35 Tips for a Successful Flight Avoid a serious case of cabin fever with these 35 tips to keep you—and, more importantly, your kids—happy, healthy, and distracted on even the longest flight. Budget Travel Monday, Dec 17, 2012, 4:00 AM Always pack an inflatable beach ball in your carry-on! (Jon Cannell) Budget Travel LLC, 2016


35 Tips for a Successful Flight

Avoid a serious case of cabin fever with these 35 tips to keep you—and, more importantly, your kids—happy, healthy, and distracted on even the longest flight.

9 Tips for Staying Healthy In Transit

WIPE GERMS AWAY Are you tired of catching colds while traveling? Take along a travel-size package of Clorox wipes. Disinfect the tray table and armrests on the airplane, and the telephone and TV remote in your hotel room. Sherill Hacker, Williamston, Mich.

EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST I always bring a packet of instant oatmeal in my carry-on bag during morning flights. Then I simply ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water, and I have an easy and healthy breakfast on the plane. Christina Tuff Saull, Washington, D.C.

KEEP CHEWING If you worry about clogged ears when you're flying, bring along an apple. When you feel the plane begin to descend—about 25 minutes before arrival—eat your apple. The chewing and swallowing will keep your ears in good shape. I'm an airline pilot, and I always bring a couple of apples and have a flight attendant give them to passengers who complain of ear problems. They work every time! Capt. Mike Filippell, Tower Lakes, Ill.

COOL OFF IN STYLE Now that airlines serve either snack boxes or no food at all, we often pack sandwiches. I also like to freeze a bunch of grapes and place them in a freezer bag. They'll keep your lunch or dinner cold, and you'll have a snack when they defrost. Patricia Spillane, Warwick, R.I.

KEEP IT CLEAN On a flight to New Zealand, the pilot informed us that the aircraft cabin was pressurized to 8,000 feet above sea level. This became apparent when I opened my dinner container of yogurt and had its pressurized contents spray all over me! Place a napkin over containers (salad dressing, condiments, etc.) as you open them—or point them toward the nearest offending seatmate. Guido Hara, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

BRING A BRUSH I always like to brush my teeth on long flights, but with the new carry-on restrictions, I thought it would be a problem. Then I found Eco-DenT tooth powder at Whole Foods (along with Burt's Bees Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar). You can carry both products on board. Anna J. Ware, Atlanta, Ga.

FRESHEN UP For overnight flights, pack a few Dove Body Refreshers and Oral B Brush-Ups in your carry-on. Before the plane lands, you can "wash" your face and "brush" your teeth, leaving you refreshed and ready for the day! Janice Pruitt Winfrey, Atlanta, Ga.

AVOID MOTION SICKNESS Besides being a tasty treat, candied ginger is a preventative or remedy for motion sickness. (Some cruise ships even offer it with after-dinner mints.) We always carry a small supply with us in a resealable plastic bag, whether we're on the road, in an airplane, or at sea. Weyman Lew, San Francisco, Calif.

BREATHE EASY If the dry, recycled air on planes makes you stuffed up, take a half-dose of moisturizing nasal spray, such as Afrin, before you board. The spray keeps your nose from drying out and overproducing its own moisture (which is what causes stuffiness). My doctor recommended this trick. Karen Van Brunt, Issaquah, Wash.

3 Most Popular Ways to Pass the Time

RESEARCH YOUR DESTINATION Ask your flight attendants for dining, lodging, shopping, and sightseeing advice. Most crews have up-to-the-minute recommendations gleaned from layovers, which they're more than happy to share with passengers. You can count on flight attendants to seek out budget treasures—I know; I've been married to one for over 21 years! Fred Manget, Potomac Falls, Va.

CATCH UP ON YOUR FAVORITE SHOW I download TV shows to my iPod to watch while I fly. I was having trouble figuring out a way to watch hands-free until I discovered that the plastic cups that airlines serve drinks in are the perfect size and shape to prop up an iPod. Put a cup on your tray table and place the iPod inside; the screen will be just above the lip-the perfect position. Everyone I've shown this trick to says it works great. Kristi Wright, Norman, Okla.

READ A CLASSIC BOOK Download free audiobooks online. Before my last long flight, I went to LibriVox.org and chose a bunch of books, short stories, and poems to download to my iPod-for free. The site has both adult and children's books (Pride and Prejudice, A Little Princess, The Call of the Wild), and the list is growing. All of the titles are in the public domain and they're read by volunteers, so there's no question of copyright infringement. Even if you don't own an iPod, you can download them to your computer and burn them onto a CD. Diane Bowman, Huntington Beach, Calif.


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