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  • Homewood Suites by Hilton

    What you’d expect of an extended-stay chain: free food, suites, and kitchenettes, all in downtown D.C.

  • The Normandy Hotel

    Echoing the cosmopolitan flavor of its neighborhood, the hotel’s decor displays the hand of high-end designers, with rich fabrics and classic but contemporary furnishings.

  • Hotel Helix

    A Kimpton boutique hotel with surprisingly large rooms—some with kid-friendly bunk beds—and a welcoming attitude to pets.

  • Woodley Park Guest House

    Guests will feel like they're staying at the home of a well-to-do local with impeccable taste for art and antiques.

  • Adam's Inn

    A cozy trio of early 20th-century houses with a communal vibe, a large garden, and a pet-friendly policy.

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