The 2005 "Not" List You really like to travel, right? You want to see and do it all. In fact, you probably can't even imagine a trip you wouldn't want to take... Budget Travel Tuesday, Apr 19, 2005, 10:46 AM Budget Travel LLC, 2016


The 2005 "Not" List

You really like to travel, right? You want to see and do it all. In fact, you probably can't even imagine a trip you wouldn't want to take...

A Zero-Gravity flight to nowhere

A 90-minute, $3,750 flight from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale? That more or less guarantees the need for a barf bag? The G Force One is America's first FAA-approved thrill ride, in which aspiring astronauts can experience weightlessness. A Boeing 727 cargo plane follows a parabolic flight pattern--it resembles rolling hills--and offers about seven minutes of zero gravity over the course of 15 ups and downs. At the top of each arc, the plane nose-dives at a 40-degree angle, leaving passengers gravity-free for 35 seconds; then the plane climbs and plummets again and again. The weightless portion takes place in a padded compartment, hammering home the idea that you'd have to be crazy to get onboard. Or not: Alice Carey, of Crawfordsville, Ind., can't get enough of gravity-free flights. "I felt my face getting puffy as a result of blood pooling in my body," she reported of a recent flight. And that was a good thing. 888/664-7284,

The world's most hypersexed hotel

Some of the 19 rooms at Hotel Pelirocco, in Brighton, England, are kind of cool, having been designed by avant-garde creative types. But others come off as desperate to bang guests over the head with their bawdiness, thanks to round beds, strip-club signs, worn copies of The Joy of Sex, and handcuffs. (Perhaps Pelirocco is Italian for "trying too hard.") Betty's Boudoir was inspired by '50s pinup Betty Page; the Nookii Room has what's called the KinkybedTM; and "toys" are available from room service--for purchase, not for rent. "It's really for couples who want to have a dirty, saucy weekend," co-owner Jane Slater says. "Rather than hide away and pretend you're not doing it, why not celebrate?" Sounds nice and all, but we'd still like to pretend that we're the only ones who feel that way--or we'd never touch the bedspread. 011-44/1273-327-055,, from $119.

The Cabo Wabo Meltdown

Each October, former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar invites everyone and his brah to Cabo San Lucas for the Cabo Wabo Meltdown, a multiday bands-and-booze fiesta leading up to Hagar's birthday, on the 13th. It takes place at his Cabo Wabo Cantina--named after Van Halen's 1988 song "Cabo Wabo," an ode to stumbling around smashed--and the beverage of choice is Hagar's Cabo Wabo tequila. (Because this ain't just a party, it's product placement.) Fans rage until all hours listening to acts like the Wabos (Hagar's side project) and Kenny Chesney. The mix of tequila and testosterone can get a little messy. Last year, Hagar's wife, Kari, marked her honey's latest birthday by smearing cake all over his face; inspired, the crowd lobbed a three-by-six-foot cake on the ceiling and the floor. Afterward, Hagar kept fans apprised of his hangover status: "You may be saying to yourself, The Meltdown was almost a month ago!?' " he wrote on his website. " 'How could they still be recovering?' " This year's event will be 15 days long--yes, you read that correctly--and it starts on Oct. 1.

Nudist skiing

It's a winter activity sure to send chills up your spine. The Austrian village of Obertraun has set aside a secluded two-mile loop for nudist cross-country skiers. Visitors from Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, says a local guesthouse owner, like to come in March and April, when temperatures are warm enough that "it almost feels like one is on the beaches of the Canaries." Last year, another village, Hochfügen, hosted Austria's first nude downhill-skiing competition. Or at least that was the intent: The modest officials required some coverage, and a compromise--in the form of G-strings--was reached. More than 2,000 spectators showed up to watch (ogle?) 84 contestants execute two jumps and 10 pirouettes in 28-degree weather. A couple of resorts in the region cater to the clothing-disinclined: Gästehaus Lührmann in Ramsau am Dachstein (, from $66) requires nudity at its public pool, sauna, and terraces. And in Obertraun, Hans Schilcher runs the nude-friendly Schilcherhaus. He insists that the sun poses an equal--if not greater--risk than either falling or frostbite. No doubt. But what we're really worried about is the T-bar., tickets from $36.

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