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  • Stoneage Antiques

    Road Trip: Florida's Best Thrift Stores on I-95

    Some head south for the sun; others, the shopping. Here's our guide to the best vintage stores in South Florida.

  • Budget Travel Upgrade

    A lifelong Orioles fan flies to Ft. Lauderdale for spring training--and gets to throw out the first pitch.

  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale Packages

    The Real Deal: Fly to and from Miami or Fort Lauderdale and spend three nights at The Howard Johnson Dezerland, The Howard Johnson Caribbean, Greenview South Beach, or Ocean Surf for $299 for midweek travel

  • The 2005 "Not" List

    The Latvian prison experience "You are exiting hell," reads a former inmate's inscription at Karosta, a Latvian prison in use until 1997. But these days, folks are eager to enter. Option #1 is a tame, 30-minute daytime walk-through ($3.75). Option #2 is a two-hour affair where you get a mug shot,...

  • Alternate Airports are a Key to Low-Cost Airfares in America

    To some American cities--especially hubs dominated by a single airline--airfares are unusually high. To other American cities, airfares are traditionally low. Yet only 50 to 150 miles often separates the expensive from the cheap. By flying to the less costly city, and then driving to the costlier...

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