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  • Sunset view of Torii Gate in Miyajima, Japan

    How To Travel The World For Free

    You'll be amazed at these smart, effective ways to cut travel costs you thought were unavoidable—whether you're planning to WWOOF your way around the world or embrace the brave new world of travel hacking.

  • 10 Incredible World Landmarks You Haven't Seen (Yet!)

    These instant classics—including record-breaking towers, 35-story-tall sculptures, and external building climbs—are worth traveling to see.

  • To Go or Not to Go: 2013

    Some of the world's most beautiful and historic destinations are, at least temporarily, off-limits because of natural disasters, crime, or political unrest. Here, we warn you away from the real trouble spots—and debunk some of the bad press.

  • model plane

    11 Surprisingly Lovable Airlines

    Eleven airlines that never take their passengers for granted and raise the bar for comfort, cuisine—and even eco-friendliness.

  • 13 Most Beautiful Temples

    Travelers of all faiths will be touched by these stunning sites, many of which are at the heart of the world's major religions.

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