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  • Why I Took a Road Trip for My Honeymoon

    Novelist Nora Zelevansky’s honeymoon was so swoon-worthy and budget-minded that you'll want to steal the idea. Here’s the storybook tale, in her own words.

  • 9 Most Colorful Beaches in the World

    On these nine beaches, you'll find sand ranging from purple to green to orange, plus one beach that showcases 74 different hues—all at once.

  • Overlook on the California Coast, north of San Francisco

    The Pacific Coast Highway—Without the Traffic

    Even the famed Pacific Coast Highway has a road less traveled: the wild miles north of San Francisco.

  • 1-Altitude

    12 Restaurants With Spectacular Views

    Sightseeing doesn’t have to come to a halt just because you’re hungry. Pull up a seat, sit back, and feast your eyes on the wonders of the world in BT's favorite dining rooms with a view.

  • Drive a Dreamy Route

    We pinpoint the best portion and must-see stops along three of the country's most famous roads.

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