World's Weirdest Restaurants

Dining at these eight outlandish restaurants—with names like Modern Toilet, the Clinic, and Dinner in the Sky—might be more memorable than palatable.

Cuisine to kill for
You probably don't have "jail" on your list of places to visit in Italy, but you might want to make an exception for Fortezza Medicea. The maximum-security prison near Pisa runs a restaurant staffed by inmates—and we're not just talking petty thieves. The people cooking and serving your food are convicted murderers and mafia men. Despite the fortresslike exterior—and the armed security guards lining the place—the restaurant feels surprisingly normal. The lights are dim, the tables draped with elegant red tablecloths, and the all-vegetarian menu—mostly southern Italian staples like pasta with tomato-based sauces—is delightful. It's easy to forget that the guy refilling your wineglass is doing life for murder.

Sword-ed affair
When a sword-toting ninja dressed in black greets you at the door at Ninja New York, you know this is no ordinary Japanese restaurant. In the "secret" passageway leading to your private table, hidden ninjas are likely to drop from the ceiling at any moment. The menu, written on a scroll, is made up primarily of what the restaurant calls Ninja Art dishes, which seem to be another way to give a Japanese-fusion twist to global favorites like foie gras and marinated monkfish. The grapefruit-and-crab salad wins for dramatic effect: When you pull the metal sword from the center of the dish, smoke billows out (it's really dry ice). And don't skimp on the tip, either—ninjas are notorious for seeking revenge.


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