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  • Hotel Beacon

    From $179
    Where: Upper West Side, New York City Type: hotel

    Located in the residential Upper West Side, this spacious hotel is convenient for families.

    Full Hotel Review [PLUS: 2 Photos]

    2017-02-26 to 2017-02-27
  • The Desmond Tutu Center

    From $179
    Where: Chelsea, New York City Type: hotel

    This picturesque Gothic building makes room not only for a conference center, but for 60 modern guest rooms with South African art.

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  • Abingdon Guest House

    From $189
    Where: West Village, New York City Type: b&b/inn

    The English countryside meets the city in these two dainty, 19th-century town houses.

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  • The Cosmopolitan Hotel

    From $190
    Where: Tribeca, New York City Type: hotel

    This hotel works well for travelers who care more about their accommodations' address than its ambience.

    Full Hotel Review [PLUS: 4 Photos]

    2017-02-26 to 2017-02-27

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