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  • Hotel Antico Borgo di Trastevere

    From $125
    Where: Trastevere, Rome Type: hotel

    A 13th-century private residence in Trastevere that has hand-painted floor tiles and exposed-beam ceilings.

    Full Hotel Review [PLUS: 4 Photos]

    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26
  • Okapi Rooms

    Okapi Rooms

    From $128
    Where: Tridente, Rome Type: hotel

    A slender 19th-century townhouse on a side street right by Piazza del Popolo and the Villa Borghese.

    Full Hotel Review [PLUS: 8 Photos]

    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26
  • Hotel Re di Roma

    Hotel Re di Roma

    From $128
    Where: San Giovanni, Rome Type: hotel

    A boutique hotel in southeastern Rome with exceptional service at a moderate price.

    Full Hotel Review [PLUS: 7 Photos]

    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26
  • Hotel Panda

    Hotel Panda

    From $129
    Where: Tridente, Rome Type: hotel

    An antiques-filled hotel in a slice of the Centro Storico overrun with tony boutiques and sidewalk cafés.

    Full Hotel Review [PLUS: 9 Photos]

    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26
  • Albergo del Sole al Biscione

    From $131
    Where: Campo de' Fiori, Rome Type: hotel

    A shabby chic hotel in arguably the best part of old Rome for wandering and people-watching.

    Full Hotel Review [PLUS: 2 Photos]

    2017-03-25 to 2017-03-26

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