Tokyo, My Cut

Our photographer exposes the energy of Tokyo's street life—neon, anime, jagged architecture—as well as its quieter moments and whimsy.

11 Miru dake desu (just looking). Photo

12 Every time I see this Louise Bourgeois spider at the Roppongi Hills complex, I wonder what they were thinking. The owner, building tycoon Minoru Mori, is famous for developing a wide web of buildings throughout Tokyo. The piece seems a little symbolically creepy here.... Photo

13 On the left is Akibanana (a banana cake's pink-haired mascot), and on the right is the prime minister of Japan, Taro Aso. Everything in Japan has the potential to be transformed into a cartoonish character. Except the royal family. Photo

14 A savory pancake topped with an egg and seaweed, the Ameyokoyaki is named after the street it's sold on, Ameyokocho. It's home to a great street market, from the fish sellers' patter to the "authentic" designer bags. Photo

15 Three young men—smoking isn't allowed until you're 20 years old—taking a tobacco time-out in Akihabara, the anime/computer game center of Tokyo. Photo

16 Compact mirrors at Venus Fort, a shopping mall styled after 17th-century European streets. The Japanese tend to like their kawaii (cute) factor combined with a little high fashion. Photo

17 The Tokyo International Forum building in Yurakucho resembles a fish or a ship. I can't decide. Photo

18 The ancient gate at Shiba Daimon on the road leading to the Zojo-ji temple and, just a little further on, to Godzilla's favorite target, Tokyo Tower. Photo

19 Kabukicho: Neon signs for everything. Mah-jongg, karaoke, moneylenders, Internet cafés, hostesses...everything. Photo

20 Shinbashi Station: that short pause after the cheerful departure jingle, just before the door closes. Photo


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