Born-Again Bags

By , Tuesday, Mar 24, 2009, 12:00 AM

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Vy & Elle Nicola Freegard and Robin Janson let nothing go to waste: The designers craft about 30 styles of bags from old vinyl billboards and have the remains made into floor tiles., computer pouch $41. (Levi Brown)

Alchemy Goods After hunting unsuccessfully for a stylish waterproof pack years ago, Seattle cyclist Eli Reich decided to make his own using a material he knew well: bike tire inner tubes., haversack $98. (Levi Brown)

Friends-International Artists at this Cambodian collective create bags from comics they clip from newspapers pitched at the French Embassy in Phnom Penh—a French lesson and a fashion statement in one., messenger bag $48. (Levi Brown)

Worn Again Old Virgin Atlantic coach-class upholstery is given new life by this British design firm—the fabric is stripped, dry-cleaned, and then repurposed as limited-edition bags., Lydia purse $94. (Levi Brown)

Demano Vinyl exhibition banners from Barcelona are turned into chic totes by a trio of eco-conscious Colombian designers. Customize your own by choosing from among 50 signs., Marbella bag $90. (Levi Brown)

Terracycle The New Jersey recycling firm salvages more than 42 million Capri Sun pouches from schools and factories each year and then stitches them together to produce reusable sacks., shopping bag $10. (Levi Brown)