The Spirit of St. Lucia For three men raised on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, growing up meant getting out. But each found his way home--and now runs a small hotel there. Whitney Pastorek finds out what drew them back Budget Travel Tuesday, Nov 22, 2005, 1:54 PM A cottage porch at Ti Kaye Village Resort (Jim Franco) Budget Travel LLC, 2016


The Spirit of St. Lucia

For three men raised on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, growing up meant getting out. But each found his way home--and now runs a small hotel there. Whitney Pastorek finds out what drew them back

By the last day, I'd grown tired of being led around by the nose, and sought to reclaim my independence by visiting Cas en Bas, a popular windsurfing beach on the east coast. The directions consisted of "Take a left at the Shell petrol station"--and sure enough, my trusty jeep and I got lost for a solid hour, driving down ever-dwindling roads until we dead-ended in front of highly amused villagers. When I at last found the grotty road down to the beach, I discovered a stunning, peaceful cove where Marjorie's Beach Bar is ideal for sipping a Piton in the shade and watching honeymooners ride horses bareback into the surf. The only thing marring the experience: An enormous development is being constructed next to Marjorie's, where once there were only palm trees.

Chastanet acknowledges that the tourism industry, for everything it brings to the island, isn't without its faults. "In a destination like St. Lucia, tourism can be very displacing," he says. "All of a sudden, in your backyard, you've got this resort, and there's all these people taking pictures of your kids. It can be very negative, if dealt with in the wrong way." But, he concludes, "If you're going to spend all this money to advertise for people to come to paradise, we need to make sure it's paradise."

As more and more folks are attracted by the island's considerable charms, it'll be up to men like Brown, Pinnock, and Chastanet to find a way to meld the traditional and the modern--St. Lucia and the outside world--in ways that honor both. It's certainly possible: The company behind the mega-resort being built at Cas en Bas is talking to Marjorie about running the resort's water-sport rental business off of her property.

Island driving: An adventure of its own

St. Lucia's relationship with street signs is tenuous, the roads occasionally double as rivers, and people drive on the left. If you still want to rent a car--which I recommend--note that there's a $20 fee for the required temporary driving license (all you need is a valid U.S. license, and you pay at the car-rental agency). You may want to bring a compass and a friend who won't hesitate to ask for directions. And pack some music, unless you like R. Kelly as much as local DJs do.

Hiring guides (and what to pay them)

Most natural attractions in St. Lucia are run by the Forestry Department and require a small donation (usually $2--$4). Upon arrival, you'll be encouraged to hire a guide--one of the locals sitting outside--for a "suggested donation" of whatever you decide (I gave tips ranging from $2 to $5). Guides are fairly unnecessary at self-explanatory places such as Sulphur Springs, but I enjoyed seeing the Botanical Gardens with someone who knew what we were looking at. The one place a guide is indispensable is when climbing Gros Piton, but avoid paying the $100 (and up) charged by most tour services. You can drive five minutes south of Soufrière to the Gros Piton nature trail and hire a guide on the spot for $30. A final note: Hitchhiking and ride-giving is rampant in St. Lucia, and your guide might ask for a trip into town afterward. It's probably safe enough, but if you feel uncomfortable, you're allowed to politely decline.


  • Stonefield Estate Villa Resort 758/459-7037,, from $140
  • Ti Kaye Village Resort 758/456-8101,, from $160
  • Coco Palm 758/456-2800,, from $125
  • Coco Kreole 758/452-0712,, from $85
  • Food

  • Camilla's 758/459-5379, fish dinner $17
  • Ladera 758/459-7323,
  • Friday Fish Fry Anse La Raye, dinner $8
  • Memories of Hong Kong 758/452-8218, crispy duck appetizer $11
  • Captain's Cellar Pub 758/450-0918, sausage sandwich $5.60
  • Marjorie's Beach Bar Cas en Bas, 758/520-0001
  • Activities

  • Soufrière Estate and Diamond Botanical Gardens 758/459-7155, $4
  • Sulphur Springs admission $3
  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 758/452-2271
  • Pigeon Island 758/452-5005,
  • Shopping

  • Bagshaw's Shop 758/451-9249
  • Resources

  • St. Lucia Tourism 758/452-4094,
  • Nightlife

  • Seaview Bar No phone, beer $1.15
  • Happy Day Bar 758/452-0650, two Piton beers $2.25
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