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    7 Incredible Grand Tours You Can Actually Afford

    Sometimes a one-week vacation just isn't enough. From a safari journey around Africa to an extensive cross-country tour of the U.S., we've rounded up seven grand tours that give you the largest amount of adventure for the smallest amount of money per day.

  • 6 Unforgettable African Wildlife Trips

    BT's trip coach walks you through the best African safari options

  • Take an Affordable Safari

    With hundreds of camps spread across more than a dozen countries, the options can seem as vast and open-ended as the African savanna. Let us be your guide.

  • It's Still Worth It: 20 Travel-Inspiring Photos

    Traveling may be the last thing on your mind in these tough economic times, but we've found photos that are so spectacular they're bound to get you dreaming and planning again.

  • Saying hello in Botswana

    Saying Hello in Botswana

    The quickest way to end a conversation in this southern African country is to start it without a greeting.

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