Hotel Windsor

This hotel fits somewhere between classic accommodations and an artist's loft.

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Hotel Windsor

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Owned by the art-loving Redolfi family, the Windsor fits somewhere between classic accommodations and an artist's loft.

A massive Chinese Imperial bed frame decorates the lobby, while the elevator has a NASA-themed photo collage and a liftoff soundtrack.

Twenty-four of the 57 rooms have been designed by artists: One is adorned with colorful writing, and guests are invited to record their dreams in a book; another is a bare room papered in gold leaf, with a glowing white double bed.

There are other artists' rooms that are less demanding conceptually, the primary element being tropical murals. Two huge wooden Buddhas keep an eye on the fitness area on the top floor, where you can have a massage or a sauna for an extra fee. A lush garden surrounds a plunge pool.

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