World's Must-See Cruise Ports

Yes, today's cruise ships are packed with activities that make you never want to get off the boat. But don't miss these 15 ports, where you can do everything from snorkel with stingrays to sample the local wine.

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Hamilton, Bermuda

"Hamilton, Bermuda! Front Street is full of shops, sidewalk sales, and festivals. It's all within walking distance of some really nice beach areas, and there's the helmet diving man. Hartley's Underwater Wonderland was amazing." —Kristen Mankosa

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Naples, Italy

"Naples, Italy. Easy ride to Sorrento and Pompeii or a boat ride to Capri, which is crazy beautiful." —Anna Lynn Racho

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Beautiful colors of Santorini, Greece

"I love Santorini. Just sailing into that giant volcanic crater gives me goosebumps." —@Butterflydiary

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Villefranche, Southern France

"Villefranche [Southern France]. Easy car rental right in the port. Take the coastal drive. In one direction you have Nice and Cannes, in the other Monaco and Monte Carlo." —Terri Lundberg

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Roatán, Honduras

"Roatán, Honduras! It still has the untouched feel to the place like Grand Cayman used to be. Local markets are still available, and visitors can still go to places that are local influenced." —Lisa Ku

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Port Alberni, Canada

"Unexpected surprise—Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, Canada. The long, slow glide up the channel provided an amazing view of eagles, bears, and out of the way coves, and we were treated to a Mars water bomber fire fighting demo." —Karen Blow

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

"Monte Carlo [Monaco]. Very easy to have a relaxing stroll around town." —Danielle Macauley Malone

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Coyes Waterfalls in Dominica

"Dominica. It was untouched. The most tropical of all the ports I have been to. Beautiful waterfalls and champagne reefs. That was my paradise for eight hours." —September Vawter

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Stingray City in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

"I love Grand Cayman. Gorgeous beaches, cool activities (snorkeling with stingrays!), very clean and friendly. Love it!" —Melissa Combs Williams

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The beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

"Hands down Zihuatanejo, [Mexico]. It was the best time we ever had in a port city. The people were amazing, and the scenery was outstanding." —Dawn Jeffery

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Pontevennere, Italy

"Portovenere, Italy. Beautiful scenery in walking distance, great food, historic sites, friendly people, charm, ambience, and great souvenirs. Fantastic homemade pesto, olive oil, and local wine." —Gretchen Uhlman

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A view of Charlotte Amelie, on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

"St. Thomas. It has beauty, shopping, and gorgeous beaches." —Catherine Kernor Skrinak

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A beach in Key West, Florida

"Key West. Palm trees and a bar right on the beach, volleyball, snorkeling, electric golf carts, and the 'Southernmost point of USA' photo op. Wonderful." —Ginnie Morrow

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Sunrise in Galveston, Texas

"Galveston, Texas." —Mary-Gene Rubin

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Gaudis art in Barcelona, Spain

"Barcelona, Spain." —Sharon Hill Bressen

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