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  • Wanderlust Hotel

    The Wanderlust Hotel served as a schoolhouse in the 1920s, and it can still teach you a thing or two about the cutting edge of interior design.

  • La Java Bleue

    Locals like Sophal and Keo Prom, who run La Java Bleue, are helping to bring Kampot back to life.

  • The 252

    The 252 may look like just another pretty space, but the 19-room hotel is as much about doing good as looking good.

  • Amarya Shamiyana

    Opulent safari tents are the inspiration behind Amarya Shamiyana, a four-room encampment set in a grove of coconut palms on north Goa’s tranquil Ashvem Beach.

  • Salana Boutique Hotel

    At Salana you’ll find a fresh take on traditional Asian design—intricate Laotian weavings, bamboo lamps, polished hardwood floors.

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