist when you call back ten minutes later.

But of all the strategies for finding a well-priced room, the single most important relates to geographic location. For best value, look to casino hotels in the downtown area of Las Vegas (Fremont Street and nearby); casino hotels off-Strip in the outlying locations; and older resorts on the north Strip.

1. Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas's new bargain mecca is downtown. This was the area hit hardest by the fallout from September 11, and this is where the value is. Low-rate champs Las Vegas Club and Lady Luck are virtual sure bets for below-$40 (and of ten below-$30) rates year-round. Right behind them for consistency are Four Queens, Fitzgeralds, Golden Gate, and Plaza in the heart of the downtown enclave. Although slightly aging, these are full-service resorts, and many have upgraded their rooms in recent years in concert with the ongoing overhaul of downtown itself. Ask the reservations agent if there's an area in the hotel with recently renovated rooms and request placement there. If you don't mind stepping up to about $60 per night midweek, opt for the four-diamond Golden Nugget, older but classy through and through.

Downtown's big draw is the Fremont Street Experience, where free, impressive light-and-music shows run after dark on a huge overhead canopy. On weekends, free concert events often featuring name performers are held in the Fremont Street commons. Location is not really a problem, as it's a mere four-minute drive via freeway to the Strip.

Downtown's budget-dining standbys are plentiful (for instance, the 99 > shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate or the under-$5 old-time snack-bar specialties at Binion's Horseshoe). Super supper joints (with specials under $11) include Plaza (Center Stage), California (Pasta Pirate), and El Cortez (Roberta's). Roberta's runs ridiculously low-priced midweek specials, including a two-for-one prime rib dinner on Wednesdays for $11.50. There's also a passel of new restaurants in the just-opened Neonopolis movie theater/entertainment complex, most within budget range.

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