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  • The 35 Cutest Zoo Babies of 2012

    We found 23 zoos around the country with adorable new additions, from Anala the Indian rhino in Miami in to Kiazi the De Brazza's monkey in Denver.

  • 10 Must-Ride Theme-Park Attractions

    From zip-lining over an alligator habitat to plummeting down a five-story super soaker, nothing beats the heat like a little breeze and a dip at a theme park. Here are 10 new ways to get your thrills this summer.

  • Zebras

    36 Adorable Zoo Babies Born in 2011

    We've assembled the sweetest arrivals on the zoo circuit from across the U.S. Whether or not you go for a meet-and-greet, be sure to cast your vote for the cutest baby in our poll.

  • Crocodile hunting

    All New Summer Thrills!

    Face off with a giant croc! Ride the world's fastest coaster! And seven more of the season's greatest adventures.

  • Spoil the Kids a Little

    We pity parents. (Except the ones who don't train their kids to stop kicking the back of our seats. Those parents we have words for.) Because parents know they shouldn't spoil their kids--that's the grandparents' job--but how can they not every now and then? You bring these little people into the...

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