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  • Rifugio Nino Pernici

    From $55
    Where: Trentino Type: hostel

    A gloriously isolated Alpine retreat that offers dorm-style beds and communal hearty meals.

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    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26
  • Locanda Borgonuovo

    From $62
    Where: Ferrara Type: b&b/inn

    B&B owner and baker Adele Orlandini has filled four graceful rooms with a pleasing jumble of antiques.

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    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26
  • Il Santuario della Verna

    From $66
    Where: Chiusu della Verna Type: alternative

    A cluster of medieval stone buildings where guests ranging from devout Catholics to transcendental spiritualists are invited, though not required, to attend religious services.

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  • Hotel Mimosa

    From $66
    Where: Piazza Navona, Rome Type: hotel

    A 14-room palazzo decorated in sunflower yellows and terra-cotta reds that doesn't skimp on comforts.

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    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26
  • Hotel Papa Germano

    From $74
    Where: Termini, Rome Type: hotel

    A tidy family-run hotel and hostel just a few blocks from Termini train station.

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    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26

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