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  • Le Camping de Bordeaux-Lac

    From $50
    Where: Bordeaux Type: lodge

    The 92 cottages have whimsical motifs (think toy sailboats and Lincoln Logs), plus a full kitchen and patio or porch.

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  • Le Bellevue

    From $55
    Where: Montignac Type: hotel

    These basic accommodations offer views a luxury hotel would kill for.

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    2017-02-26 to 2017-02-27
  • Villa La Tour

    From $63
    Where: Nice Type: hotel

    Cozy and contemporary, the hotel is just a short walk away from the flower market.

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    2017-02-26 to 2017-02-27
  • Château de l'Isle

    Chateau de l'Isle

    From $69
    Where: Civray-de-Touraine Type: hotel

    The 18th-century Château de l'Isle is quiet to the core—unless you count the chorus of quacks coming from the duck pond on the 35-acre grounds.

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    2017-02-26 to 2017-02-27
  • Le Chambellan

    From $71
    Where: Le Coux et Bigaroque Type: b&b/inn

    The courtyard is filled with flowers and trees, and the Dordogne flows just half a mile away.

    Full Hotel Review [PLUS: 3 Photos]

    2017-02-26 to 2017-02-27

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